He said

He’s said:
I desire you
Your time
Your affection
Your deepest secrets
Your insecurities
I want to be right there
With you
I want to lay next to you
Hold you
I want to breathe you in
Feel you
Give you all the love
Within me
I want to talk to you about
I want to put a smile on your face
To brighten my day
Give you unconditionally love
You’re my world
I want to be in your dreams
To make them come true
I want to be your shoulder to cry on
Your pain is my pain
I want to be your safety net
Your protector
I want to be the one to help you
Overcome your obstacles
I want to be the one to make you happy
You’re my heart
Overall baby I want you all of you
You are my present and my future

There’s so many emotion running through me I feel so over-whelm to the point I just want to curl up and hide. My emotions have ran away with themselves. Leaving me feel where do I go from here what’s next is it ever going to get better why am I feeling this way. All these questions running through my head can I just get some answers so my mind can feel at ease just for one day. I feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster ride I feel like I lost who I use to be. I feel so alone like everything around me I am losing control off. I don’t know where to go from here. I need some peace of mind. I need to know everything will be fine. Breathe I tell myself to just breathe. You’re not the only one who been down this road. Everything going to be ok. Just get on your knees and pray. Just pray for peace and leave everything single doubt, heartache, pain to him. You’re here for a reason so go leave this behind and find what your purpose is just breathe a let go.

Have you

Have you become someone you thought you would never be
The person you told yourself you could never act like
Have you lost your way and don’t know where to start
To get your life together
Have you ever felt like you falling short of the person you use to be
Have you ever felt like the person you are is not good enough
You use to have confident about yourself not caring what people thought about you
Have you ever felt insecure and let people negative control every aspect of your life
Have you ever thought to yourself who do you have to be for people to see to actually see you
Have you ever got on your knees and cried out to God to help you find yourself
God will tell you:
Nobody can be you, you are unique in your own way
People who are ment to be in your life will see the real you.
They will love the beautiful person you are inside and out

No title yet

Damn, i let my emotions get the best me
I let it fill my mind with unrealistic possibilities
My emotions got to my heart
Now i feel it breaking again
I cant breathe damn I should of known better
Was i blind and not paying attention to the signs
Did i read into he’s messages more than I should have
I feel so confused was it me that misunderstood
Or was it his words the contradict himself
I swear i thought i heard him clearly
But those words he spoke to me
Got me feeling like Damn girl am I trippin
I know i let him talk so i could listening
To make sure i heard him clearly
But dang i guess i didn’t read between the line
Or maybe he already had my heart to point I was blind
Blind to truth i knew was true but had high hope he will realize his truth and let go of the past
To see what we have is real and true
Maybe that’s was his truth and I’m heartbroken because now I have to accept my truth
Let what we have just be
And decide is this where I want to be

First timer

Hey my name is LaQuisha this is my first time doing this. I am very excited but i do have a question how and where do we post our poems?