A child of fine artists
A sibling to painters, potters, musicians, and poets
A cousin, niece, and granddaughter to more
I am the heir to generations of
Storytellers, painters, jewelers,
Potters, dancers, and singers

Engineers who changed the world
Artists who created for kings
Creators with documentaries and odes
Renowned and beloved

Create I tell myself
Notebooks for unfilled
Create I say
Art goes undone
Create I cry
Stories go unwritten
Create I wish
Dreams go unmanifested

What have you made?
I demand
What beauty do you bring?
I question

I reply

I have created myself
I am the art and the artist

I am a worthy successor to my lineage

(also these 12 poems)


Give yourself permission
To take the moment

Let music move
Sound sway your hips

Let intrigue ignite
Curiosity captivate your mind

Let sensation seduce
Love lavish your soul

Allow yourself to be


She breaks like a wave
A spray of sea salt
Shattering against a civil rebellion

Fragments illuminated
Casting fractal rainbows
Lighting scattered shadows
Satisfaction and regret

This sea rises
This storm roils

This girl exists
This war rages


Infinite potential takes a root
In dark rich soil, it uncurls
Pushing at the barriers of the known
Emerging to bask in streams of afternoon light
The first breath of transformation

As the earth it was born from circles
The source that nurtures it
The seedling grows

From tender green
To tremendous grown

Towering amidst mountains
Believing it has achieved
All that a seed could hope for

Severed at the base
Rings exposed
Lifetimes worth of reaching
Cut down

There is nothing more to hope for
No branches to stretch,
No leaves to grow
The tree despairs

Processed and bleached
Inked and bound
Transformed again

Infinite potential waiting to be found
To grow thoughts
To stretch minds


An essence
Nomadic it shifts

Filling this echoing cavity
The hallows of hallowed bone

Meaning to movement
Intention to itinerant instincts
A higher form of self

Or is it?

Created of me
Alive within

An atmospheric shift
It rises up recalcitrant
Drawing up indomitable

A conflagration ready
To set the world ablaze


Unwind the chords that have bound you
My love
String them from your mouth
And tie them to your heart
To hear the sound resonate

The sound
Of your soul breaking free
The crash, swish, and clatter

Ringing against your ribs
Tearing from your lips
Howling into the world

The liberation of a voice
Finding itself in pain
Echoing in beauty

Feeling the muse
Her fingers light as they strum
The reverberating thrum
The ever-present rhythm
The lingering hum


They trusted you first
Five-year-old hands too small

They handed me to you
You reached out, accepting the call

A pact made before we had language
A journey started before we could adventure
A love before understanding
A best friend before and for life

Before I could speak
You were my voice

Before I knew
You could tell

Before I could fall
You held my hand

Before I could swim
You taught me to float

Time flew
We grew

You into your role
Me into mine

Sisters in body and soul
A bond that defies rhyme


Wide and wild
Untamable and unfathomable

Waves crashing
Riptides pulling

When you enter me
I enter you

Taking you in
And being taken with you

As you sink into my depths
I sink into yours

Swirling around you
My presence taking oxygen’s place
My absence the effervescence that rises to the surface

I dance in your hair delighted
Twisting through it
Like kelp, it moves with me

I ease into your chest
When you breath it is only me
I lay my body over and around yours
There are no hard places here

I hold you and am held within you
I flow into your shape
Softly contained and containing


A word too many
A thought too loud
A sigh too heavy
An ask too much

A compliment overstated
A conversation repeated
A person contained

The expectation of who you are
A jacket too tight
The seams are splitting

A sky too limiting
The mantel is cracking

So the Earth opens up
Rending apart to break the mold
Allowing you to spill out
My Dear, a molten explosion
Into the universe, you go

Where it is big enough

Where it won’t try to contain you excess

Where there is room enough

Where you can splash out, pool and streak
Across infinity in watercolors made of creation


This dwelling that I exist in

The windows are bright and framed with dark fluttering curtains

The shutters open and close
Sending a message via visual telegraph
Only dreaming through filtered sun rays

The walls are curved and strong
A temple with art etched in

The paint is older than before
I get lost in the shapes made by the cracks and scars

The library is filled with magic and stories
Thought and presence
A strong sweeping resonance

The steps lead inward, upward, and outward
Going where they will and willing where they will go

This dwelling is where I live
I live where this dwelling is