It was only a nap

Just a half hour

That was all I needed

I set an alarm

I couldn’t stay awake

I slept past it

My final poem


The dying light through the redwoods

burns an image of twisted appendages

they cool off their hands in the bath of the stars

the forest chews up the earth

spitting out half chewed leaves

if i can make it through it

i might be able to make it hope

without being swallowed by the monsters

that roam the canopy

Again with the dirty sink water?

i’m losing connection

i’ve been unplugged

to keep my eyes aware

i need to watch something

my brain won’t absorb

a single thing anymore

not because i’m full

because floating in the sink

i’m just treading the water of knowledge

ever bit of soap and scum together


Oh sorry, i made a new universe, lets go

i’m never going to see the future

i wish i could

even if i couldn’t participate

i wish i could

to see if we propel past petty squabbles

i wish i could

to see the end of time

i wish i could

to see the inevitable collapse of the universe

i wish i could

to see the “explosion” of a new one

i wish i could


a short delirious stream of thought interupted

Blue skies suck out my eyes

these summer days make me blind

a late night heat hears my cries

my painting come out undefined

blobs of paint on a canvas

dropped to the ground

the concrete makes it sizzle

the fumes rise up

to hit my cheeks

the gas burns my flesh

and the night sets fire

shooting stars launch across the sky

lasers born of a billions years

to end humanity in seconds

this is bad

months tick

ticks jump

jumping spiders

spider eggs

egg benedict

benedict arnold

falcon food

the ascending falcon

has a lofty goal

to use their talon

and find a supper vole

the night is closing in

testing their eye

it’s about to begin



i imagine the sunset as a blanket

thrown over the earth

floating down upon it

slowly enveloping the world in darkness

nothing can escape the coziness

of the night time covers

being pulled up to our chins

and the cool air of the wind

gently patting our head


rest my babies rest

how many hours left?

Today i started something

I’ve never done this before

i am determined to finish it

I can’t expect the quality to be there

But i know that the quantity will be there

sometimes the muse is there

sometimes they have left me behind

i feel like a sponge

extracted of all of its juice

left with nothing the last vestiges

of whatever was soaking in the sink

i am determined to finish


Barley McBones

he is small

he is large

he will protect you

he will love you

he will bathe in the sun

he will burrow under the covers

he will walk forever into the sunset

he will walk across the street and turn around

he is large

he is small

he is my favorite

he is chihuahua

and i love him

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