Hour 24 (I wanna love you)

There is a roof over our heads
There is food on the table
There is source of income
I wanna know now
I got to know now
I am willing and able
I wanna Love you every day and every night
Is this love that I am feeling
I got to know now

copyright(c)2022 Roxann Lawrence

Hour 23 (One Love)

Give thanks and praise to Yah
Lets get together and be alright
One Love, One Heart

Copyright(c)2022 Roxann Lawrence

Hour 22 (Wanted)

Now I am victim by the words man say
there is a price on my head
Now I am wanted
YAH won’t let the evil catch I

I am anointed
covered by his blood
I won’t get weary along the way
I will overcome

Wanted for doing good
Wanted for living clean
Wanted for speaking about YAH
I things will be better

Hour 21 (A call to consecration)

My Child, can you hear the ram’s horn,
Calling all my Children to consecration,
Humble yourself, repent, seek My face and pray,
Intercession for the lost who have gone astray,
Stop focus on the struggles
I will never forsake you mor leave you,
I AM with you always.

Copyright(c)2022 Roxann Lawrence

Hour 20 (Letter to Yahuah)

I love you Yahuah
That, I can never forget
With you, no one comes before
You care for me
In you, I find peace
In you, I find love
Worshipping you is a must
Your love is kind
Your love is very patient
In my heart is your love

Copyright(c)2022 Roxann Lawrence

Hour 19 (Cool Down)

Had some rum and boom
Feeling a little tips
felt like I could dance all night
As a stare in his eyes
I told him to cool down the pace
for me

Copyright(c)2022 Roxann Lawrence

Hour 17 (My number one)

You said to me you wanna be my number one
So if you wanna be my number one
Let me know your future plans

If you do good to me what is to be will be
so If you wanna be my number one
let me know your future plans

Copyright(c)2022 Roxann Lawrence

Hour 16 ( Love Deep)

The deep rolling waters
are attracted by the sunshine
a state where love never dies

Copyright(c)2022 Roxann Lawrence

Hour 15 ( Beautiful Sunshine)

Panoramic view of Paradise white sand beach with coconut palm trees blue sky and Caribbean sea on Jamaica tropical island.

The sun is out in all its beauty
It Shines so brightly
warm sunshine so bright

glimmering in the day
turning sadness into joy
out shining darkness

A life filled with sunshine
joy and happiness
Laughter and fun

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