Bending Light

10 PM Twelfth Poem: Bending Light


Pure light coursing through

unaware and bending light

arrays of color delight


Some are green some are blue

Some are of the right ‘hot’ hue


How are hue today

You just might say

Where’s your light bending

What kind’ve light you sending


Creating rows of spectrums

Marching to own drums

Oh I see it here it comes!


Do I need those 3D glass

Viewing rays as they pass

Do I just ignore

Wanting not to see more


Each unique in its own scale

Within the source and from the pale

Variegated they set sail


Mottled dappled flecked and pure

One endures

Arched and shapes born

Through lives upheld,  lives torn


Can you hear the call?

It’s time to view it all.

Human Touch

9:11 PM Human Touch

Impersonal communications

Convenience staying in touch

Is it a real touch?

a brush of letters?

words weigh of feeling

or just a brush stroke of letters

pretty letters arranged to appease


Second guessing the communicator

Get together

Face time in real time

Real time

Real breath

human touch


8:30 PM  Perspectives

Can we really see things as they are


Are we slaves to our own filters and the way we see things


The way that we want things to be?

Can we truly listen and hear what someone is saying without expectations and our past awarenesses about them?

Is it ever possible?

Are we doomed to be slaves to our own thoughts and awareness?

Ears or Mouths or …?

7:04 PM Ears or Mouths or …?

Depends on who’s saying it he said

The same words, sentences, paragraphs can be spoken in multiple ways

Words have different weight with expression

Equal or stressed can create something that isn’t there or is

Tone of voice can be determined by the ear or the mouth

Depends on who’s hearing it she said


6:05 PM


Lighting in the distance.

Strikes at its hosts.

Clouds move In a haphazard dance

With sun beams

Look like ghosts.

Winds strongly blowing

Trees sway bending

Which way’s it going?

Where’s the rain ending?

Azure blue

The sky peeps through

Until it’s overcome

The storm has won.



5:00 PM Betrayal?


It depends they say from which side of the fence you are viewing

Either it’s betrayal or something that for years has been brewing

Did they deserve it or was it a wrong

Or did it give the getter the energy to go along

Their own way

Perhaps this is why one does betray

may it be time to go your own way?


4:04 PM Uther

Even Uther was betrayed

And through anger

His bed is made


Broken the promise

Through rage and pride

He must through peace now

And fits of motions set aside


Twelve around the table go

Who will reign no one will know

Until the Lady Mistress wise

Energies doth exercise


Does betrayal truly exist

Or just a clenching of a fist

Around table oaths are first

Until one night a lustful tryst.


3:09 Excalibur

Justification of war

And magick

Begins in folklore

And ends up tragic

In our modern lives.


To be but mortal with a greater yearning

And use one’s strength for peace is burning

Deep within the hearts of all humankind

And ways and means of action is churning

Until in unity we all do find

That indeed we are of one peaceful mind.

Nap Time

2 PM Nap Time

Resting in peace as the world swims around in violent pulsation

She knows not, other than her perception

Which is restful peace and restoration

Others outward bound in belief

look on to superficial relief

While she who comes from within

Comfortable in her own skin

Relaxed despite the worldly din.


Could we all be so transformed, changed?

Few realize her demeanor

She is wrapped in fur

Four legs possessed and four fangs arranged

Within her silent relaxation

There is no vexation.



1:22 PM  Smoke

Smoke’s smell is rising from unknown sources

Have already run out of tracking resources

It’s no where near, that is clear

Yet into my lungs and taste it courses.

There is no need to fear

Since the fire Is nowhere near

And yet something’s burning it’s very clear

To smell it and taste it feels rather queer.

I guess I’ll relax and have a beer!