Water pools on the surface

Beads of limpid possibility

Stagnant till dabbed with pigment


Kinetic color stretches its fluid fingers

Reaching into the textured plains of the page

Finding a home in its creases

Infusing a blank landscape with vibrant expression


Just a canvas no longer

Now it is open to interpretation

It may even be art



I will take your hand

Show you the paths that lead to the darkest parts of me

Where things are tangled and overgrown

In cupped hands, I will clasp the seedlings that have never known the sun

I hope you like them


In return, I will tend to the garden of your thoughts

Encourage the seeds of creativity to sprout

I will reach into the wellspring of me

And show them the ways that they can flourish


I will tear down the walls that divide our gardens

And build a shed to keep our tools


I will learn to plant with you

And  how the seasons pass for you

When to water and how much sun


If it is too painful to prune

I will do so where you do not have to see





Earth charts a celestial path

Winding her way through the stars


Winter erases the work of her sister seasons

Leaving a barren surface


Beneath lurks a new years promise

Seeds awaiting the thaw

The suns rays

A kind reminder of all they can be

The gentle nudge to urge them to the next phase


The fool beckons

Standing upon a precipice

Ready to leap

Confident in the fickle wind


To catch their outstretched arms


Gravity demands that its laws be observed


Hopping among altocumulus like stepping stones

Dancing through cumulous


Peals of laughter swirling in eddies

Leaving whispy cirrus trails in their wake

The fool mocks logic


They spin storm clouds into a garment

Pin lightning in their tresses

Adorn themselves in stars

And delight in the ethereal




I entered this world and was met with my purpose


The bond that ties me to you

Is the common thread that weaves

Across my life’s  loom


Embroidered with passing

Tales of lady knights

One sister to another


When your heart first broke

I donned golden mail

Took up the mantle of our missing brother


Held out my cutting blade of wit

Growled at all those who presumed themselves fit


Your fierce protector

Standing at the ready






Peering in the dancing shadows with delight

I saw how you played with light


Casting false truths upon the wall

Traveling far and promising that you would call


Having peered behind the curtain

Knowing the mechanics of the trick

I thought I could not be fooled

I was certain


Yet, I too became enraptured by the narrative

Believed myself imperative


When the fourth wall broke

I assumed I was simply in on the joke


So I picked your shadows from the stage

Wove them into a cloak to smother my rage


Stitching layers of shadow for invisibility

That I might not harm your fragility


When asked about the deceptive weave

Id respond

A magician never reveals what’s up their sleeve


Now I must undo the tightened fist

That clutches the cloak to my throat

Hand over wrist


Let my body unfurl

Relax the protective curl


Give myself permission to grieve

That which I so wanted to believe

And allow myself room to gently leave









My lady Justice and the jackel await

With golden scales in hand

For whom gravity bears no weight


Called to the stand

A heart


A keratin counterpart








Beneath a floppy bow

Chocolate eyes peering

Standing on tiptoe


Twirling in a ruffle cloud

Chocolate eyes dancing

Singing out loud


Surrounded by a group

Chocolate eyes defiant

Protective on loop


Listening to create space

Chocolate eyes kind

Shattered worlds held in place


Diving into knowledge

Chocolate eyes ever-curious

Learning a celestial language


Sister mine, You shine



What is the matter?


We are born from matter

We are made of matter

We will return to matter


The things that made us unique

Taken back into the bigger aggregate

And that matters too


To be matter is simply to occupy space

But to matter is to take the forefront


We are made of matter

And yet we get to choose what matters to us


Can it be a coincidence that a word

Used to describe the basest form existence

Is also used to elevate one person, event, or circumstance above another?


This matter of language and words

Prose and poetry

It too matters

Even when it is not made of matter at all





Note of vetiver
Splash of amber
Hint of tobacco

Breathing in
The scent of you

My very own Proustian Moment

It lingers on my clothes
Shoved to the bottom of my laundry basket

Unable to be suppressed
Sparks play with my synapses
Linedancing to my limbic system

Engaging my emotions
Mesmerizing my memory

Electrifying the skeletal structures
Of ideas left derelict

A warm diffusion
Radiating in the hollow caverns of my chest

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