Fall Cleaning

Cleaning the closet of my past
Tossing out first day outfits
And funeral clothes
Scuffed shoes and torn hose
And scarves with moth holes
Dusting off the corners of doubt
That hold me back
Emptying bag upon bag
All seem to be black
I’ll replace them
With colorful dreams
All brand-new
The suits replaced
With loungewear in blue
Time to dress my age
And release from the cage
The skeletons that haunt
My book’s last page

Your binding is loose
Your pages yellowed
A scribble on the title page
From owners past
You were there when I was alone
And far from home
When I needed to get away
You offered an escape
The many hands that have held you
Left their mark
And gratitude for company
When the world was dark

What is Lasting Love

Love that survives
Sorrow, grief and pain
Love that outshines
Individual gain
Love is greater
Than life’s rewards
Love that battles
Feelings untoward
An eternal symbol
Of passions devout
And what life is truly about

Coming in from the cold
Hanging our jackets to dry
Faces red as beets
From the wind outside
Warming with wine
Mulled with cinnamon
We split a bucket of popcorn
In front of the fire
We watch the elk through the trees
Tremors of warmth
Revive the soul

All quiet

Running, running
Running from responses
Running from opinions
Running in space
Finding quiet
Doesn’t stop the ringing
The anticipation of noise
The heart beats faster
Knowing someone is near
Voicing concern
Speaking fear
Planting the seed
To destroy my peace

A getaway

Our backyard, a world of its own
Secluded and quiet
A forest of flowers
Bursting with color
Varieties of birds
Seen no where else
Ruled by fairies and trolls
In hidden hollows
Three turns around the bush
With the white Pom Pom flowers
Takes you to the troll bridge
Not to be traveled in the dark


I cannot focus
I cannot zoom
I cannot lift the lens to my eye
I am committing to memory
All that I take in
Before it fades and changes again
I cannot photograph a memory
I cannot still a sound
I cannot capture a scent
I am spinning
On solid ground

A faint cloud of perfume
And traces of sweet talc
Well-worn lipstick
Her best jewelry gone
The glass box open
With beads spilling over
Left in such haste
Why had she slipped away
There’s no time to waste
Clues such as keys
A phone, a clutch
How far can you go
Not having much

The face of Home

A pick up from the airport
A shoulder at the hospital
Warmth beneath the blanket
Leaning against skin
A dinner date
A united front
Sharing a snack
Facing the news
Making a plan
Giving comfort
Diffusing pain
Fortifying against attack
A delicate dance
The face of home

Dinner with Death

His chewing was the sound of tires on gravel
Shattering the crystal on the table
Speaking through the chewing,
Sending shards of breadcrumbs
And spittle like shrapnel on his guests
The choked sounds of mumbling
Through the sucking of the oysters
Gluttony spilled down his chin
And onto his suit
The arrogant James Bond villain sits
In the open air dining hall
Overlooking The Riviera
Demanding respect through the demonstration
Of elegance and grace
Not to be ignored
A demonstration of violence with food
Scaring them into submission
A blatant display of vulgar passion
For the macabre
He leads Susan to her doom
Perhaps to be the next course

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