Good evening Members,

I am bathing in the afterglow of the Half Marathon.  It was an incredible journey and a testament that whatever your doubts were about entering such a task, they were put to rest as I continued to pursue the end!  It created a synergy and creative flow that nothing that came against  me could stop.  I still want to keep writing!  There it is!  The confirmation that whatever is in you to accomplish, when you put your hands to the plow and push off, the overflow will follow you.

Seventh Solstise

In His Image

Twelfth Hour


In His Image

Called to serve Him and glorify His name,
I have been made in His continence,
and I am not ashamed;
to bare the marks of the risen Christ
is an honor and privilege I will
uphold with all my life.

To be Christ-like
is power given only to the called,
I will stand and be counted
and endure the fall.
For Christ in me – the hope of glory,
I am proud to be alive to exhort
His name and tell His story.

Time was, when I’d shrink from the charge,
but I must muster the courage.
The enemy is still at large!
He’s trying to deny me my birthright and
disenfranchise my legacy.
Oh  how I am grateful,
His blood has covered
my history and my ancestry!

I stand with the belt of Truth tightly wrapped,
with the  Helmet of Salvation, a gift of mercy – unmatched.
I have the Sword of the Spirit, a consuming fire,
and I carry the Shield of Faith,
never do I tire
of wearing His face upon me,
so all the world will see;
I walk like Him, talk like Him,
do Like Him!

And one day I will Know,
and then…
even as I am also known
I will look just like the Master,
perfect and entire
purified by fire,
a joint-heir
in His Holy Family.


Compton, CA 90222

June 22, 2019@20:31


I Talk To the Trees

Eleventh Hour

I Talk To the Trees 

Trees, extend your sinewy limbs towards me.
May I hide my weary spirit
amongst your billowy leaves?
Whisper to me the message from the Wind.
What did he say,
What mood was he in?
As life hurls and whips you to and fro.
How do you stand?
How do you grow?

Who covers you,
when storms rain on your head?
So content are you!
You still lay in your bed
soaking in the deluge
as nearby boats sank,
never murmuring,
you stand tall and
guard your bank.

Trees, no raging accusations have
been brought against you!
On moist days you receive the rain,
on dry days, you are thankful
for the dew.

When I breathe, you have life.
When you breathe, I have life.
Like me you live, and like me,
you die.
Yet on your worse days
you stagger not,
nor wonder why.
Your branches persistently
reach upward to the sky,
Praising God,
Your purpose defined.

Trees, embue me with wisdom
such as you have shown,
Do you too talk to God,
Have you always known?
Though you’ve been tossed and blown,
You stand strong and firm, 
rejoicing that you will one day
be seated, at the throne.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Compton, CA 90222
                                                                                          June 22, 2019@19:56


You’ve Got Me Walking On Fire!

Tenth Hour

You’ve Got Me Walking On Fire!   

I awake in the silent darkness of night.
I hear and feel things,
from which most would take flight.
I don't have a friend nor a helpmate in sight.
I must face the solemn torment and
harsh reality of my plight.  

You've got me walking on fire,
I can't sleep at night!
You've got me burning in ire,
they're after my life!

You've got me walking through fire!
with pain sharp as a knife,
I don't know if you are with me, LORD,
but I am dying inside.
In this deadly strife,
I'm walking on fire,
until this torment subsides.

You have been with me,
every moment of my prime,
but, what I have seen, LORD, LORD!
There is no reason - no rhyme.
I'm living in pure horror,
these are the worst of times,

I can't reach hope for fear is blocking 
my contact with the divine.
I've come too far to turn around,
My feet are standing on shaky ground.

Nothing I explain seems sane or sound,
If I should scream from fright,
I would be seized and bound.

You've got me walking on fire!
You've got me burning in fire!
They are after my life!
You've got me walking in fire!
The pain stabs like a knife!

You've got me where I can't escape.
Please, have mercy Abba Father!
In your hands you hold my fate.

You said, "When the enemy
comes in like a flood
you'd raise a standard against them."
I don't see the standard,
Baruch Ha Shem.

Do you see they are 
spreading themselves like
a green bay tree
laughing, mocking you...
Mocking me.

How I long to see them learn
how powerful you are
and that they will surely burn...
"The Fire Next time,"
(James Baldwin).

Compton, CA 90222
June 22, 2019@15:48

A Walk Through My Home

Ninth Hour

A Walk Through My Home

What once was my refuge, my comfort, my ho me,
is now a storeroom of gloom,
and I moan
I’m not happy living here alone.
I smell the stagnant odor of mildew,
and the oxymoron of a sweet perfume.

My windows are shielded, to block flashing light
from neighborhood spoofs and surveillance drones,
I’m just trying to sleep at night.
I wished they would leave me alone!
Roaring car engines wake me up, idle, then take flight.

Insomnia robs the brain from sleep,
while cable hackers boldly creep,
taking whatever else they see.
My living room was once my sanctuary,
where I lay my face and pray.
It is now where I clock the hours left
before night turns into day.

It is so hard to take a deeper look,
afraid of what I will see.
The house that was once a miracle
Is now dark and evil to me.

The hallway had always been
a place for emergency
where we would meet
during earthquakes, or lightning storms.
We felt safe and happy and snacked on treats.

The neighborhood presence
Is not family or friend,
Cultures clash in schizoid pretense,
and I am convinced this is my hometown’s end.
Staying here another year,
just does not make good sense!

My house is not a home for me anymore,
This I cannot fake – I cannot ignore.
The gates have been breached.
What’s the use of locked doors?
The sun doesn’t shine like it did before.

