A hummingbird flaps its wings up to 70 times per second


Which is how fast my heart beats when you look at me

And I cant find the perfect words to say

So I just look at you, and smile and wonder if your heart is beating as fast as mine

They say when you hear someones heart beat, your heat syncs to their beat

I wonder how many times, when you were on top of me

When we were a tangled sweaty mess, our heart beats became one

Two hearts beating, 140 times a second

Baby we could power small cities

Small cities filled with jealous lonely hearts wishing they could beat as fast as ours





The moon is high in the sky, it is shining through the cracks in the broken blinds, illuminating your face

and in this light

you are the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on

I want to drink the moonlight as it slithers across your naked body, waving through your curves

In that moment I can see your skin glowing

my finger tips slides up and down your spine, your body shivers and quivers under my touch

soft breaths escape your lips, lips that I wouldn’t mind tasting for the rest of my life

I captured this memory,I folded it up and keep it in my back pocket of my jeans that you could never wait to take off of me

Now I lay in that same bed, where we made love, where we laughed and where we cried.

But now,

I am laying alone


Weeping Weather


The familiar sounds of sorrow

Seeps down windowpanes

Trickling teardrop kisses

Splash on the pavement below

Hair of the Dog

I can always smell the alcohol hangover on people…

Including myself.

It’s sweet, pungent, sweaty, and I’m so very averse to it.

I don’t understand habitual hangovers much either.

Which is why I stopped drinking.


Out of Control

You are here and there and everywhere

A panic induced nightmare you crave

Sweeping throughout your body like a wave

Reality ripping and you tear

A shedding of your skin and you feel bare

Darkness suffocating you like a cave

Aching, dying; a Love you need to save

Spreading the disease moment lived in fear

A surge so strong you feel the need to die

It hurts so bad and you feel so alive

The end is coming near the death in strife

An aching body, hurts so, needs to cry

The surrender of being in love, take a dive

Fucking shit

It’s 8:41am and I am holding someone else s baby in my arms.
And I’m out of cigarettes.
My wife and I sleep in the same room her mom died in.
Who died of lung cancer, from smoking.
And all i can think about is inhaling that sweet nicotine, and starting my day.
Since nothing goes my way, I say fucking shit and go get dressed

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