The Closet Limerick-A True Story

I once hid in a closet to scare my sister

She screamed so loud it sounded like a whisper

It was fun to be mean

She jumped like a bean

And hit her head so hard it became a blister



The Book

Waiting patiently to be opened

The weathered book sat dejected

On the coffee table

Near the bed



Getting ready to amaze with words

Images and ideas

to take the reader on a journey

far away

and yet close by


Painting with imaginative

inferences and vocabulary

the reader can enjoy their own take

on what is there

or what is not.


Anticipating the journey ahead

the book grins ear to ear

until it is thrown on the floor

in a fit of disgust,

with a thud and a groan of contempt




10 word puzzle

I get tremors when I am near you

Your cinnamon colored jacket makes my heart beet faster

Feeling all elbows and knees, awkward like a preteen when I look into your eyes

Buckets of love feels,

emit from my carport car radio about you and make me smile

Thinking of you evokes images of elks dancing gracefully

Or lightbulbs shining in the dark

You are my Bayou, I love you.




When I look up,

I know you are here, there, and everywhere

I see you

In the silence of the dark night,

In the light of the stars

In the shape of the moon

In the spark of the fire

In the wave of the wind in the trees

In my dreams, when you appear.


You have never left this earth

Even though your physical body did.

I feel your presence everywhere.


I  know we are small creatures

On this gigantic round ball called earth


When I look up,

I think….

We are all just like sand particles on the beach of life


Particles that shine in the sunlight

and are warm to the touch

together, surviving near the beauty of water

Insignificant on our own, but powerful together


When I look up,

I miss you, and yet, I see you here, there and everywhere.


Swinging in Sunflowers

Swinging in sunflowers

Brings memories of nostalgia for summer days

Sunny and hot.

when cold ice cream could quench a thirst


Feet high to the sky,

Swinging in sunflowers

Free as a bird in the sky

when summer seemed like forever


Back and forth

Going higher and higher

swinging in sunflowers

when summer was time to spend with friends


Playing in fields of summer,

time stood still

when we were kids

swinging in sunflowers

Where did she go?

I swear, she was just here

I am pretty sure I saw her this past week in class

Biology, right?

Now her stuff  from her place is all cleared out?


Her boyfriend? What’s his name again?

He was there too

I thought I heard him push a heavy suitcase out the back door

I remember because I heard him panting, like a dog

She was so nice, way too good for him

Are you sure she is just not visiting her parents? Did you call them?

Missing, you say?

Oh, that’s not good….


My Love

My love is actions, not words

My love does, but says little

My love is strong, inside and out

My love inspires me to be better every day

My love takes me on adventures

My love is movie star handsome

My love puts heart into all he does

My love works too much, to provide for us

My love and I grow beautiful babies and flowers

My love is my rock, my home, my sanctuary

My love is, my everything

My reason to believe…


Hour 3-Need COFFEE!

Coffee is …

cream, not milk or sugar makes the cuppa

tastes like morning sunshine

smelling and sounding, like a wake-up call.

Tim Hortons, Second Cup

it tastes even better in the afternoon as a pick me up

or would tea be better?

Jitter juice, I can’t decide.

If a tree falls in the forest, can I also be a coffee snob?

” I have been thinking about you for a latte”.

Love and coffee, intertwined

black gold indeed.

Tim would espresso himself as a cappuccino, wouldn’t he? 

What will it be today?

Sludge? Mud?


Beans can jump, yo

brew is beautiful.