#24 La Fin

Now that this is over

Now that I am done

There are no more excuses

The Marathon I’ve run


Time to stop the snacking

Eating junky foods

My body feels the sugar

And says that it’s no good


There’s still a piece of candy

And several ice cream pops

Some crunchy chips and salsa

Caffeine so I won’t stop


I left alone the Cabernet

Didn’t have a drink

I knew the danger it could cause

Making me not think


It’s time to put away this task

Return to life that’s here

This evening I will eat some kale

And certainly have a beer


Thank you all for listening

I wish you love and peace

Let’s keep the good vibes going

Pray all the pain will cease

#23 Time Off

Hoping for a summer storm

A long slow day at home

No one needs to hear my voice

They know I wrote some poems


Old movies perhaps a few

I need another place

Take a break some time off

From this crazy human race


Travel with some music

To lead me down a path

Show me somewhere better

Beyond this pain and wrath


Refresh my brain my heart

That poems have lighted high

To keep this good vibe going

I can only hope and try


Sky is dark the air is thick

A change will come by night

The Gods will try once again

To help us get it right

#22 LIsten

There is no silence

Try it in the morning

Listen to no traffic

Voices unspoken


Cars and trucks parked

Dogs still slumbering

Humans wanting five minutes

Do  you hear nothing


Up by your ears there is

Sound coming from somewhere

Inside your head perhaps

Or from morning empty spaces


Layers of sound begin

To create the noisy day

Until deep in darkness

The world sighs with a hush

#21 Sleeping Dogs

Dreaming puppies running

To new imagined places

Yelping with shaking paws


Remembering a life before

Perhaps seeing what’s to be

Puppies courageous in sleep


Legs held straight and high

Vulnerable in another world

Showing trust finally at home

#20 Change of Day

Morning grass is damp

Small violets refreshed

Yellow buttercups revived

Waiting roots are relieved


Leaves hang low before

Sun can wipe the dew

Then will rise in time

Reaching for daylight


Silence in between

Before it all begins again

Do violets and buttercups

Wonder why they’re here

#19 Listening

Old houses insist on patience

Attention to repair

Occasionally offering pieces

Of their stories only

To those who listen carefully


A burden or many lessons

An old house keeps its secrets

History passed intentionally with

Creaks and sounds in the night

That speak of what it has seen


Those may call it a haunting

Though it is merely a hello

An honor most certainly

A building choosing to trust

Opening its doors to the listener

#18 Lovers

My many lovers were well selected

I regret none of them despite

Failed futures and messy endings


Life lived now with perspective

I am grateful for the journey

Never missing a fine chance


I had each at their best

When hitting their stride

Before settling in or down


I tell older girlfriends they

Missed great men themselves

Fallen prey to judgements


Good girls have few memories

Little sparkle in their eyes

Looking back I’d do them all again

#17 Among You

There are witches in your path

Believers in Earth Wind Fire Air

Knowers of the four directions

Healers artists men women others


We have been here all along

Caring and sharing the gifts

From the Mother hoping

All will listen to save her


Perhaps you feel yourself

Aligned but unsure to connect

Trust this to be true

Join the lovers of this planet


Needed now to act to hear

The children implore us

That our Mother will move

Us off is we do not change

#15 Road Trip

White Jeep Cherokee

Two thousand miles

Road trip in Alaska


Jersey girls having

No business venturing

Into the wild alone


A grizzly encounter

Two of them left with

Damp panties and tall tale


Roads too narrow

Bridges above trees

Abandoned copper mines


Handsome bearded men

Avoiding crowded places

Finding luxury in this space


We left some Jersey there

Returning with grit

A sisterhood created

#14 Saved

A brief nod to chocolate

When all else fails


The phone is silent

For almost two days


While opened bills

Remain waiting unpaid


The dog insists she must pee

As cold rain falls harder


There is nowhere to go

Encouraging a purposeless life


How many more chances

Are there left at seventy-two


Dark chocolate with chili

Is reached for to save the day

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