The original inspiration is the line “One day the answer came before the question” in the poem Golden Anniversary by Wislawa Szymborska


We are all together yet we are the only one

The years are filled with days and yet this is our only day

We each can only wait so long before the

longing for life overwhelms our ability to answer

To answer the question that came

Came to us long before

Long before we were ready for the

end, for to each of us the end comes and we must answer the question.


Cooper and Aries are here by me
Dogs help me cover the scar
We all know they make the best company

They make us the best that we can be
They shine on us both near and far
On these facts, I am sure we can all agree

Cats are ok but not carefree
My cats were more likely to want to spar
Cats know the door but dogs have the key

I know some may chose a strong pony
But no pony can eclipse the dog star
For all dogs are real they are no phonies

Others may choose the ones feathery
But no one no one chooses the feather star
For the feather star lives in the sea

People may think what the hey
As they see this from afar
For in the end we all must weigh
What it is we each shall say


Long Lake was the place to be

At the camp, I couldn’t wait to see

1960 I think it was

This place to make memories of how it should be

The water as crystal as it could be

The fish to catch waiting for me

A turtle to catch for one short week

This place to make memories of how it should be


The night a moose came to our door

Its call was frightful to me a roar

My mother she came to my distress

This place to make memories of how it should be


My brothers there to play with me

When not looking for girls to see

We all together and all carefree

This place to make memories of how it should be


Each morning the baker delivered to us

Fresh bread, cakes, donuts, for us to buss

The fire would glow and fill us with glee

This place to make memories of how it should be


The best memories are those so sweet

But all memories will eventually fleet

No plea we make can make them see

This place to make memories of how it should be

Time and Again

Time goes on day by day

Seconds pass by one none held at bay

Sixty comes a minute goes

Each minute passes another sows

Till 60 come and an hour grows

Hours one through twenty-four

One day is done and out the door


Time goes on day by day

Monday through Sunday

A week goes by

Four weeks gather

Into a month they grow

Month after month till the year flies by


Time goes on day by day

Leading the years along their way

Ten to a decade life is on its way

Till decade passes decade and we pass away

We may miss the decades group of ten

The century mark approaches yet again


Time goes on day by day

Our history collects in each century

Yet history fades we see in reverie

Then ten become a millennium

One day we see as a harbinger

Yet to the Earth it is just a day to her

Time goes on day by day





In my heart

For those I choose

My actions do show

Feelings are always there

Because of you I can share

All that life brings for us to bear

Every day you are there heart and soul

My life your life our future is now whole


Earth wind fire water reign over the world

Rain brings new life

Wind spreads the seeds

Fire clears the old

Earth is their home

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