i am begging:

let me be

lonely but not invisible

let me be

at peace

let me be

A Cloud of Witness

Her storefront was pregnant with army

Of buyers

Of suicide bombers

On alert, her heart beat faster

Her fear spread quicker

Like a needle, it pierced her soul

Bombers would kill

Thieves would steal

And a cloud of witness?



Hang your hangover at Home

(Dedicated to Beth Fleisher who withdrew because of an illness)

After a hectic day on the farm or with the goats

I long for home

After a long and maddening traffic

I long for home

After a long debate about what story board to adapt

I long for home


At home

no stormy session with goats

no traffic jam

no story board


Home is where you hang your hangover, one of my friends said

At home

I walk bare foot

At home

I work naked

At home

I sleep on the bare floor

At home

I am at home


*farm and * goats – are used figuratively

Flavours of Cheese

G.K. Chesterton once wrote “Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.”

Dad introduced me to the delightful taste of cheese.

In our home, Dad made different flavours of cheese

An omelette got cheese

Rice puddle had cheese

Stuffed bread had cheese

Everything you touched had cheese

Then I didn’t know cheese makes things better everyday

As a kid I have enjoyed the taste

Dad knew that a little cheese can instantly make food tastier

If I had known, I would have ate it every day and put it on everything.

Dad is a seasoned veteran but I am not

Will experiment with my children and cheese and see

You cannot sleep now

the publisher’s team visits tomorrow

the agent meets with you ahead of the team tomorrow

you cannot close your eyes now

wake up right now


defer your nap

put on your cap

this is a dream come true

you have to be prepared through


Ode to Smith

You are the reason seasons of my life move sans treason. Had we not met; if you had not met me, and shared knowledge of God and the Bible, week-in, week-out for aeon, would make a different story. Wouldn’t have replicated the knowledge. Talk about you always, every time, when I mentor some Christian brothers and sisters. Some know you. Haven’t met you. It delights me daily when I remember the time we shared, the stories we shared, the moments we shared, the friends we shared, and the vision we shared. You have made me what I am in Christ. Your positive influence is written in blood. Didn’t know. Know now. You are not given to frills. You like substance. Look at me now. Exact replica of Smith. Take a deep look, Smith. Can you see me now? You cannot? Remove your glasses. Oh sorry. Remember you are photophobic. Clean your glasses. You will se me now. My ready smile. My calm exterior. Smile more. You whispered. How can I forget? How can I forget you? How can I forget our times together? How? Why? It is just not possible, Smith.

Walking under the stars

Walking under the midnight stars

Invisible paths and many scars

Rope-like creatures lurk around

Crickets and flies all abound

Moonlight watches overhead

Stars peep under the ocean

Eyes on the road ahead

Soon we will be in bed

Self Portrait

Leisure walking is a pastime. It pleasures me. Clears my mind. Frees my spirit. Lets me roam free without hinderance. Hate encumbrances.  Not on talking terms with copywriting. Talk on national radio. Write syndicated column for decades. Like indoors like outdoors. Do not mix the two. Can live in a house and not see the sunlight for a week or two. Travel with wife. Always. She’s not available? Travelling impossible. Like to drive. See the countryside. Attend funerals. Report my mortality. Read books. Touch countries I haven’t visited. Check places to visit. People to meet. Things to do. Things to abstain. Alcohol. Ditto smoking. Ditto drugs. Ditto a night stand. Happy in church. Spiritual exercise calms my spirit. Calls me to Him. Guides me to Him. If caught in any place, that is it. Quiet music inspires. Loud music distracts. Needs are few. Clean room. Fruits and food. Books. Movies. Plan to change the world. One mentee a day. Writing non-fictions. To publish will be my day. Young. Would increase. Acquire more knowledge. One day, will share that knowledge with thousand mentees in a day.


“Just be still, and listen”

You will hear the voice inside of you

You will be led

You will be fed

You will never be in want, if you just listen

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