One breath

We all breathe it together at the dawn of time and space

there’s only one answer and t is yes

She knows

“The land knows you, even when you are lost“

And the water knows too

Find yourself in the flow


Tresses on the floor reveal what once defined her beauty

alone in the chair

none of that matters now

the pixie staring back at her wasn’t smiling and the mirror wasn’t lying

She’d tip him anyway

less is more

when the rain came the girl in the musical question would be mystically tinged

personal wealth is currently humming along.

Dear Baby Rach

Dear baby Rach,

It really was OK for you to come when you did be who you were to get to who you are. Which is me now. It doesn’t really matter if it was a shock when you arrived. And you didn’t mean to steal anyone’s thunder. It’s OK to sing your heart song and speak your voice and tell the truth of  what you will become. Everyone doesn’t always love everyone and everything isn’t always what we thought it would be. Time doesn’t heal all wounds and love doesn’t fix much of anything. That old game of landing on your feet isn’t always fun but when you dust off your knees  it’s not so hard to take some more steps. You are precious. Pain is a message listen to the subtle ones

I’m sorry I let adulting get in the way  promise I will be more sensitive in the future


me now




Running from concrete

The sparkle of the moonbeams danced in the reflection of this morning’s coffee

The hush of the owls palpable in the air hanging like fog on  the misty lake

One more sip of fresh water left in the canteen

Damn I don’t know if I’ve got it in me to stay here any longer

The alternative— the heat of piss steaming off the Manhattan concrete

lLght the Douglas Fir candle half burned at Christmas and give thanks for the family cabin

Uncle Larey’s book shelf holds books he clearly never meant to read and nobody else will either

Eying that boat tied securely to the dock…

there’s only one way out of here

Sex and Death to the Age Fourteen

your average american child has no idea about death and sex is taboo

but violence and rape define the culture

add celebrity and you’ve got quite the American dream

Spot’s sex is violent and Jane is addicted to the sound of her own voice

maybe one day we will all figure out how to make sense of the nothing that consumes the minds of the unimpacted.

But we are all impacted even if we can’t feel anything

missed connections

I had plenty of time but he asked for too much of what I had

money pomp and circumstance

Seemed to be what mattered to him


For me it was the chance to move energy

and see what happened when we did

It was fun for a while

the way two people don’t give eachOther what they came for


its warm in here and so coming out doesn’t seem right

questions arise as to whether I should go

I can’t anyway, it’s not time yet

I suppose she decides when I can come out or maybe it’s me who gets to choose

but if it’s on me then what happens when I get out of here?

will they introduce me to the world?

will they like me if she does?

Time is not linear but it feels like forever and I want to be glad to arrive

It’s tight in here and the stretch is near

stuck and aware of how long it’s been

holding on and fighting the urge to stay with the fear

It’s getting to hot to stay in here






To be awake is knowing this isn’t real in the flash of the landing

Fom there to here is a long way

Let the mattress catch me if I fall