Stardust-we are made of it!
Love is the key, but magic
is more than welcome
in our gloomy lives!
What could we dream of? Of
wings and even more stardust!


You are my reward,

you are my appeasement,

you are my everything!

Will you fly with me

till we reach the sky?


My dear fairies, will you do

something magical to reveal yourselves?

Will we have the pleasure to get acquainted?

Will you appear to me? In my dreams or for real?


Quo vadis?

Selfish people going nowhere,
sheep guided in a certain direction,
ships sinking, people dying because of war-
this is the sad portrait of a sick society!

Hour20 ❤️

I need your tenderness!
I need your smile!
I need your opinion!
I need your love baby!


What a pity that my town
does not entirely reflect its people!
What a shame to have roads with holes!
However, I hope to have an improved place!


What a joy to know you!
What a joy to smell a flower!
What a joy to have mountains!
And sea as well! Sheer joy!


Painting rainbows

Will you receive me
under your umbrella
so that I do not get soaked?
It’s easier and pleasant
to face together this rain!

And maybe we’ll share ideas,
kisses and memories under
your generous umbrella!
Afterwards our heart
will paint rainbows.


Dear Simona,
keep being kind!
Keep being polite!
Keep being you!

Your former English teacher ♥️


I lust for you my love!

I can barely wait to make

love to you and to sleep

tight in your loving arms!

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