Hour Fifteen ~ First Love ~

Write about a time when you wish you had said “yes”

Migration brought us together
much older than me, we
understood each other,like
a sister and brother-
he joined the army and went
to war-served well and won
an honor, then one day he
asked me -“If I proposed would
you say YES’ ?
I excitedly tried to say “Yes”
but  all I made was a mess.

Hour Fourteen ~ With Children With Joy ~


Even if you have children, write poems about imaginary ones.

My way of having fun
would be with children
playing in Winters
in the sun…
feeling joy and peace
The toys would be paper
and color pencils
or crayons
In Summers watching
sunsets and stars
finding constellations
would be Treasure Hunt

Fun would be among the trees
or watching a flower show
each child itself like
a flower so
no shopping no buying
though chocolate cake
or brownies would be OK

guessing objects in a bag
in circle time tags
thanking asking telling
sharing helping caring
each to feel equal and
each to be good
each to have respect
each to have understood

my way of having fun
would be to be with children
all happy,all at peace
no bombs or a gun

Hour Eleven ~ Memories in Color

artwork fascinates me,I often keep it close
sketchbooks numerous I have filled
colors make me seep in serenity green
as plants around  sit in pots and  dream
just like this artist dabbing in yellow-
catching the color on paper with his brush
he does not rush,but enjoys the pace
as his mind and spirit complete the race
a shade of green supports the stems
as movement leads to chords of place
flowers in color  are now in the heart
in memories cool and far apart-

HourTen ~ Christmas Time

Text Prompt

Write poem about any holiday in December/early January.

Christmas Time, Christmas Time and Prayers,

Prayers for peace, a peaceful refuge,

Welcome Light, with lights on trees,
Green and white, in coloured deluge;
Décor delight diversity diverted;
All hope one, all call one, All pray one;

Life to begin, or life , to cease?

Christmas Time, Healing Time and Tremors,
Tremors of blasts, killing blasts,
Farewell Love, with flags on caskets
Red and Blue, in deathly solitude,

Sacred silence spirit severed;
All around flowers, all fresh now
All withered now, none in baskets;
Christmas Time Christmas Time and Salvation

Salvation, for every nation?
Salvation Eternal, end of turmoil
in blood and sand, crimson and cream,
a moaning scream, a shattered dream?

One for one, each kills one, one by one, till none is none.
Christmas Time, Christmas Time and Love;
Love for All, a Tolerant Love,
With Gifts garlands and Gatherings,
Silver and Gold, Young and Old, the Brave and the Bold,

Weak and Strong, the Fighters for Freedom for the World;
All with Love, All at Home,
None at WAR, Glad Tidings for All.


Hour Nine ~ Too soon elate too soon dejected


“This too shall pass,” 

Time moves on, as
it is a matter of time-
movement makes changes
in weather growth and body
life was slow life was less
life became fast life was more

Man left Paradise
life was ease
life was at peace
but man;s nature
made the change
it all passed from plain to pain
that time passed when homes were caves
man was wild, men were slaves

that time passed and people grew
old died and up came new
this too shall pass-
life will begin afresh pure, peaceful
as the Almighty  is Gracious and Merciful

“I  am precious to The Earth’,
I need not be frightened and definitely
not as simply having visited this world
I will be remembered as a good worthy poet.

Hour Eight ~ Fly Away ~

 Fly fly away
this is your day
do not fear
come what may

see the world
so beautiful
from land to the sea
It is made for you and me


In a balloon up high
far away from the sky
life is fragile,hold tight
fly straight or cut the flight.

Hour Seven ~ Nothing Normal ~

Text Prompt

Write a poem exploring the word normal.

Nothing Normal
All life came to a halt one day
but that has happened before
but this time it was not threat of
King Kong Dracula or Frankenstein-

Nor a bomb or missile attack
Nor was it a world war with guns
this time it was an unseen killer
from the other side of divine

Normal is a walk to the market
a drive in the car, going to school
with a smile,a luch box with books
a clean dress and joyful looks

normal is playing games
hugging and shaking hands
eating together, sitting close
uncovered is the nose-

All this was reversed
stay indoors wash hands
wear a mask and stay six
feet apart, or breath your last.

Hour Six ~ Through the Window ~

Through the window , we see life, asleep and cold
world seems like an ice berg half alive
static silent still
though movement is visible
but pending doom
so far away it seems cannot zoom
The bridge connects,reflects a presence
but a mystery profound, on higher ground.

Hour Thirteen ~ You Came Before

Text Prompt

Write a poem where death is personified in some way.


O’ Death, You Came for me

you came before and lifted me quietly,
I felt the pull
I saw my self flying straight up high
it was so swift,the flight
a few seconds and I looked down
oh where are you taking me?
my children are so young
and my parents are in later age
they need me too

see  they are alone,
And O Death you were so kind
You let me go’
You had permission to do that
and I heard you say something’ ?
Now if I have been good
have looked after my parents
and have guided my children
on the straight path
I hope and pray that
my way, will be illumined
each  day of life ,scented
colorful like daisies.
O Death you will be gentle.