Poem #2: The Treasure

The Treasure

It was in the soft moonlight
in the after hours of her job
where he came by her office
and said his ‘good morning’
even though it was still dark
she wanted him to be honest
because she knew this one thing
he thought of her as his treasure island
while she thought of him as her treasure

@ Renee Avard-Furlow
June 13 2015

Poem #1: Silence

RAF_Silence_poemPoetryMarathonpost_June142015_ReneeAvardFurlowThe silence that I have decided to use on you

is the voice of reason that I have finally heard

@ Renee Avard-Furlow

June 13 2015

Blessed, Excited & Honored To Be Here

Poetry Marathon Introduction June 7 2015:

Hi there, I am so glad to be a part of this marathon –       Iammadeofstarsetc I am a published writer and have been writing poetry for years now. It’s my passion – it is the best way for me to express myself – and to learn about myself – sometimes I don’t know my thoughts or feelings on something, and I start writing, and the poem speaks to me, and then i get it. It’s amazing the way it works. I am glad to be here and look forward to meeting new people and to reading poetry! My page on Facebook is Worth Catching

— Blessings, love & moonbeams!