Love is A Battlefield

I promise nothing

That you won’t kneel

And that you won’t beg

That there will not be pain

But at the end of the day

There’s you and me, side by side.

We can watch the world burn,

Or we can be strong together.

Share the pain, shoulder it all.

No place will ever be sacred,

No haven except in our arms.

No surrender, no end.

But fight together as we do.

no promises, no demands.

Love is a battlefield.

What Makes You

You bury yourself in layers as you grow,

And when others picked you apart

You buried yourself deeper and deeper.

Until the you they see is not bedrock,

Just another shelf of slim self worth,

Supported by stress cracks and boiling feelings

That threaten to burn you alive when you’re alone.

Remember even faults must shake, volcanos

Recover after being unmade by violent upheaval

And stand taller, recover themselves to calm.

Let yourself go. Unmake and break, bend, release,

Remember what makes you, we’re all made of fire

And beneath the thin shell of fear glow bright,

Brilliant like the cores of dead stars.

Remember to burn passion, own what makes you.

Urban Garden

The city roars far below with a savage metal rhythm,

And on the sidewalk it’s casual cannibalism

As men devour and bury each other to survive.

But here, home, vines twine in cages and pots

And dream maybe, in a vegetable way,

Of places beyond my metal cage home,

To where the fog isn’t smog,

And the animal cruelty and claws

Are without the human bite.


Hide and Seek

I slip through the undergrowth,

Ears pricked, tensed.

The world goes silent around me.

I can smell the aftershave,

Hear the deep voice locked

In muscled throat, he struts.

I wait.

Whiskers tremble, pupils widen

As day melts to night.

He slowly slips to sleep…


Claws take deep to dirt and flesh,

One scream splits the night.

As he dared to lay in bed,

The jungle took half his stock.


To dine at a corner table, long nights

Of blues and poetry stringing together

Speaks of loneliness.

But yet, as you sit there with your jokes

And your smile, a word whispers, lonely,

The line in your shoulders

The Atlases effort that it is, to live,

To survive, but survive we do.

You can be alone and not lonely,

But dear, tell me,

Can you be lonely, yet not alone?

Key to Happiness

There were days as a child,

My mind would fill with wonder

At blue sky, green trees, rainfall

And heavy summer light that

Wrapped you tight and kept you.

But now? Y

Too much clutter, not enough

Of dancing alone and shower singing.

Fear of personal thought, judgement

And loss, but I’m learning.


I’m just a fool learning to live again.

Dear Future Me

If, by some twist of fate you’re happy,

Don’t read on.

I’ve dreamed of long solitary cafe nights

Blued by neons and rain, bitter coffee in hand,

Letting shallow sorrow in and forgetting regret.

I’ve dreamed of future love and future pain,

And those ghosts aren’t born yet,

But they linger around already.

I hope you’ve met your man. That you have

Left behind that shoebox of old sorrow

And started dancing in the kitchen again.

I’ve dreamed of a family, a life, a home,

And life is a battlefield, but I hope you’ve

Never had to fight it alone.

Dear future me, read this,

Know you’ve already won.


Gritty eyes and cotton mouth

Ache when soft rain patterns

Past the steel skin and windows,

Bus coughing tired fumes to

An equally worn sky.

And we’re all nodding to the tune

Of stop and go, stumble and yawn

To a cool blue monochromatic theme.

Heads loll on shoulders, spines slump

And the rain softly streams,

My head dips, and I dream.



In neon chromatic I skim in a machine that purrs.

The wheel smooth as it responds in hairpin curves,

Lazy winding on glass smooth blacktop

And roaring engines that snarl hungry plumes

To a cityscape blur.

I’m slipping, sliding, gears slick and tuned

Flowing as you dare to crowd the road,

Watch me glide.

There’s no lap to the future, there’s no end,

Just the revolve, the next turn, and the blur

Of your life speeding closer to infinity.



The ships have sailed on solar wind,

Earth is the dusty relic and we are left.

And for past generations

There was an eternity of tomorrows

And we, arrogant descendants,

Assumed life was forever.

We’re waving goodbye as the last ships

Burn an old ochre sky with a smell of ozone.

We hoped for one more future,

But our dusk came.

Hold my hand, let’s watch stars burn

And die as we have, of time,

Now knowing nothing is forever.


in response to prompt 15, apocalypse or end of days

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