Celebration of life

If only you believed.

He knew you could make it through.

He knew your trials and tribulations that would come. Therefore, he equipped you for battle.

You prayed for that day but, he already prepared the way.

He gave his son. Who came forth to forgive every sin.

He loved you so much that he chose you from your mothers wound.

You committed crimes and almost drunk yourself to death.

One call on your life brought many to learn his words.

You wasn’t ready or finished but, he called you home because you completed the task he had given.

You set the pathway to Heaven for not just a few but for many.

A Jolly kiss

Our First kiss was sweet
You starred into my soul almost making me fall into a daze trying to see the extent your love go
You lick your lip my eyes widen at the thought it brings
Who would of thought that your mom would have pulled up oh wait did you say she have two jobs
We kiss she exited the vehicle the shutting door startles me
I turn around my heart drops because I thought I was in trouble
She looks at me and she speaks
hello Addy
Wait she knows my name
Oh what a relief
I wanted more but he headed to the door
He turned around and said your kiss was so sweet
I looked and watched before he had shut the door.
A shout informed that Watermelon was our flavor
I looked in my hand and noticed the blue bag of hard candy and a wrapper
And now I can say my first kiss was jolly and sweet.

my calendar

I know I tell you this all the time. I love you and only want you.

Crazy thing is, it just doesn’t feel right dating and trying all over again like a rollercoaster ride it gets boring and makes me ill after too many rides.

I remember how hard it was for me to trust you.
It was like threading a needle without my glasses.

So with all due respect, I trust you.

I see your work and even other things you have completed.

I get so proud it’s like crossing the finish line in first place every time.

I’m addicted to you like a smoker on a bad day.

You never give up and always accept feedback whether bad or great.

I support your work and all things you do, because of you I fight for my dreams.

You make me happy even when I get knocked down and you’re far ahead.

You stay strong and hold up my head through my insecurities.

Always remember, when you feel a fret.

You already got the tools to solve yournext move.

Now, could you be like a firefighter on my calendar. A different pose every month.
I thank you for the much love that you give. It’s ongoing and I hope it never end.

The finding of one’s self

Where do I belong?
The rhetorical question I asked all my life from state to state and school to school.
Jobs to jobs the indefinite path of my life the more I planned the more it became disorganized and harder the tasked became to accomplish.
A bias statement had me questioning whether I have given up despite the hurt I had made it through. I’ve been judge and sized up to see if I was the right fit for their son only too fall short of their judgement as if I’m not worthy or do not amount up to the value that they set their son at.
Or was it stating that I made it too far to just give up or even settle for acceptance I’m stronger than what I can see more valuable than ones eyes can see

A Thought of Faith

What if there was peace on earth and no knowledge of violence
What if every one believed in God and everyone went to church
What if Jesus didn’t die on the cross for our sins and he stopped looking out for us
Would we cry out and lift his name without a doubt of his blessing

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Caring because you endured the harsh environment the month of doubt during my recovery
Kind because you still pulled me up as the bullet brought upon deadly suggestions
Stubborn because you see the outcome of my fate before me
Helping nature because you open up your home to the woman that took your place
Traveler because you plan ahead to see all of God’s creation.
Strong because you bared the pain of losing your parent and siblings and still make each day brighter
Brave because you stood in between life and death
Friendly because you never hold a grudge
Talkative because you never leave a room without conversation and a smile
Good natured because you always greeted with a smile followed by a hug
This day is your day Happy Birthday Mom


As the season change days began to warm
Snow began to fade
Rain flow and fish began to play in a swarm
Fresh scent follows as things turn back to jade
I shout Yes, It’s Spring
But little do I know mom is behind me
She shouts, are you ready to clean
Relaxing on the beach
In the hot summer heat
I sure do hate the sand when it burn the bottom of my feet
But boy I love the cool breeze that flow it’s just the short life of each leaf that it had to end
Brrr…. I hate snow because last year I had a slip but I’m thankful that God spared my hip

loved one

Yesterday I liked my high school love
Today I loved my husband that was sent from up above
Yesterday I thought our love had fallen apart
Today I knew that together we would make it through
Yesterday I frowned at the thought of having too many kids
Today I smiled filled with joy learning I could have even more
Yesterday I doubted I would ever be free to write just one poem
Today I believed I could write as many that would come
Yesterday I wished my life would be easier but
Today I prayed and many doors came open

The pain of the Chosen

Her sorrow is as low as below sea level, but her faith is like a promised life of eternity. Her heart is as peaceful as love brings like still waters upon an ocean at ease. Her joy is a journey beyond the path that eyes can see.Her mind is full as hairs on ones head. Her soul is pure and leads you along to the gates of Heaven but not once did you notice the slow tears of her pain.