In or Out

In or Out

So many possibilities

Behind the closet door

A monster or an angel

Can walk out that door

Use your imagination

To conjure up an image

The closet holds the magic

Of a thousand minds at work

It’s up to you what comes to life

Behind those closet doors

Just let your mind run wild and free

I’m sure you’ll think of more.

It’s sad to see that no one thinks

Of these things anymore

You’d be surprised what comes to life

Behind those closet doors.



Walking through a portal

Into another world,

Into another realm

A different time

A time where humanity thrives

I’d love to see

what lies on the other side

Of this beautiful portal

That promises a fresh start

Growth, change

And perhaps for humanity…

…A new heart , a new start


Ain’t Easy

Living in the bayou ain’t easy

I felt a thundering tremor

The lightbulb suddenly blew out

It was raining buckets

I was thrown off balance

Bangin’ my elbow

Against the carport

Living in the bayou ain’t easy


He is Missed Forever and A Day 8/24


She steps onto the stage

Her eyes swollen shut

From crying tears of pain

This day

A day she wont soon forget

Her day of birth

A cause to celebrate

Quickly turned into

A day of somberness

She holds the memories close  instead

Life goes on

And we learn to cope

With the tragedies

That litter our happy place

She take the mic

Her broken voice

Indicative of her broken heart

She starts to sing

But the words get in the way

Fighting through the tears

That drench her face

She dedicated to him

A lovely piece that portrays

A tribute to his absence

For even though he missed a lot

His existence still lingers

The sound of his voice

The roughness in his hands

The goodness of his heart

Her father forever a piece of her heart.


A Day in the Life of Love

My heart goes pitter pat

At the mention of his name

And let’s not even say

When he is in the vicinity

It’s so sweet him being next to me

It’s crazy how he makes me feel

My heart goes pitter pat

Every time he is around

His smile his eyes his stance

Make my heart dance

There is no other place I’d rather be

Then in his arms resting peacefully

My heart goes pitter pat

Like a melodic symphony

When I am in his arms I’m where I want to be

He gives me all I need

When I am in his presence

He showers me with so much love

I cannot get enough so…

My heart goes pitter pat


Waterfall of Beauty

Standing on the edge

I look over and  I see

Beautiful beds

Of colorful flowers

Every color and kind

You could ever imagine

Waterfalls of deep blue

Patchy spots

Of sea foam green hues

Washing away all the worlds pain

Trees and fruits galore

Beautiful humans

Showing love to one another

Helping each other out

When times get hard

And tensions soar

The King,

He sits atop a golden throne

Surrounded by angels

Playing a melodic tune

A smile upon his face

For He has finally seen the day

When His creations have learned

To be okay

With the diversity that we are

And still choose

To love one another

No matter how different we are

A look of satisfaction sweeps the land

A beautiful world

Looms over the edge

The perfect re-creation

Of the potters hand.

It’s flat not round

But who cares

we”re are all

One in the same


What Happened to Shane

He dangled her small frame

Over the window pane

One false move and that’s it

Honey bear is dead

In a split second his mind vexed

His heart perplexed

But nevertheless

His mind was made up

Even if he ended up in chains

Vengeance was his

For all the scars

She placed upon his heart

She lay in the arms of lust

Enthralled in momentary pleasures

Freely giving in to passion

Ignoring the reality of her last day

She was going to pay

She never saw him standing there

The door cracked open just a sliver

His ego immediately cried a river

And begged for him to hurt her

Not to forgive her

In a split second her life changed

She saw in his eyes the disdain

She saw tears of pain

Her eyes apologetic

But it was too late

Too late to beg for a pardon

Too late to escape her fate

Before she knew what happened

It took place

She freefell onto the pavement

Immediately surrounded

The forming crown astounded

Perspective quickly formed

Around the possible reasons

For this gruesome act of jealousy

When all this could have been avoided

With a simple separation

And the desire to be free


United in love 4/24


We become as one

In love we meet

Under one sun

In our earthly bodies

We become undone

The words we said

Professed our love

Our union blessed

By God above

The ups and downs

A part of life

We work out kinks

And iron out lines

Imperfect as we both can be

Our love

The foundation

Of this sanctity


In Silent Peace. 3/24

I sit alone in silence

Wondering where

I went so wrong

It seems that everything I do

Creates an avalanche,

A storm

But here in solace

I find my peace

I thing of things

That I released

But one by one

They come to me

So we can finally agree

In life we choose

And we accept

That which comes

With choices made

It can’t be taken back

Once chosen

But moving forward

Our options open

We get to sit

In silent peace

And think of things

We have released

Because they’ll always

Creep back up

It doesn’t mean

They must remain

They go or stay if we agree

in silence is where

we find our peace



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