I want to be in the sun with cocktails and you,

but I’m swimming in work with no end.

I’m plotting escape while battling sharks, Managing breaths that must last.

you lips are too far away in the surf, safe while I toil away.

your image fades and waters deepen,

leaving my skin cold as your warmth drifts further away.


In the dark, in the vast open space

I search for a grip, something to reveal my place.

A gift in the deep night did appear.

Pinholes of light to lift my fear.

Horizons so far, drawn by great heights.

My way was alight with hopes and dreams

of the beauty around me

I could not before see.

What my eyes can’t see

Without my sight I can feel the ground,

my feet can’t tell where I am.

They don’t know if I am home or somewhere else.

My hands can’t tell if the walls are here or there.

The smells aren’t familiar or real to me yet, but when I hear your voice I am home.


How I know

His smile tells me it will be alright,

she falls asleep fast when I tuck her in tight.

He has to steal a hug each time I pass,

she plays quietly when I’m on online class.

He keeps me going when I don’t think I can,

she prefers when I’m silly instead of having a plan

My family shows me each day that I am doing well,

By loving me with their magical spell.

I am

I am displaced

I am finding my way

I am feeling my power

I am lifted above the chaos

I am shining through

I am returning the love