How come you get to be Dorothy?

How come you get to be Dorothy?


The Scarecrow asked

Amazed while

Turning to the others


It’s not because

I’m a girl she answered

Sensitive to his feelings


The Lion had gone

Back to work while

The Tin Man listened


I need to learn home

Is not about the rules

Dorothy continued


The Tin Man

Smiled and touched

His loving heart


You don’t need

All the right people

To have a home


Now the Lion bravely

Listened as he

Knew this to be true


Home is accepting

And understanding

A safe place to fall


Oh said the Scarecrow

I knew that

I didn’t Dorothy replied


Welcome home



TobeTT  #24

Full basket

Full basket


September puppy

Waiting to be born


All my eggs

In this basket



Wags and kisses


Coming home



Leaning in to

My sad stories


Laughing at

The same jokes


Big pressure

For a little guy



TobeTT  #23

2wenty 2wo word harvest

2wenty 2wo word harvest


early peas so welcomed

the first to go

dry desperate tendrils


the wiry metal fence

then yanked

without a thank you


withered vines break

in the wind

frost bitten

red tomatoes intoxicated

into jars

for deep winter meals

and perhaps

a blue ribbon


the last

green bumpy cucumber

waits alone

her young children abducted

pickles she sobs

dill I believe

humans can be

so cruel


anxious zucchini

hopes for a pie

no one is coming

for you

september is over

and you’re boring

so much for success


the growing is done

time to go

warns the crow

not for me

cries the four-eyed potato


they’ll be back



TobeTT  #22

Short bread cookie tin

Short bread cookie tin


Planting the azalea

She dug up cow bones

The marrow rotting

In to the earth


Rinsed in the sink

Hoping to impress

Her grandsons

A forensic moment


Placing the bones

In an old cookie tin

Tempted to dig again

Baked a pie instead


Glancing at the tin

The old woman smiled

One day a good place

To keep my ashes



TobeTT # 21



it dies of blemishes, of atrophy, of exhaustion …

Left on the table

In the kitchen with

Too many windows,

The air thickens,



Puts one in a salty mood.

In time a white patch will appear,

Then the mold sets in … green.

No one notices.

From within, around the seed,

The heart.

There is decay

From being ignored.

On the wall the clock ticks

Closer to indifference.



TobeTT  # 20

Winter’s Friend

Winter’s Friend


In dreams

Gliding untethered

Across clear ice


A crisp whoosh

To stop then bow


Blue wool hat

Edged with

Gentle white fur

Falling as feathers

A perfect holy



Rolling snow orbs

Fashioning a

Winter’s friend

Wrapping the

Red scarf

With reverence


Dreams melt as

Car doors slam

Needing help

The old woman

Walks carefully on

Winter memories


Tobe TT # 19

A sign

A sign


I reside in this in-between

With you on the other side

Our deal not to be shared

With anyone living


I wait with patience to

Know that you are there

Somehow still connected

To me and us


Take only a moment

My last request as

You have joined the others

While I must open this door



TobeTT  # 18

Yarn hoarder’s confession

Yarn hoarder’s confession


Street vendor by trade

Crocheting hats with a

Madame Defarge intensity

Seven years I sold them


Now laden with too much

Yarn purchased on sale

I appear a hoarder unwilling

To part with smart purchases


Hats of my own design

Unable to follow formal

Instructions lost on me

I had made up my own


Now Granny squares

Has become my therapy

The same square in

Infinite colors now hundreds


As yet not unified the

Squares are mounting up

In bags hidden from view

Until one day


Perhaps to circumnavigate

This failing planet to

Cozy it up with comfort

That only Granny can offer


TobeTT  # 17




my aching behind

causing a big distraction

a poet’s nightmare



TobeTT  # 16

Sober Friend

Sober Friend


Grieving without wine

I became the sober friend

Without intention I hear

The ice in their glasses

When I answer the phone


It is almost all of them

And I am surprised

Belonging to this club

For years knowing

The phone was a trigger


Thinking I am missing

I try to imbibe only

To find my glass half

Full in the morning

Virtually untouched


I will not go back

As it is a slippery slope

I am only too familiar

Confusing drink with

Sadness I stay clear


TobeTT  # 15

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