Hour 21_2023: He

On mim ther iare too many part to the whoe that your  ador or at least from a distane admie until you can explore like how you find treasu ont he sea shore.

Shells , glass, animals, plants remnatnt like seaweed and drift wood and rock alll made new like the pearlixzed stain your your sand worn toes from your biloumicent treck into the golden gardens of the pacific ocean a tributary  of the puget sound.

Some came for fireworks yet the sparler like glow that your discoved in the sands and sea was enough for you and your greatul heart to make your summer complete. Just like when your mom cam to visit for a month to help you see your way and the musical pathe that you live.

This was infact the year you dicide to do what you wilhed and more imporatntly wah is trully good and works for you.

Wheter you choose to stay in a home that now feels new, or change to another job that is farther in distance yet specakd to apart of you theat you put on hold or if you choose to to go for a love that you dont want to explain other than all your senses are enlivened and feel the excitment that you alwayus knew you had yet were too timid to pursue.

You are finally in full bloom and you are not stopping now.

Youve fially given your self the persissum to be and to enjoy life on your terms.






Hour 20: Bioluminescent Blues

Two concerts later and I saw the unthinkable.

It was not planned.

Most memorable moments are born in this way, without expectation.

They seem to occur out of the blue.

People come through.
Nature does too.

Moments collide in perfect harmony and surprises fulfill wishes both spoken and silent.

That night we could barely hear, music so loud we almost lost our voices and hearing, yet our eyes adjusted to the light when we arrived.

In our quest to uncover the summer’s most mysterious and elusive occurrence we met a family who were visiting the state for the first time.

Another family gave up.

I still asked away, unwilling to walk away.

Until I met someone who stayed, just long enough to uncover what we all sought.

Unfazed by the tripod strewn haphazardly on the sand.

I would still try.

She too, a friend and fellow live music audiophile, was persistent in the search.

Now silently we forged on in the still of night near the waters edge.

And with a wave of a hand we discovered the unthinkable, an ultraviolet blue sparkle in the water that was only visible to the naked eye.

I think caught it on film, yet you’ll have to be the judge of that piece of poetry set to music.

In looking back I still wonder if the plankton we saw were energized by Fukushima’s nuclear spill into our shared oceans, allowing water into the sea or does this all occur quite naturally?

Hour 19: Dream Interpretations

Randomly I chose the fish, Sea Creature.

This is me implicitly.

My family and I always illicit the ocean in my dream world.

It is a reaccring theme.

Many variation, yet mymind lingers on this connection to the sea.

In particular, the Seal showed up for my poetry exploraing along with a paus on the mutable octopus.

The seal signifing Kundalini which I do not know intimately. Then it went on to explore our deepst instints being activated into the callinogf life eneris like dolphins and pourpose who reprst the contac and relaton with the deepoy uncontions state, natura faces within.

Life is not perparint blindly. Lifde the angel numbers taye say that isee daily sending message from beyond. The path is onece again clear.

If I stop and pause Isee the connnections the anient messageg of this earth sent to me numbors or not I am aware.

Most realdylo when my space is claear regardless of tiem space or place, emaotin up or downm I see all spectrusmsof color and shades of green

Attached to everything and held by nothing as the cliehe says I agree none the less with the univerals tenants of the TAO try as I might to go agains the grain a flow state will always reaslese me to see betwwen the words and actiosn if only I stop to listen and ovpern up all six sense.


Yes ther is a powerful unconsion engy anawarness not of one but of all life.

How many signs will it take as Jidenna says… UB40 plays along with the Marias and many others.

Hour 18: 2023 “Come as you are”.

Love asks you to come as you are.

Love is always a pleasure to hold even when it’s old.

Love stirs the heart, excites the mind, and is full of mystery and knowing.

Love is unpretentious and real.

Love finds beauty even in defeat.

Love will make a seat for you and invite you to the table to eat soul food and drink to quench your thirst.

No moment will be dull in love’s eyes.

She is bliss.

As is he.

He can feel and she can see.

Together they both can be.

Love desires to be set free and captured by the same person.

Love releases you form fears and convention.

