Poem 2 – Imperfect but Perfect

This is a story about two sisters
One fits society’s standards
Another not as much
Their names vary
But they always rhyme
One who questions everything
Not how they want them
One who simply obeys with a smile
Exactly how they want them
A story to teach morals
Respect, Smile and Serve the elders
God punishes those who’re not ideal
God gifts the other a great deal
But we know the world is far from ideal
Guess which one had to re-learn a great deal
And which one made it through the big wheel
So train them young
They can be an adult without being stung
One ideal and one not so much
It’s the story of two little girls

Poem 1 – To my little furry companion

Thank you for choosing me

You fill my heart with Glee

I promise to take care of you

I promise to always be there for you

It’s the way you need no cause

It’s the way you always remind me to pause