Glaring right in my face,
The truth became reality,
Gone is my comfort, my mercy, my grace,
I am a prisoner, no longer free!
This is not where I want to finish my race.


Compton, CA 90222
June 22, 2019@14:47




I Surrender My Heart To Thee

Poetry Marathon Anthology – Call for Submissions

I Surrender My Heart To Thee

Father, I am troubled by something,
I cannot release.
Please tell me, what is separating
my heart from thee?

In the sweetest of dreams,
He revealed to me
that deep in my heart,
I have kept prisoner
a love I must redeem.

There, in the ethereal divide
between consciousness and sleep,
my love appeared and came to me.
in person and purity.

He confessed that he
kept captive my heart
in his private sanctuary,
and could not give it back to me.

“The greatest love
we would ever know,
was the very one I
am forced to let go.”

“For years, I stumbled from its heaviness,
trying to hold fast my secret find
impaled upon my heart,
so innocent and precious
passionate and kind –
bleeding, because it
Was not really mine.”

Here, in my presence,
my love is telling me,
something I just cannot believe!
He could not choose between our love
and a son he had conceived.

Realizing he had been suffering
in love with me all these years,
released a torrent of memories
and held-back tears.

I held him close one more time,
our hearts returned to God’s hands,
no longer blind, we are free,
and now we understand.
We surrender our hearts to thee.


Seventh Solstise
Compton, CA
June 22, 2019@13:54


Hold Me In This Vessel


Seventh Hour

Hold Me In This Vessel

My life is suffering so much stress,
I’ve fallen down,
things are just a mess.
When I tried to pick up the pieces,
it was clear, it’s just a test.

This body is broken,
my joints are torn,
my soul is ripped apart
and my psyche worn.
I am tired of being defeated
lost and forlorn.

My hope is shattered,
my dreams long gone.
I have no peace,
and I have lost my song.
Life for me is one loud sounding gong.

I feel like Job,
alone and sick.
It’s as if someone is playing
a cunning trick
on me that makes me stagger,
give up and slip.

No one understands or
has time to spare.
The roar of this life brings
sleepless nights and despair.
I sometimes cry out
“Lord, are you here, do you care?”

Please hold me in this vessel
until you come,
pull me up to where
I’ve fallen from,
to the secret place close
to your kingdom.

Hold me in this vessel,
seal me with your love.
restore me by your power,
from Heaven up above.
I need you Father,
shield me with your love.

I’m at my wits end Lord,
please, help me stand!
Help my unbelief,
I’m doing the best I can.
Make it plain LORD,
so I’ll understand.

I have got to finish my course,
and make it through,
but no one can help me
The way that you do.
Help me change my point of view.

Please hold me in this vessel,
until I can be found.
Bring your word to my remembrance,
place my feet on solid ground.
Grant me peace and a mind that is sound.

Hold me in this vessel,
cover me by your blood.
Deliver me out of the waters
and the deluge of mud
caused by the flow
from this torrential flood.

Please hold me in this vessel
until you come…for me…for me.
Please Lord!
Hold me in this vessel
until you come.

City of Compton
June 22, 2019@13:02


Walk Through

Fifth Hour

Walk Through

What was once my refuge,
my comfort, and my home.
leaves a chill in the air,
Now I live alone.

Used to be where children’s laughter
and made-up songs filled the air,
now, it’s a sobering reminder
that I am the only one there.

It’s no longer friendly at night,
I miss the broken doorbell’s ding dong!
and the water balloon fights,
the Sesame Street sing-a-longs
and mail-ordered butterflies
taking their very first flight.

Everyday I smell a mix of stagnant water
and floral perfume.
My house is not my castle,
just an overcrowded room,
with a conglomerate of stuff,
I would never get through.
But, enough is enough!
It is time I tell myself the truth…
It is time to find a new home…
It is time to move!


City of Compton, CA 90222
June 22, 2019@12:11



The Shapes I’m In

Fifth Hour

The Shapes I’m In

If you know me, you know the shape I am in.
Like a square, I can be one-dimensional,
flat and unimpressive – reclusive.

I can appear one-faceted, boxed in.
Alone and exclusive.
My square days don’t define me,
But it is who I can be – Unobtrusive.

When I am a triangular prism,
there is no doubt that I am showing my best self,
Transparent – no schisms.
I can clearly see out of the four faces,
and stand tall on it’s fifth.
I have five-fold vision.

No smoking mirrors, no secrets
And no myths.
Declaring my purpose
To whosoever will,
Coming from a very dark place,
I have risen!

See me as a spiraling circle,
on an obstacle course,
learning to jump through hoops…
downward then upward,
like a driven trainer riding
a prize-winning horse,
no complaints – no remorse!

I have been a rectangular prism,
But I applaud my highs and I rest in my lows.
I am not just me by the faces you see,
But by the length, width, height, and depth,
I am a complete miracle,
Mathematical geometry!

City of Compton 90222
June 22, 2019@11:!4



I Saw The Magic in Suffering

Fourth Hour

I Saw the Magic in Suffering         Prompt#4

The longer I suffered
I saw a light illuminate and
pain became an old friend.
It did not end.

I struggled through
wondering what could
anybody gain
from ruthless and persistent pain?

Laying in expectation of
deliverance rallies hope.
The power to evoke
the strength to overcome
Is nothing short of Magic.

Suddenly my head rose high
like a prize winning stallion,
gallantly strutting through,
wearing my medallion.

I drew closer,
to the end of the battle
my senses frayed
tattered and rattled.
The vision of victory
just straight ahead,
I rose up, a Champion
from my bed!

Compton, CA 90222
June 22, 2019@10:46