Poem 24/24 – Away with the Night

Poem 24 – Away with the Night
And so it’s all done
The night has begun
It’s now time to slumber
And count sheep to a number
Too early with post haste
This talent I must not waste
For 24 hours I have done
My creative juices have just begun
So now to dream must I
This sweet Mistress must go
And beckons her creativity to wait,
In hopes she’s not long late…


Poem 23/24 – Being Me

Poem 23 – Being Me
You knew who I was
Right from the start
You even took me to heart
Now you have forgotten
My senses all rotten
The bond we share
Nothing will ever compare
For I am your sanity
And we are entwined
Forever together,
We are one mind
So remember who I am
And who we can be
For together you know –
We can be free…

Poem 22/24 – Feel Me

Poem 22 – Feel Me
Always there
Always you care
Never in doubt
How could I have know what this love was about?
Take my hand
And in amongst the emotions –
Together we will land
Did we take some potions?
Here are some jelly beans –
Let’s move things in slow motion
Or shall we have some more greens?
For you are my one true devotion…

Poem 21/24 – The Power of Five

Poem 21 – The Power of Five
Five was the number
Anthony Horowitz imagined
Not to be put to slumber
With their gifts and abilities
The world they would protect
And when they met
Their minds they would connect
Five children lived before
And now they would meet once more.


Poem 20/24 – Explosions

Poem 20 – Explosions
Day is dawning
A new age is crawling
We need to find
Our right mind
Fight to believe
We need to retrieve
That spark once achieved
Our lives need to bleed…
Stand for your Truth
Before you run out of youth
Life is for living
The explosion be given…


Poem 19/24 – The Fall

Poem 19 – The Fall
Too late to run
I know it’s begun
The tumble down
Oh I hope I don’t drown
This scene feels familiar
Oh why do I continue
If the end is getting nearer…

Poem 18/24 – Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Poem 18 – Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
Daily chores
Social norms
Creative expression
Which one do I adorn?
Too much to do
Too little time given
How to make a living?
Use your gifts
Your ability to task
How to make a happy heart?
All will work out well
At the toll of a bell
Sliver linings become loud
With visible clouds…

Poem 17/24 – Fire

Poem 17 – Fire
The flames roar high
My mind races wild
Nothing is in its place
I must gather my life,
My creative soul
Cannot leave it behind
This is my mould
Memory sticks –
All my materials in the mix
Cannot leave anything behind
15 years cannot be for naught
Sitting on the grass,
Flames burning hot
Arms hold my words all mixed in the lot

Poem 15/24 – Words Never Said

Poem 15 – Words Never Said
I tried to tell you
Years ago
Of a flame burning bright
That had began to grow –
Why did we not act on sight?
This flame lies deep
Deep inside
Not visible to the eye
As only the heart can see
An eternal light,
No harm will steel it’s might
For an eternity it will be
That my heart will love thee.
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