Preventing Disaster

Your innate ability to perceive tomorrow and clearly predict it

So that friends and family are guided and led aright

Often times this has led you to the summit

It is a gift.


Once, you have averted a plane crash that would have erased entire family

Another time, a two-storey building would have been razed to the ground

And lives and property would not have been found

It is a gift.


Even, if friends had poohpoohed your gift

The day you provided them with a lift

By predicting exact examinations questions cannot be forgotten

That, too, is a gift.


People are different all the time and I hope you are better than most of them

Love them

Massage them

Pamper them

Calm them

They are not satisfied and they treat you as footmat

Understanding people is a difficult game to master and since I will never meet you

Even though I like you

I can only do one thing: Hope


Leisurely Stroll

I will take a leisurely stroll by the sidewalk

And drink in the site of machinery idling in the construction ground as I walk

The wired fence of the site is no barrier to my walk

I am prepared to enjoy the journey; that is why I am dressed for this walk

In fact, it is what the doctor recommended for my heart



Since life does not consist of what you eat or drink

I have always longed

to help others

to be light in the dark

to illuminate the park

to be the head

to move ahead

to be heard as an acclaimed published author

Those are my longings


A youth was shot dead by a policeman in cold blood

Other youths raged!

Demanding for justice!

The street stood still for its fallen hero

Tears flowed freely


Followed by a candlelit procession led by over a thousand youths


My Billionaire Dad

There is nothing in this world that is beyond me.

I am the son of a billionaire dad

And as the heir to his empire, the world eats from the palm of my hand


There is nothing in this world that is above me

As long as I long for it I get it and it becomes mine

As long as I long for it it becomes mine for life


The lesser mortal looks and wonder

As I live large and stronger

Giving no care to need and hunger



Aborted Holiday

Mother had promised I would spend the holiday breaks

At my uncle’s place

The holiday came but Mother lost her face

While in the kitchen she had an accident

That singular act sent everything backwards

Had she not been hospitalised towards

The resumption of school

I would have been cool

With staying with my uncle


High Tech

I am the forerunner

Without me,

Your songs are not portable

Your music is incomplete

Your world is tune deaf

I am the one battling for existence

Without me

You cannot remember old songs

You cannot dance to your favourite tunes

Your world is dead silent

I am the one who made you high with my low tech

Now, you have replaced me with some high tech

You have divorced me and cling to iPod, iTunes, music streaming

Your heart is nestling in the bosom of Mp3, Mp4 and flash drive

I am the cassette.

Flower in Bloom

Come, my flower is in full bloom

My field is ripe for harvest

I’m lost.

Come, lead me out of this maze

Lead me to your phase

Lead me to the highest of high

Lead me to your magic voyage

Come, I’m ready

Cannot wait a bit longer

The beat is moving faster

I have carried this dream through all I’ve done

To see us become a united one

Come, I’ve laboured for this moment for so long

Heaven knows I’ve waited for long

We ought to stop swimming in different waters

Quietly guide your stream into my river

Let us flow as one mighty water

And stream along

Missed Flight

No one ever booked a flight with the aim to miss it

Often passengers miss it

Due to oversleeping, traffic delay and misplaced ticket


The taxi driver came to me late

Reason for making it late

to the airport


In a far-away country, without a friend

You are at your wit’s end

and no one for you to fend






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