I sent my submissions but my second one wasnt quite right so I resent because it looked great finally But it looks all wrong, I dont know what it looks like on their end but it was great before I hit send but when I looked its not, I’m sorry.


She wakes up with
a bit of whimsy
Because she has a special closet
A closet of dreams

she can go anywhere
she can be anything

She is never ever lonely
Because she has special friends
In her closet of dreams

she can play with them
she can dance with them

She goes to bed with a bit of whimsy
Because she has a closet of dreams
And inside they wait for her

HR-11 The Path

Your journey is full of detours
Some bring unbelievable joy
Others bring unrelenting pain
Everyone’s journey is their own

No one has control over your journey
You make choices along the way
Sometimes fate decides your journey


Writers block is hell
This sounded great a minute ago
Let me just take this out
Put this line here
Maybe that line there

No, no, no wrong
It’s all wrong
Crumble it up
Throw it out

Let’s begin this again
You got this, its all gravy
If I can put this together just right

Writers block is hell
Hey this sounds alright now
Let me just put this in
Put that line there
And this line here

Yes, yes, yes alright now
It’s all better
Straighten it up
Put it away


Running to a place I’ve never seen

Longing to be there but don’t know why

Trying to get there as fast as I can

But here I am wasting my time running


One single swing
Going nowhere fast
Peaceful and contemplative
Just swinging everything away
What a beautiful sentiment


The house on Monroe is insane
Haven’t you heard the noises
Growls, screeches, and even whispers
The pictures keep getting moved as well

Things banging in the night
Getting cold out of the blue
Oh yes its time to go
This Monroe house is quite insane

HR-5 My Busy Girl

Such a busy little girl
Give you paper to draw
I continue writing
Here you go questions, questions, questions

Take the paper here
No, take the paper there
Trade me pencils
Grab my eraser

Can you have popcorn
Yes I’ll share
Take my popcorn over
I would like some too

Busy, busy, busy
A bowl,now she wants a bowl
Can I get back to writing
What am I writing again, oh yeah poems

This is the life
My beautiful, busy little toddler
Wouldn’t trade it for nothing
Just please let me finish this poem

HR-4 If You Have Enough (text prompt marriage)

If you have enough love
And your heart is true to one
You can be bound to each other
Always together, living as one

If you have enough
If you have enough love

If your heart is true to one
And you have enough love
You will be bound together
Always living as one

If you have enough love
If you have enough

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