Prompt 24 Hope

Waiting at the expense of yourself

harboring a desire for love

holding resentment towards it

when it always keeps you

hanging on to words

that abandon and disown

at the slightest inconvenience

Patience is a practiced virtue

that guarantees nothing

when hope keeps you dreaming

while falling apart

Prompt 23

Architecture is Art

structured without

caricatures and flower beds

it is the nonverbal attempt to explore

with the mind power and wealth

Prompt 21


through my impoverished

historical neighborhood as children during play

transitioned to the battlefield as adults

in the midst of being poor

as kids we never had to look to one another for safety

As adults corners had a unlimited range that

once contained an invisible boundary that you knew you would get into trouble if you crossed

now we tailor our lives away from the ignited rage of poverty where gunshots keep you running

Prompt 20


greets me prematurely

as I stubbornly lie awake

just a few minutes more

I wish I could watch the day

from the sidelines

and not participate

In the mornings I

am far too tired


Prompt 19

There are things everywhere

thrown about

Next to baseboards

on wooden floors

on living room couches

i place my clean clothes

after folding

Prompt 18

Life occurs differently depending on the side

of the realm your soul is on

Birds venture between worlds in addition

to their own

Coming out of daydreams there is a blurry

sense of purpose that stumbily enters inside my head

air is earths devoted companion and guides wings tirelessly

through spiritual fusion of realms

Prompt 17 Kaleidoscopes of life

Many experiences share similar reflections

forged in honest secrets hidden

within beauty of naivety

self harm tilted towards colored patterns of self discovery

mirrored conflicts affirm long waits

can be beautiful, vivid and wild


Prompt 16

Hello again,

I heard you breathing
while you were falling

I held your head up

to the clouds after opening

my doubt to the sunshine

I didn’t hear you calling

Too busy looking out the window

waiting for the day’s moon

Prompt 15

His small problems

became big ones

he set the table with demons

and had a seat

while he scooted near

gave them all the fire

they needed to implode his world

He swam in deep waters

drowning all dreams

punishing himself



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