“The Road Not Taken” Hour 13

I came to a fork in the road,

I even almost ran over a huge toad.

I paused and pondered as I waited for the gigantic toad to pass.

Which road will lead me there quicker?

The road well-known was heavily travelled.

On the other hand the road not taken was just that- not taken.

I hastily made my choice and set upon my way.

I regret it till this day.

I really should have went the other way.

“Her Moving On”

I sit listlessly by.

I listen closely for a sign of life.

Cancer has locked its deadly talons in you.

Swaddled in death’s grip.

It seeps through your pores.

I feel its weight crushing you.

All of the pain with nothing but a hefty morphine dose to gain.

I squeeze your hand and plead with you to kick death in its teeth and wake up.

My pleas and prayers are to avail.

The tears won’t cease.

I have betrayed my emotions all day.

Now a river runs through me, astray.

I cannot bear the thought of her moving unto another plane.

I cannot bear to lose her.

My baby sister.

“Here Lies My Bestfriend”

Here lies my bestfriend.

She used to howl at the moon with me.

She sang the blues with me.

Her tail always wagged with undying loyalty.

A sloppy kiss.

A cold wet nuzzle.

Furry cuddles.

A love that never ends.

Here lies my bestfriend.

“Autobiography of a Face”

The wrinkles of time crease her face.

Every line leaves a trace.

Her ruby red lips seem out of place.

Her nose a tiny button.

Her blue almond shaped eyes peer from a brow of snow.

Sparkling with delight.

Sparking a secret wisdom.

A deluge of knowledge.

Threatnening to boil over.

The wrinkles of time crease her face.

“My Own Destruction”

I am spinning, spiraling out of control.

Lost in a world of my own making.

A prison of my own construction.

I pillage and burn all who get too close.

Thrown stones,

A garden of thorns,

Trapped in the throes of pain, not pleasure.

I am my own destruction.

“We Need”

We need to be free of prejudice.

We need to be free of pride.

We need to feel peace.

We need to feel love.

We need a reprieve from war.

“Somebody’s Pet”

The fading sunlight ripples across the water’s veneer.

A magical being emerges from beneath.

Black and green scaley skin.

Amber, diamond shaped eyes.

A single deadly horn juts from its head.

Teeth like razors primed to rip me to shreds.

Yet this beast makes no move against me.

It is docile, domesticated.

Somebody’s pet.

“A Mirage”

Sweat and insects.

Sticky and riddled with red bumps.

My skin is on fire.

The sun winks, the skeleton giggles.

Suddenly I stumble.

A damn root!

I fall flat on my face.

A stone archway looms in my vision.

Lush green trees beckon me with their limbs.

Fatigued and weak I tumble through the door.

Is this a mirage?

“The Bones Speak”

I watched the girl as she waded knee deep in the swamps and reefs.

I watched as she was flailing in the bushes.

How could I not?

She made enough ruckus to raise the dead.

Her feeble attempts to pry the chest from my fingers only resolved my ire.

Did she think the gold would somehow usher her off of the island?

What a fool!

The gold is a curse, a mere tool.

Soon she will be no more than a pile of bones on a desolate isle-

Just like me.

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