How the Ferweard Fair Straits Formed Between The Southlands

I might be insane, but the place I feel most at home is a world I made up over a couple decades of creative writing. Hmmm…

(for hour 24—prompt: the place I feel most at home; here’s a poem from the history of Onweald)


How the Ferweard Fair Straits Formed Between The Southlands


In the days when Ella joined Mahriket

And the gods could bask in her grace

The generous Goddess Katherine Fair

Voluntar’ly stepped down from her exalted place


Katherine sighed upon The Southlands’ war

Within her heart shook to breaking

Over decades of sons lost of mothers

And daughters who morn widowed queen


Katherine sought no champion to join her

With tones of love filled inflection

She bowed to ask Old Rothahn’s favor

Taking twelve centuries of perfection


To the city beyond the Freotho

Where she wove spells of such power

No man could withstand or behold

The princesses, goddess, felled palace tower


Fueled by her heart, fueled by her love

Her final act put all geasa in motion

The followers of Lorena and those of Lenora

The waves parsed in two, separated by ocean



What Are the Chances?

(for hour 23—a “hearing” prompt from hour 16…coz cheese is good, but I wasn’t feeling it)


What Are the Chances?


Amid a crowded amphitheater

I become the only attendee

The only fan

For I close my eyes to the swell of the synthesizer

Under the vibrato of violins on stage

And gentle build of the snare

Somewhere beneath the note he holds

I’m lifted

Whether it’s his voice

Or the pulse of the bass

It carries me above any crowd sound

All I know is the music

I’m lost in the flow

The harmony and tender rise

Crescendo to rejoin a rhythm

That pumps my blood

To this new time signature

This new motion

Amid an airy amphitheater

Of only me

What’s left of me

Filling with chords and melody



Familiar Pain

(for hour 22—wake up prompt)


Familiar Pain


That blood in your urine is

A kidney stone



That inability to function is

A kidney stone



I Should Have Said Yes

(for hour 21—from the say “yes” prompt of hour 15)


I should have said yes



I’d not seen that in my grandparents before

Too young to understand toxins and kidney function

It surprised me when Grandma snapped back at him

Fussiness did not become them

It didn’t make sense to me

Then she threatened to send him away


She turned to me

Out of all the people at the extended table

Where multiple family dinners had been fun,


Full of laughter

She turned to me and asked,

“Do you want your grandpa to come live with you?”



Horror at the concept playing out before me



What would my parents say if I gave permission without asking?

I looked to my grandfather’s tired face, his eyes red, looking to me with sadness

I sputtered, “Where would you sleep?”

Then he cast his eyes down

It was the wrong response

This woman I no longer recognized hooted as if she’d played the poisoned pawn

“See! Even your granddaughter doesn’t want you!”

Someone swooped in to save us, my grandpa and me

We locked eyes once again

Sorrow in sympathy

Logistics be damned, I should have said “yes”


Fetch Her the Star

(for hour 20—this is a blend! I wanted to do the 3-repeating-lines prompt from hour 3, so it’s mixed with the “walking at night” AND image prompts of hour 20…because typing poetry at this hour makes one giddy like that.)


Fetch Her the Star


Bianca requested of Bill merely one, still-bright star

Small enough to fit on the curio cabinet’s bottom shelf

(where light was needed most because Bill had bought a cabinet without LEDs)

Yet with enough mass to attract the Ladies Club members’ eyes

when they’d gather Tuesday evening to complete protest signs


She asked so little of him after 28 months of marriage


With all the time she saved Bill employing a local DBE to tend the lawn and pool, could he not take an hour for an errand?

Why did her simple petition require an argument,

tears to mar her facial and eye art,

and a snide remark about Gil-Estel?

(his references to fantasy films too often confused her to frustration)


She asked so little of him after 28 months of marriage


While Bianca strode to her private spa off the master bedroom where she could repair her eyes,

Bill collected his 32-month-old son’s favorite toy, and walked into a moonlit night

He pointed at the stars, asking, “which one do you think Mother would like?”

The child giggled; he understood more than the vapid woman they left behind


She asked too much of him after 112 weeks of marriage




Arcana’s Protection

(for hour 19—the image prompt of Arcana’s shore for Onweald)


Arcana’s Protection


Arcana Scheld arrived with a high tide off the Meredore

Spray from the ocean wet her face

And misted her eyes a faerie gray

Suitors flocked like seabirds

Pecking at her shawl

Offerings to a fresh maiden

Trite pleasantries


Overtures of marriage

Odda Taiman put them all to shame

He alone ripped the Freotho Mountains apart for her

Shaped a castle from rock for her

Where the cliffs meet the shore, he named for her

And suitors scattered in fear of him

He cast a web of protection along Arcana’s harbor

And built the foundation of Onweald’s success because of her

Arcana Scheld brought a high tide off the Meredore

And the world was better for the love of her


(for hour 18—from the hour 11 image prompt)




Crafting questions to question my talent

(or lack thereof)

Vibrant colors could cover

inadequacies in technique

and mixing of medium


Buzzing bees bring a smile

reminding me

of dragonflies

checking a child’s coloring chart

way back when I was seven


Maybe my art’s not a complete loss

if I can fool the honeybees

into checking it out


(for hour 17)





A kind woman in my MeWe homesteading group said,

“I don’t have to pull all the weeds, just the weed in front of me.”

Her words in reverse on a black computer monitor resonated deeply within me,

vibrating my bones with a harmonizing frequency that made me cry.

Was this anxiety releasing?


It was as if she knew me,

knew I would be reading the messages,

knew my Blessings Jar begun January 2020 atop the fridge is currently stressing me out.

Of all the responsibilities mounting

adding to the growing list of to-dos

it’s a radically joyful thought to remember

I don’t have to accomplish all the tasks, just the task in front of me.

One line item at a time.

Until I get to the fantasy: clone myself

and then teach my clone to fold and put away the laundry

after getting the washer re-balanced.

And isn’t balance what it’s all about?

I Thought I Touched You Today

(for hour 16—from the “touch” prompt for Onweald)


I Thought I Touched You Today

(by the character Nigel Taiman)


A kind touch breezing by my hand

Reminded me of you today

A soft voice whisp’ring a word of kindness

Sounded like something you’d say


The moment caught me off my guard

When I turned to see your face

Disappointment filled me so fully

When I saw emptiness in your place


That I excused myself from society

How can you haunt my brain

When you wore immortality as perfectly

As you wore Arcana’s good name


The swing where you once teased me

With noxious words of battle and war

Moves heavy with dead autumn leaves

Or memory of your movement as we’d spar


The tree where I handed you music papers

Withers in despair of your absence

There’s not a creature in Onweald

That doesn’t crave your presence


Every person, beast, every dying bloom

Seeks you in the fingers of the wind

And each breeze that lifts your scent

Fools me to thinking I’ll see you again

Ella and Rohne

(for hour 15—from Onweald, an intro for something longer)


Ella and Rohne


He was the one covered in diamonds

She was the one covered in gold

They were the ones covered in riches

Yet their story has never been told

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