The Urgency of Age

The Urgency of Age


Ironic that we slow down

when there’s so much more to do.

Nightmares of running and running,

but never reaching the destination.


Fear of dying before

the camel ride to Uluru.

Signs over New Zealand and Australia say,

“Closed for COVID. Try back next year.”

Worry that those French Chateaux,

older than I, will not wait.

We’ll miss sharing that superb bottle of wine,

cellared for a special occasion.


Years are precious.

Patience wears thin

between holidays and visits with family.


So Entitled

So Entitled


I deserve to travel,

frequently enjoy dining in restaurants,

delight in shopping for my own groceries.

Almost never get stopped by police

or have my authority questioned.

Always have access to cable and internet,

wear a becoming hair style

and comfortable clothes,

drive a reliable car,

have money in the bank,

a good supply of toilet paper, and

get medical care when I need it.

I adore concerts and

gatherings with good friends.


What entitles you to

run around outside unvaccinated,

spread misinformation,

place others in danger,

and encroach on my entitlements?

Old Lady January Birthdays

Old Lady January Birthdays


Generally cold,

it often snows.

Now that I’m old,

my grey hair shows.


When skin was tight,

we’d all drink liquor

and party all night.

Now parties end quicker.


We’d drink too much

and then regret it.

Now we’re out of touch,

so let’s forget it.




The Strength of My Faith

The Strength of My Faith


“Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation.”

D. Elton Trueblood


I have faith


that we can find the circumference of a circle

if we know the radius or diameter,

and someone remembers pi.


that trees, grass, and vines will eventually

overtake our human

manicuring efforts.


that my dog will go to

the first person available, on or before 5:30 p.m.,

and demand dinner if I am gone.


that the sun will continue to shine

and planets will rotate

after I die.


that I will not willingly jump from an intact plane,

ski down a snow-covered slope, or

climb a steep mountain face for fun.





Can’t stay a caterpillar and

become a butterfly.

Growing, hermit crab must

leave his shell to find another.

A tadpole, I need to

give up my old self to

become something fully new.


Still hard to shed an unneeded identity.

Take it off like an old white coat,

out of fashion, wrong size,

uncomfortable in summer.

Need freedom to grow.

Keep the title,

discard the responsibility.


Giving up a medical license is not

becoming “Other”.

My dog will still know me.


Build Back Normal

Build Back Normal


Can’t wait to get back to Normal.

How most people did things

in the Before Times,

the way we dressed, behaved, interacted.


Old normality wasn’t Normal.


Perhaps it’s too late for a Better Normal.

Already roaring back to the normal of

mass shootings,

wealth and justice inequality,

scruffy appearance,

loud, rude, and thoughtless behavior.

Ignorant and proud of it.


Aspire to a New and Better Normal.

Caring for and about

ourselves and others,

treating people with

kindness and consideration.

Valuing our history and

striving to learn.




Losing God at Dillard’s

Losing God at Dillard’s


I lost God

in a bathroom stall

at Dillard’s Department Store.

Knew he was gone,

felt his absence in the

empty echo of faux marble.


Arrogant, unmasked people

shuffling around all post-Covid,

not all vaccinated.

Hollow laughter, pod people

buying stuff again,

gobbling food court fare,

like it never happened,

though it’s still going on.


God must have left

the mall years ago.

I was just too busy or

self-involved to notice.

I bought boba tea,

sipped it as I left to

look for God at

the grocery store.

The Lawnmower/Computer Relationship

The Lawnmower/Computer Relationship


I do not kill computers.

I merely overtax their tiny chips

with unusual attempts to work around glitches,

until they shut down and wish for death.

No animosity, really.

They simply don’t understand my thought processes.

Computers are simple, not creative,

unable to appreciate my artistic nature.

Although never friends, we work together

like incompatible co-workers

forced to sit at adjacent desks.


My husband kills lawnmowers.

He doesn’t hate them,

but never met a small engine

he couldn’t destroy.

A matter of expectations, really.

Expects them to mow down

3-foot-tall prairie grass

in 100-degree weather,

while sucking in dust.

Theirs is an employer/employee relationship,

like Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit.

Before Darkness

Before Darkness


A blinding flash of light.


So hot it fried

our skin, roasted our muscles,

melded our bones to the furniture.

Disintegrated houses to piles of sand.

Boiled oceans, making fish chowder.


Soup, soup everywhere…but not an animal to eat it.


Dimmed and cooled,

steam rose, then hardened.

So cold it covered

the barren land with ice,

froze the air, making snow slushies


Daiquiris, daiquiris everywhere…but nobody here for Happy Hour.


Just a big ball of ice

when the darkness came.


The Truth Is Out There

The Truth Is Out There


Standardized reporting system for UFO’s


Please circle one:


Did you report this sighting as an:

Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)

Unexplained Physical Object (UPO)


I was unable to identify the driver of the UAP due to:

Tinted windshield

Loss of bowel control during near-miss situation

Being a notoriously unreliable Navy pilot


The UPO appearance was:

A deflated weather balloon

A large bottle of Stoli

A Lucky Cat


What best describes your thoughts about extra-terrestrial beings?

Alien rights are Human Rights

Build a big, beautiful Space Wall

The only Good Alien is a Dead Alien


What are your concerns about reporting the UFO?

Stigma. Other Navy pilots won’t talk to me

Reprisals by big-headed beings with huge eyes

Marco Rubio says he believes the truth is out there

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