Hour 14

I’ve been peculating

the parts of you     every evening

and storing them   in my soul’s jar


everytime I peek into the jar


The parts of you—

diffuse into the gloomy air

Hour twelve

Mother Tongue


I never forgot this language—

the way my tongue should roll

when I pronounce the words


The accent

and expressions

grab the phrases strongly


The sentences

slip out of my mouth

with an ease


The pen doesn’t fumble

when I try to form curves

of the alphabets


The words are

the warm blanket

in the frost


The prose is

the lost home

which I found too late


The songs

have a tune which

resonates with my breath


I might have left my

mother tongue

but its existence never ceased

within me.

Hour eleven

Run, Run, Run!


Run, run, run!

or else they will go ahead

the competition is fierce


Oh! Don’t take a break

to breathe by the bay


Run, run, run!

or else you would miss the train

to the destination


Oh! Don’t look up

towards the vast endless sky


Run, run, run!

or else you won’t survive

your bucket with bucks will become empty


Oh! Don’t appreciate art

it is filled with angst, anyway

Hour ten

Your sorrows will fade

like the night sky fades

from black to blue

from blue to pink.


The dawn will come.

Hour Nine



Spider don’t

crawl towards me

like my lover


Spider don’t

entangle me in your web

like my lover


Spider don’t

spit  venom on me

like my lover

Hour eight

Would you never


Would you never

try to seek

everything thou left to

me? Would you never tell

me thy

existence was based on this love?


Form- Golden shovel
(Never seek to tell thy love by William Blake)

Hour seven

Inside out


Don’t tell me to

love you

inside out


when she lingers on

your tongue, but your tongue

spells my name.


Hour six

It’s one of those nights

when I try to forget you

(when I try to set free

the stars of your memory)


The ink flows

and speaks of you


you become my muse


And I’m left

with a notebook

full of you.

(with a sky

full of you.)

Hour five

We sneaked into

an old  abandoned gym


alone with the dusty equipments

surrounded by

Grey floor, cream walls and rustic windows


I was on the bench press

when I saw your face upside down


you helped me lift

a heavy iron barbell


It made me scream

with endless joy


That gym became

our home

for a moment.