(Hour 24 of 24) “the best place to be”

The solitude of a simple forest cabin at the water’s edge,

Or the luxury of a glass penthouse overlooking the city lights.

It does not matter where I may be,

An eclectic, well-filled library is what I need,

A chaise longue and good, hot coffee,

Right by a warm, crackling fireplace.

For all I ask is a good book,

And a light to read her by.


© 2021 S Phua

(Hour 21 of 24) “maturity”

you yearn for the sun, growing to escape

my stifling selfishness, cannot hold you back.

who am I, to stand in your way,

the time has come, to cast me off

without a second thought, no glances back.

reach for the stars, aim for the heavens.

I will hold you back no more.


© 2021 S Phua

(Hour 16 of 24) “rare talent”

The instinct that tells one to step in, or step away.

To discern others’ emotions, or anticipate their thoughts.

An intuition that can’t be explained, and cannot be taught.


A ‘spidey’ sense which cautions.

A gut feeling impossible to ignore.

That prescient lucidity that warns.


Second sight, ‘third eye’, sixth sense,

Telesthesia, clairvoyance, ESP,

“Be one with the Force”, as they say.


This invaluable insight,

This penetrative perception,

A precious gift for the fortunate few.


© 2021 S Phua

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