prompt 24

Art is the gift
born into souls
wrapped in watercolor soaked bows
it’s beauty captures my mind
quickly enchanting me
to create
We are here for it
to share with the world

Colors move
ideas transpire
rocking my calm
to sleep

scrambled designs
encouraging life
to flow
beyond the black and white
beyond the mundane
beyond what we know

Creating is travel
on easels
acrylic paints
colored pencils
shift energies
souls move on paper here

Prompt 23

I imagine monsters
in human form
coming from my head
but I yell them away, and they run
I chase but they keep looking back
they are ready for me to be afraid
like I was the first time
I won’t allow it
they are a part of me
I will keep chasing them away
because if I don’t they will
take over my thoughts

Poem 21 longing

I’m longing for quiet
after a long day
there is no way to escape
and its too much noise here

Everyone needs something from me
Everyone wants something from me
Little People have the most demands

Demands that help me forget of the office party
Demands that helped me forget that appointment
that phone call
that paperwork

I’m often just running on empty
with a cup of crazy dripping along the side

I long for silence here

Night Prompt 2o

Talk or sleep?
Close in the dark, he asked
I reply, artificial light gives me headaches
you are welcome to stay
but only if you stay quiet
I dislike noise
my ears have become accustomed to my own snore
I dread conversating
more at night
when my eyes flicker
fighting the inevitable that tiredness brings

the moon gives too much light sometimes
in opposite moments darkness is a gift
the interior of my brain
paints vivid tales
I feel my hunger approach, like a long distance phone call
soliciting subconsciously
for a different story
as I lay in the night
wanting to lose the illusion
daylight brings

No talking, just sleep.

Prompt 19

Everything living starts small
at some point
you encounter another
and this will repeat
until at some point
you’re wrapped up

Your shape changes
it more embellished
more welcoming
more inclusive
more grouped
more reviewed
more impulsive
more scathed
just more of everyone we
have ever encountered

Prompt 18 Love Day

The pressure
the color red has
deep dreams of what I thought I wanted
I re-imagine what the day means
for me
the quilted statements from society
to accessorize yourself
based on what its supposed to mean

Single parents celebrate it differently
with homemade photo shoots
and cupcakes with red icing

I gift flowers to my kids
and kiss them good morning
cause they are my loves
I make heart shaped pancakes
and slow down what the day means for me
unframing the nude woman
who once felt this day needed to be filled with an

complicating the function
this day should hold
passing the time
trying to force like
on a day, that fails to recognize
one such love isn’t concerning with anyone else.

Prompt 17 mix tapes

Nowaday every thing is streamed
entering into the matrix
even technology transforms
like headboards to side tables
they are all the same
just new
just different
just allowing us to forget more
allowing us to count on them

One day we may lose it all
everything about us
not backed up
and no one will have numbers saved
and no one will know the name of that song
and no one will know how to press record
or what it means to have your tape ate up
no one will know how to wind it back up

because the goals
keep getting moved on the tech field
and everyone wants to have the new thing
what happens to us then
when the land runs out
when the earth runs out
where will all our data go

Prompt 15 Flying high

Drawing Conclusions
before the experience
was all I could do
Any place I ever went was within car range

You can hardly feel the bumps and bruises of travel in the air
and on planes no humidity happens
just turbulence
just pressure
just sound
and prayers
I pray more in the air than on roads

Scrunching up my nose
there is no air to smell up there

You meet the night’s sky in it
it was memorable
planning to go by myself
leaving my children for the first time
feeling full of adventure and falling in love with the space in between

Plants Prompt 14

They do
take care of us
my mother made a choice
to grow them around her children

They were like peace
making my mother show up
to care for them
as they cared for her back

the respect she gave them
the beauty and peace they gave her in return
she exemplified her truth in the plants that she cared for

They aligned our living room window
Providing her with comfort
before she left to face the world

Her plants are her wonderland
and I imagine she started caring for them
after her mother
shes truly nature

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