Prompt 12

The words got stuck in my head today
But I have let them out to play
Fear can hold me in it’s grip
and take my thoughts away
I knew this would hurt
What could I do
live in fear?
No I

Random Prompt (11)

“All I knew was that I wanted to
spend New Year’s Eve with you”
What happened to that woman?

What happened to the woman who
leaned over the table and whispered
“you look beautiful tonight”

What happened to the woman who said
“I’m going to marry you”

What happened to the woman who
felt safe when I held her

What happened to the woman who put
her arm around me and held me close

What happened to the woman who was going to
get a sledgehammer to knock her walls down to
make us work

Where did that woman go
and who the hell is this one?

Prompt 10

The lights twinkle
at the neighborhood diner
announcing it’s
Christmas time.

She sits across from me
with her manic self
talking and laughing non-stop
while I watch her
exhausted by her energy.

She’s excited and I’m glad
but it’s a little too much
a bit too forced.

And I know all this energy
will spiral downwards
in the new year.

But right now,
it’s Christmas time.

Prompt 9

“We all need a witness to our lives”
my friend tells me after I apologize for
sending another text.
Someone to see the small but not
insignificant events that happen throughout
the day
Someone to hear our random thoughts
and understand our quirky feelings
Someone who cares if we are sick or well
Someone who knows the latest cute antic of the dog or cat
Someone who believes we can succeed
Someone who knows us
A friend, a lover, a partner
It doesn’t matter
We all need a witness to our lives.

Random Prompt (8)

I love the way he looks at me,
full of love and admiration.

I love the way he looks at me,
with trust and innocence.

I love the way he looks at me,
when I hold him in my arms.

I love the way he looks at me,
while waiting for our next adventure.

I love the way he looks at me,
for reassurance and safety.

I love the way he looks at me.

Prompt 7

There’s so much talk about normal –
the “new” normal after my parents deaths,
the “new” normal post pandemic.

People have asked me before
“why can’t you just be normal?”

The truth is I don’t know what “normal” is
and I don’t think I want to be normal.

I was supposed to have a husband and kids by now,
a house in the suburbs,
maybe be a nurse or a teacher,
a good Christian woman.

But I’m a 52 yr old queer woman,
never married,
no white picket fence for me,
a social worker.

I went left instead of right.

I don’t want to be normal.

I’m a rebel.
a silent rebel.

Prompt 6

The faster I go,
the less it will hurt,
pace in circles
contain the angst.

The faster I go,
the more I will fall
my body numb
my mind blank.

Slow down and stroll,
be present in the world.
Inhale the scent of the
rose, the grass, the earth.

Slow down your step,
feel the breeze
wrap you in it’s embrace,
let the sunshine inside.
Listen for the birds,
the rushing water.

Slow down.

Prompt 5

751 unmarked graves found,
just children,
innocent ones who should
not know such awful truths
about humanity or rather

751 lives cut short,
separated from family,
from community

751 unmarked graves
of children shipped off,
language and culture forbidden.

751 children whose land we stole

751 children

what did we do?

Prompt 4

I had so many plans for the trip –
castles, burial passageways, concerts,
pubs, live music, the site of the 1916 Easter Rising.

I wanted to walk back in history, see the life
once lived by the grandfather I never knew.

I wanted to see the jail where Grace Gifford married Joseph Plunkett
hours before his death. His crime – standing up to the oppressors.

I wanted to see so many things.
But it was not to be.
The pandemic took over.

Pubs closed, concerts and my flight home canceled.
Dublin became a ghost town.

Stranded in a different country that somehow
felt like home, I was alone yet not alone.

Friends stepped up with offers of money, hospitality,
help finding a new way home.
But part of me wanted to stay.

So, I drank my pints and Irish coffee at the hotel pub.
I took the last tour to Belfast.
I saw Trim Castle and the Bective Abbey
I walked St. Stephens Green and the
streets of Dublin.

I made the most of it.
“All I could do was shrug my shoulders
laugh and say ‘Ah sure, that’s my life
for ya’”
Credit – from Down The Crooked Road by Mary Black

Prompt 3

“Your life is important to me”
she said
before she left.

So many words unspoken
so many tears uncried.

“Your life is important to me”
she said
before she left.

Her roses continuously bloom
full of color and fragrance.

“Your life is important to me”
she said
before she died.