dusk #7



the dark spaces

between the green

cave in to magic


the day recedes

as darkness widens

magic approaches


evening spreads to night

tapping at the window

magic challenges


starless sky beckons fear

tossing her hair

magic laughs

the best #6

the best


marrying the garden gnome

at his widest he weighed almost

twenty two stones with long hair

knitted into his fluffy white beard


is this the best you can do?

her plucky old mother cried

what’s to become of you with

this round sort of fellow?


the bride smiled her toothless grin

twirling in her planetary way

I love him Mum and he loves me

that’s the best anyone can do!

Sister #5



beneath Nana’s afghans

telling scary stories

we gave our childhood a home

blue and purple stretched over pillows

we wandered through imagined places

enclosing sister secrets and pleasures


it lasted as long as it could


replaced by others with their false caring

I left her for them hoping for more

she went to find out for herself

what was offered to keep

rarely passing in different stories

we touched each other little


it lasted as long as it could


captured in my own heavy battles

my sister always too true

drowned outside the blue and purple afghans

seeking what was forgotten

much of it was very beautiful

she wrote when saying good-bye


it lasted as long as it could

RIP #4



they buried Frances in her purse

brown leather with a strap

there were some cracks as it was old

though covered by the flap


Henry he’s been dead a year

now in the tackle box

cremated in his Sunday suit

blue tie and argyle socks


Charles and Mable two nice folks

died sadly in their car

now side by side for all of time

in the kitchen cookie jar


but it’s Billy Jones who won the day

for the Olympic race he led

now at rest and all stretched out

beneath his gold bobsled

Letting Go #3

Letting Go


In May I started turning green

Sitting on the maple limb

A large pointed leaf

Knowing I was a fraud


June brought the bees

Birds and summer rain

My size unchanged but

I was passing unnoticed


July and August and heat

The tree house nearby

With children’s laughter

As they plotted and played


By September I worried

Wiggling in the breeze

Trying my best to belong

Unable to turn gold


It would be October with

Vibrant colors surrounding

When I quietly let myself go

A green youth my undoing

the old girl #2

the old girl


the green ford pick-up owed him nothing

in truck years it was far older than he

tires worn, bed rusted, tailgate knocking

he muttered complaints settling on the

worn bench seat tuning in only a.m. radio

hundreds of miles delivering his services to

those who’d pay for freshly painted homes

several new mufflers and brakes over the years

always costing him more but the engine was sound

she never let him down come inspection

still with metal bumpers and adjustable mirrors

some city fella offered cash for this collectable

felt to him like selling a family member

give her up the kids badgered his wife keeping silent

folks knew the old girl waving tooting as he passed

the bond stronger with time both needing new parts

she outlasted him but just barely the boys leaving

the chrome ford emblem on his headstone

Neighbors #1



Indifferent cardinals

Flashing crimson appear

Not realizing the

Fuss they cause


Jays come with business

On their minds

Owning branches

Screeching orders


Hospitable chickadees

Enjoy their reputation

Seemingly good-natured

Ready for their close-up


Yellow finches commute

Invisible highways

Tirelessly darting

Their details blurred


Monotone woodpeckers

Reveal red dashes

Gossip too loudly

With mouths full


Day and neighbors depart

As hectic bats arrive

To clear the air

Then linger ’til dawn

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