I AM Alive


I AM alive but you say I’m not

I see the question forming on your face

I feel the warmth of your curious fingers

I hear the fly buzzing around the room

I smell the fresh flowers in the vase

Most of all I feel pleasure and pain

But that’s not enough for you

To you I’m just a toy to lock away

So I wait for the judgment of humankind

I HATE YOU! Wait–isn’t what you do best?

Teases Me

The golden goal teases me from a-far

Taunting me like tower upon wispy mar

Holding light high I wade through muck

Better to rely on sweat than blind luck

Nimru the Shadow Thief

Beware simple merchant traveling with rich wares

HIs price is always right but the cost ensnares

Delicious sweets, gold or bountiful seed

All with foul taint to make a soul bleed

Your neighbors covet and cannot stay away

Everyone withers and falls into dismay  

Their shadows scream and twist into nil

Bent fast to the Shadow Thief’s will

The day after greenish horrid things rise

In the night listen for their sorrowful cries

The Shadowless wander forever bound

Seeking lost shadows never to be found

Gazan the Destroyer

He is a jealous neighbor’s glance

Or the bloodthirsty’s war dance.

Or finger pointed at those who don’t belong

Hate feeds his hunger like blissful song

His drums boom when all is lost

His lieutenants collect blood at any cost

With axes hewn of human skin and bone

Into battle he spins a demonic cyclone

With a fiery breath to burn the foolish

Gazan devours ignorance most ghoulish.

The Kirin

With angel’s touch horse grew giant horn

Its body changed into heavenly unicorn

Scaled covered its sleek body white 

Its tail and body sprouting fire holy bright 

Its blue eyes spoke keen intellect

With booming voice it sang thankful respect

‘O mortals our tormented curse you’ve broken

Your praise on mountains shall be spoken

To your good deed we are beholden

Beware the dark prince on throne golden

For his ignorant armies mass in the night

To threaten Crane Castle with terrible might

Help you we cannot but take a lock of my hair

Let its flame guide you west like a holy flare

With it the Stone of Oberoth you shall find

Its protection around the Castle shall wind.’

Then angel mounted beast and flew away

In heaven they would wait ’til fateful day


Heaven’s Music

An old woman lurches the horizon

Countless lives her face wizen

Once immortal, she danced the sky

And taught mortals to laugh and cry 

With stardust robes shining good cheer

Yet her friendships became too dear

She risked all to save from divine plan 

And so the gods from heaven did ban

Justice tore her robes and to earth she went

Fellow stars wailed at painful sky wrent

One sad Grey Lady forced to forever repent

Searching for hidden gossamer gown spent

Guarded by fell serpent across cruel canyon

She hunts for aid of pure of heart companion

With faith she knows will arrive one day

Then to heaven’s music she’ll again sway.

Greedy Hearts

Greedy hearts ignore her pleas

Only to increase their foul disease

Listen carefully to her call to hear

A weary wanderer’s voice most clear

Dare to listen to her tale of woe

Avoid her fate and let your heart grow

Holy Order Time Forgot

She hails from holy order time forgot

Sworn to uphold code with honor wrought

With sorcerous song to heal sad and sickly

And send wicked to caves of ice thickly

Warrior monks fighting for futile balance

In a musical world doomed to silence

So heroes in remote temple mount muster

Young Jade to lead them as hopeful zuster

Following oracle’s path on trusty mare

With sword of truth she brings to bear

Her quest to save all with painful song

And find four tribes to right ancient wrong

One last chance to save world uncaring

With loving voice of love and ever-sharing

Peaceful Fate

Heart thumping and brain screaming

A challenge is barked in crowd teeming

Sweaty pace and frenzied panting gait

They stretch toward peaceful fate

Bravely for my art

Worried winds push me away

How to catch up with the day

Exhilarating risk wells in heart

I will fight bravely for my art