Anthology At Break Time

I’m on my way out the door
Sailing on a paper cloud
Of Greek mythology sprinkled
With the fighters of Jim Crow laws
I keep trying to hold on to the desk
But Dixie Peach,Rome and Italy keep giving me a secret glimpse
Of all that I have been missing
Muddy boots on a kitchen floor
That have never been part of the plan
Keep catching my eye
Like that tall blond with the poodle like Lucy,except for it’s not red
You know what I mean
Brothers dribble ball on the asphalt
In my lane
And I’m distracted by every single image
From the pink elephant,to the Black Barbie,to the unhappy executive in the bright green boots
Yeah,I’m on my way out the door
But I’ll be smiling all the way out.

Second Wind

Stuck in a whirlwind
Of cataclysmic proportions
I blow like a tornado
And each and every thought
That crosses my mind
Screams out!
Out of the pain
Out of the shattered promises
Splattered hopelessly
Sharp like broken glass
No more pain
No more holding the mirror
To your bad face revealing your
Tattered morals and wicked eyes
No more rain
The time for redemption is here
I will not be your cane
And as sad as it may be
I must retreat from this game
Retreat from this game
Of destruction

Chew Some Charcoal

I think I’ll chew some charcoal
I need that black powerful stuff to ease my mind
And the electricity racing in succession
Of a thousand curses of hate
Of one million stress related rants
Of the joy hate that comes from being the powerful failure
That I am

I think I’ll have some charcoal
To avoid that press mess
To avoid that unapologetic apology
The nauseating embarrassment
Of my true feelings
Of my true

I think I’ll chew some charcoal
And I think I’ll call a cab

Drama Queen

You’re too nervous and edgy
I want to scream every time
You call my name
Your hide and seek
Tip toe to catch someone
Is out of control
My gut is in knots
Doing jumping jacks
As my eyes cut short
Your useless mindless gossip
And I know that
If I ask you to
Tell me something good
It will leave you speechless
So I guess its going to be
A quiet week

Husband and Wife

They live in
Perfect harmony

She with her almond eyes
And pouty lips
He with his broad chest
And bald fade

They love to play together

Today they are
Playing tennis
In the city park
Laughing,grunting and running
The clunk of the racket
Causing the ball to soar
Elates them

They live in
Perfect harmony
And they are always smiling

Where I Lived Once

I drove by a house where I lived once
A dog named Mike is still buried there
Many years have passed with the vision
Of a hawk with expansive wings and a hunter’s glare
Sitting in the backyard

It looks like a dollhouse to me
Way too small
With a tiny mailbox

I want to relax once again as I did
On a velvet green sofa in the living room
Counting pennies
Admiring fresh hand picked daisies

I want to ride bikes
With my sisters again
And buy ten cent candy
From the neighborhood store

I want to be one big happy family again. Mom,Dad,and sisters and laugh until I cry.


Pink rose petals
Wither to ant food
As my mind
Takes a trip down
Memory Lane

The Taste of Summer

Honeydew and morning glory
Crackling heat
And scary stories
Hickory smoke
Grilled artichoke
Laughter,love,and smiles
That’s what summer tastes like

One More

I stopped breathing
When you fell asleep
In death
Just one more hug
Just one more call
One more conversation
One more chance to make
You proud
I stopped breathing
And the sorrow hasn’t left


I love it when
The sounds make me
Want to sing
To dance like my very
Life is at stake
When the rhythm kisses my soul
And my temperature rises
In succession with the
Instrumental ecstasy
That is life