Whoohoo! The 2020 Poetry Marathon is finally here!

Hey everyone, I am Reena Doss. Congratulations to everyone who have joined this year because I know how crazy busy life has become with the pandemic situation. Last year, the facebook group was so supportive and encouraging that I we were able to laugh and motivate each other through the tough parts and when we experienced a panicky writer’s block or two.

I am looking forward to the same camaraderie this year too. It was incredible and I am so excited to be a part of this marathon again this year! I’m prepping myself for the full 24 hours by sleeping irregularly over the last week as I want to be able to post one poem an hour without accidentally falling asleep.

It’ll be 6:30 pm IST in my world so I’m guessing the toughest part would be around 6:00 am to 3:00 pm in the afternoon. But I remember the joy of completing it last year and I am feeling a little more prepared for it this time.

See you all there. Lets do this, fellow poetry marathoners! 🙂

Hello Everyone! Reena Doss here :)

Hey-hey everyone, I’m Reena doss and this is my first poetry marathon. I’ve committed to doing the 24 hours and boy, am I nervous and excited about the challenge. I’m just worried about falling asleep, so I’ve set up my alarms, probably will keep a pot of coffee going and a set of prompts to keep me inspired. I also have an Instagram page too if anyone would like to check out my work –https://www.instagram.com/reenadossauthor/ and my website is “www.reenadoss.com“.

Good luck dear comrades and may you stay encouraged, motivated and energised throughout this kickass dare!