Love makes you tremble in angst with just the mere thought, and aught not hurt.

Pleasure and pain’s principle is taken lightly in love.

Love is you,God, and everything in between.

Love can take you to the highest high and the lowest low.

Love is nature.

Love is thought.

Love is real in a harsh world. It is kind, loud, and quiet at the same time.

Love knows no borders, yet boundaries is a must.
Loves needs to be deep.
Real love come find me and capture my heart.

Come find me soon. The mind is willing, and the heart is strong.
Make sure we enter into this meeting of the hearts mutually.
This is the way for me to enter into love.



Hour 17…2023 On the Nature of Daylight

I too have heard this before as I am writing and as my lips explore lyrics unlike these that that whisper in my ears and bleed true sentiments unexplored that turn into soft melodies.

They are like tender kisses that quell my fears and ignite the flames of passion I hold inside.

A flame that will not be extinguished.

Calming the darkest of night.

A place where the kindest of dreams like precious seeds are planted in soil as rich as midnight.

Ninety-five percent of life is begat in quite of the night as plants seed and oceans bloom…away from the comfort of the light we all come to know and love.

The darkness to is life giving too.

The sun gives a gentle caress that gives the tiny hairs on my skin a chance to glow like a highlighted halo around me aura of gold.

I learned this year this birth year this spring and summer to see ones, including my own setbacks as, superpowers instead of frailties.

Calming breezes envelop and swallow the bee and spiders that surround my garden. I am in deep waters, and I am no longer afraid.

I am a heart that knows to the depth to fim or that it cannot spear souls on a journey greater than themself. I find meaning in a world withhold feeling and half my hear up tall.

Fine me healing regardless of place. I seek peas and drama I relinquish unless it is for the stage. When all good things come to an end I do not fret or have regret.

Anew I am refreshed. Different faces,time cannot erase.

I miss my father more than ever and my two uncles too and my aunt even though from another marriage once removed.

We are all equal in his eyes and I miss them all deeply.

It’s hard to imagine a world without them yet this is why we must proceed and move forward not every loving anyone less or more.

Just love.

Thats what I do.

I love you while you are alive, and I wish I could love you all the more here or not and so I will pour into me and those that I care for more and more each day.

Hour 16-2023: The Extra Ordinary

Extraordinary…I see each and every day in the mundane without name, purpose, or reason in all seasons all near my home and east of Rome.

GPS, the ice cube, the ankle bracelet, the firefly, and the ladybug I swallowed, even the blade of grass, Palo Santo, the experience of seeing the bioluminescence in the ocean, and the simple elegance of the prism.

Trivial, and all luxuries to me.

Hour 13-2023: What We See

What We See

I see you.

You see me and everything in between.

Spiders are everywhere.

Avocado leaves make undulating shadows.

Ten to be exact.

Like a perfect hand of bananas, they sit contently on their stalk.

Mint scented geranium tiny flowers are also in bloom.

Lavender edges the side in a pot of simple blue and white Chinese porcelain that you thought once perfect for a solo strawberry that did not make it past spring.

Adjacent below standing tall are two ginger pots adorned with two lions as if hand dipped in a finish of forest green like a hard-shelled dairy queen cherry or chocolate dollop treats.

These two pieces once inspired me inside my home and now I think like me they long to spend the second half of life outside, to be weathered by the elements and surrounded in greenery with fresh air and raindrops.

Perennials bloom now in September. Can this be attributed to the rare super blue moon?

A baby cries or was it a cat? It is hard to tell. Yet you can’t wait to have your own, a baby that is.

You might be allergic to cats and dogs. You respect them like the sea and keep your distance and admire them from a far. Yet, only in the sea will disregard inhibition and go all in.

You remember that the right person can alter your entire thought process on subjects like this when the  love is just so.

Still I wonder.

So grateful to bathe in the sun especially when instrumental covers of popular songs build up the cadence as you write in the background.

You can’t remember the last time you allowed the hair on your legs to grow without boundary unlike the smooth skin under your arms that caress your favorite body pare the shoulders.

The mind can not wander on thoughts of him as you must write and your silent reward his to hear him voice and he yours.

Finger crossed.


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