outside my widow every night
the owls will hoot and take flight
and then often stay out of sight
you get a fright, you get a fright

the packrats seek to avoid them
by running along the tree stem
the owls are looking to take some
but not the sum, but not the sum


Food cooking
Bread baking
Wine decanting

Table set
Diana calls
I come
Love follows

The Universe

The Universe is everything
Planets are the thing
orbit their suns
they do not hum

galaxies shepherd their many suns
some will become
mighty blackholes
others, bang goes

we are less than a speck of dust
to learn we must
knowledge awaits
we conquer fate


do you
fear so much
what led to this
in your life what was so bad that fear rules you
it is time to change that old paradigm
you feel it too
not later
do it

You know

false stats
he knows them well
time and again he tweets
time now to know what’s false data
and think

Blame Game

We often look for someone to blame
for we need to cover up our shame
to family and friends
we find only dead ends
and our arse is all alone in the flame.


books sit on my shelf waiting
poems, fiction, always baiting me on
none want to make me yawn
books they want to spawn visions
some even use fission
i never saw a Grison so used
though i may be confused on that
attempts are sometimes scat you see
others make the marquee
those that have found the key we read!


I love fishing from start to finish
First you prepare your gear
Second if you are lucky your boat
Third get a good night’s sleep
Forth load up the car or truck
Fifth hook up the boat
Sixth travel miles to the lake
Seventh launch the boat, put in the plug first
Eighth spend hours watching fish swim by ignoring your bait
Ninth leave the lake stop at the store
Tenth buy a nice fish for dinner
And don’t tell anyone how your fishing trip ended.

One and Last

it was one of a kind that one
it was spotted throughout the land
sometimes it came out of the sun
and others it came up from the sand
and once it came from the woodland
like all things that are rare and divine
it was fated to feel the black hand
thus, the last of its kind ended up chine

The World Outside

The world outside awaits your presence
Do not miss out on what awaits
Life would be lesser for it
See what awaits this day
Hear what the wind blows
Smell what is about
Feel the breeze
Don’t blink