For Love

Losing it all
Never knowing what they had
It wouldn’t be the first time
Something awful had been done
In the name of love
Finally we see what two people do
When trapped with no way out
A lifetime had gone by
Without really knowing
The stranger in the bed
Broken hearts, broken promises
Litter the floor like shards of glass
Causing pain to those who enter
Without grasping the circumstance

My she shed

A place separate and quiet
From the noise of life
Fluffy pillows and blankets
All smelling nice
Windows of stained glass
Creating a more rosy world
A fireplace and a radio
Simple comforts
An endless supply of tea and cookies
And plenty to read and write
Textures and colors that inspire creativity
And revive me to be the best for my family

What’s left

I loved with my heart and you took it
I supported with my arms and you rejected them
I followed with my feet and you changed your course
I searched through the darkness
Because you kept the light from me
The shirt from my back kept you warm
And I froze without it
If only you hadn’t asked for it all

The Glen

In a glen
On the far side of town
Stood a cottage
Just beyond the tree line
If you find yourself struck
With hunger or lethargy
Come in for a porridge
Or a nap on the trundle
You will welcome the heat
From a bottle poured neat
And imagine the source
Of the strange mask on the door
Then zoom into outer space
And dance with the fireflies


I part my lips to speak
To find no sound leaves them
My heart is crushed by the burden
Of being unable to express to you
All that is within
My blood surges for you
My arms unable to reach
Would you ever know how
Loved you are if I only have a

Season of the Woman

Cast away your support beams
Of fallen and failed ideologies
Save your strength for the new fight
One without guns or blood
Rather build up our young
And teach them to think
Without hate and greed and fog
Bring them to the front
With confidence and knowledge
Love them and empower them
To turn the world
Into a friend to itself

A Cold Snap

A walk through the leaves
bundled up tight
The little one laughing at the crunch
The pup is trying to keep up
My sweetheart collects kindling
for the fire where
We will melt marshmallows
After eating stew from the pot
A nightcap and a book sends me to sleep
Without a worry in the world
A heavy blanket cocoon

Falling Through

What will the sky tell me today

will it light my way or cloud my path

Weightless steps into the vastness

leaving worries behind

The dream that escapes me

and remains out of reach

as the monsters grab me and pull me back

The sky fades away and darkness swallows


Hello, it’s me again,

I think of you often

There are signs everywhere

of the love that you left

and the tokens of affection.

Lives were touched

even those who can’t remember

Those you have helped

or just crossed your path

The church pews were filled

mans many stories shared

You would have loved the fellowship

they responded to you even after

You wouldn’t recognize this world

but would have appreciated that it goes on

You’ll be glad to know

they haven’t ruined Star Trek yet.


It may be wrong to love ones food

to the point of needing new pants

And I’m not alone in my indulgence as one

can see in the various sizes of jeans

Going out for a meal and weighing the cons

wondering what will this do to my buns

But I look longingly at the nights offerings

with more than a little grudge

Remember the top button

So I go about my business, ignoring the pleas

the calling out of sweets and good cheese

Turning my head from stocked shelves

of donuts and creams, and fresh baked bread.

Avoiding the streets with amazing windows

of chocolates and cookies with marshmallows

Remember the top button

As it turns out I’m not safe from windows

nor signs, nor smells, nor posters

That promise satisfaction with every bite

each flavor an utter delight

They captivated me and lure me

to places both familiar and new

So I must stay out of view

with pockets empty too

Remember the top button