Prompt 12

I don’t know what to write about. I’m just gonna go with it to see where it leads me spewing out random words hoping they unite hand in fist like paper, rock, scissors. I’m possibly giving this too much thought or maybe even a pinch, sprinkled with every possibility that any word can fit. Even colors of the rainbow can join this poem aka the word game. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Who ever came up with Roy G Biv anyway? 16 more words to go. I’m on a role now. Or so I think. I should be safe within ninety and 100..

Prompt 11

The moment my alarm goes off

Its hustle

Every minute counts

from bottles to breakfast

I need to find a way to make this easier

yet I’m too tired the night before

to give me the time I need

so in the morning it is

rush, rush, rush

hurry, hurry, hurry

until the evening comes

and I’m too tired once again

to give it the effort it needs

to make my morning easier

so I will do it in the morning when my alarm rings

Prompt 10

Deep Purple

With lavender swirls

topped with yellow squares

of turquoise flowers

Gray skies

with black thoughts

cascade over red roses

with green thorns…

Prompt 9

Unshaven hairs

prickle against my soul

Legs carnivorous

as they walk

Gnawing at my fear

I wiggle and jig about

as my dark skin

turns warm to the touch

Prompt 1 (Elements)

At one point

It all becomes a part of us

The fire within


despite being flooded with

the water inside of us

the air we breathe is everywhere

at the same time it is within us

when we die,

we return to dust

and clothe the earth

and the rainwater

will wash us away

Prompt 2 (Yearning)

I assume we all year for something different

at different times in our lives

the same lessons displayed differently

different lessons displaying similarly

with the same goal in mine

to get through this stage of humanness

in life, we are born to die and we try

hard to live in the moment

find peace before, during and after the storm


A storm that is often caused by the fear and conflict

within our own selves

the struggle with yearning is that

our souls need different things

at different moments

and the fleshiness of us being ourselves

gets in the way

Prompt 8

You brought me sunshine

when I only saw rain

You brought me laughter

when I only felt pain

-Donna Donathan


the best to come is when

the world is attainable and I

fall to my fears of only

having the things I was unafraid of but felt

I did not deserve the redemption from pain

Prompt 7

When you can’t silence your mind

its hard to be at peace

you can have peaceful moments

but never silent


In Life there is no hiding place

which is probably why

I live majority of mine indoors

When I’m by myself

I tend to breathe better

and when I’m alone

I don’t need a hiding place


Prompt 6

Its hard being vulnerable

No one wants to give the world too much

unless its pretend

only then

would you have nothing to lose


I loved him and that love never seemed to go away

it was just scarred

a hard love

thick and unforgiving

but it was still there

coarse and rough

yet it still remained


Our daughter’s naivity reflects in her eyes

her gaze searches for more

what all can she gather in those

eyes of wonder and surprise

searching for love

and I wonder if the one day will come

when all that she wants

is to see her father for that first time




Prompt 5 (my past)

All that I know is this morning

It has since come and is almost gone

All I know is my past

how I’m supposed to be this same certain thing

How growing isn’t supposed to change your sweetness

How life isn’t a medium of transformation

How the bad things you’ve done, you wish you hadn’t

How you never seemed to learn how to make peace

within yourself and even as an adult

you are still very much certain that you are still searching

for that arrival…

for that certainty

for that destination of being your true self

and not quite knowing what that is exactly

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