books sit on my shelf waiting
poems, fiction, always baiting me on
none want to make me yawn
books they want to spawn visions
some even use fission
i never saw a Grison so used
though i may be confused on that
attempts are sometimes scat you see
others make the marquee
those that have found the key we read!


I love fishing from start to finish
First you prepare your gear
Second if you are lucky your boat
Third get a good night’s sleep
Forth load up the car or truck
Fifth hook up the boat
Sixth travel miles to the lake
Seventh launch the boat, put in the plug first
Eighth spend hours watching fish swim by ignoring your bait
Ninth leave the lake stop at the store
Tenth buy a nice fish for dinner
And don’t tell anyone how your fishing trip ended.

One and Last

it was one of a kind that one
it was spotted throughout the land
sometimes it came out of the sun
and others it came up from the sand
and once it came from the woodland
like all things that are rare and divine
it was fated to feel the black hand
thus, the last of its kind ended up chine

The World Outside

The world outside awaits your presence
Do not miss out on what awaits
Life would be lesser for it
See what awaits this day
Hear what the wind blows
Smell what is about
Feel the breeze
Don’t blink

Wargames Tableau

Wargames to the table
Bring friends together
Our minds we will test
The tactics we use
To bring victory
To the plan best thought

What are you looking for anyway

What is it you want to find,

is it within or without,

or are you in doubt.


We all seek something

is it an answer you seek,

or knowledge needed

for something you speak.


Is there a method you need

for a task to proceed

or to plant a seed

or complete something decreed

or will you see what you seek recede.


Never stop looking through life

for your needs follow one after another

and what you find may not end your strife

it may provide you with a better rudder.

Can we weather climate change

weather changes, climate changes

what does it all mean

hasn’t it happened before

will it happen again

what does it mean to me


this is what i think

nature is never static

and neither are we

we do have a problem though

don’t you see

our problem is our sight

we can’t see the key


we hear it everyday

people that say

never seen this happen

throughout my days

and yet people ignore

what many scientists say

change is a coming our way


the change that is coming

we will make

because we ignore the signs we see

and put them off to natures take

people are so opaque


they think what they do cannot really change

what happens on earth every day

and yet it seems clear to me

that weather shows us in many ways

that climate is changing with probable cause


the changes we see should give us pause

and we should consider well before we make faux pas

for if we don’t we will surely see

what these actions mean to me.


Life is a test from start to finish

from the day you are born

to the final flourish

how long is the baby

how much does it weigh

in what percentile does it lay


This is the start

it does not end

the years go by

new tests append

when do you speak

when do you walk

do you do more than squawk


In school there are many

that you will take

they tell your teachers

what progress you make

and each test you take

adds another post to the fence you make


We all build a fence

a fence that defines

the person we make

with all the tests we leave in our wake


It doesn’t stop when we are an adult

each person we meet tests us, and we they

yes, it is true don’t you see

we test and test and are never free

we test for friends, and jobs, and love

we look for things that fit like a glove


And when old age approaches us

the tests foresees what our freedom be

the blood test the heart test, how many tests there are

each test may lead to your final cigar


Yes, tests follow us throughout our lives

from birth to death whether we want or not

tests guide us or fence us and fill us with doubt

and sometimes provide up with clout

whatever the case you will see

that tests never end till the end of thee.

Desert Tableau

Monsoon yearly comes

Clouds over the desert

From the mountains comes

Riding winds down slope

Rain to bring new life

Plants open to chance


Will this day be theirs?

Two months it does lasts

Storms this way and that

Some years none falls here

But there, there it falls

This year is their turn


The desert seems dry

Rain brings life to all

Not all every year

Deserts wait their turn

This year or next year

The advantage theirs


Born of the same parents

Raised by them too

Open to discussion

Thorough thru and thru

Helpful but not hopeful

Earnest if not open

Raconteur to all he knows