Hour 24

** Me **

I am kind.
I am respectful.
I wish you can be honest with me as I am with you.
I’m 4 foot and 11 inches.
I have dirty blonde natural hair.
It almost looks black.
I go to a school with a bunch of people who love drugs.
But, I stay away from that because I can’t ruin my future
In the marines, as a writer, photographer, and a motivational speaker.
I hope you know now I write because I love it.
Junior reserve officers training corps (JROTC) drill team is my other passion.
I write when I’m not doing homework, drill team or at friends.
I could write in my sleep.
But, when I wake up you wouldn’t be able to read it.
I believe everyone is beautiful even you males.
Ugly is not on a persons looks its a persons personality.
So, take a mass murderer for example he’s still beautiful but has ugly actions.
Get what I mean?
I love my family and family comes first.
Even if they are 450 miles away but distance is nothing.
I have anxiety, so with Drill Team it helps because it comes when I’m under pressure, stress, or sadness.
So, Drill helps a lot.
So, does a pen and paper.
The other things I have is social anxiety which I’ve had forever and didn’t know until last year.
I also, have insomnia, and I’m bipolar.
Yeah, all of things may suck but hey, I still live life like I’ll be gone tomorrow.
I have been writing since my freshman year literally, last school year.
I started and my first poem was almost 6 pages.
But, just the front pages.
Either way my friends and family love reading my poems.
And I love keeping people entertained.
I love all of you beautiful lovelies.

~April Sue Kraniak~

Hour 23

** The Gypsy Curse **

Girls go around looking good,
while doing everything.
They travel.
And have to keep their man happy.
Treat him right.
And all the men do is work.
So, the women do everything but work.
It really is a curse.

~April Sue Kraniak~

Hour 22

**Broken and Sacred**

She’s on her bed listening to music.
No one knows why but she is.

Broken and scared.
She saw a glimmer from your closest.
She opened the door.
There’s a little girl holding out her hand.
“Grab my hand I can take you where you belong.”
“What?” She said confused.
“I know you’re alone, confused, and depressed I can take you where you belong, but you have to take my hand.”
She takes the little girls hand.

Broken and scared.
Her head phones left on the bed.
With her soaked pillow.
Her mom comes in.
Sees that her daughter isn’t in the room.
She checks the house isn’t anywhere to be seen.

Broken and scared.
She’s following this little girl.
In this deep darkening place.

Broken and scared.
The two girls were never seen again.
Ever again.

~April Sue Kraniak ~

Hour 21

** Her clothes **

Her stunning clothes.
Hang in her closet.
Then when she puts it on,
She looks so beautiful.

~April Sue Kraniak~

Hour 20

**Cupcakes are**

Cupcakes are sugar on a cloud.
They are so lightly placed in those paper holders.
They are so delicious.

~April Sue Kraniak ~

Hour 19

** My prince **

We were sitting in the room.
Staring into each others eyes.
Seeing love and happiness.
And fear.
There’s always the fear of us losing each other.
But, we know if we just leave it to us we won’t.
I’ll be your forever and you be my always.
We started kissing.
And then I pulled away and said,
“Please never leave
I can’t loose you.
I wouldn’t be able to live without you.
You’re my prince.

~April Sue Kraniak ~

Hour 18

** The Dead River **

Those yellow stars in the sky.
That blue sky is so beautiful.
Some stars are bigger.
Then the dark tree in the foreground
pops out the sky and stars.

~April Sue Kraniak~

Hour 17

** Alone **

I’m not mad.
I’m not sad.
I just want to be alone sometimes.
Yes, I’m outgoing.
But, not as much as people think I am.
I like to spend time in nature.
Just walking down the street
by myself.
I walk alone through my mind all the time.
Just walking.
And thinking.
I just like being alone sometimes.

~April Sue Kraniak~

Hour 16

** Notre Dame **

Ever since I was little.
I have liked this football team.
But the building,
Is beautiful.
It means so much to me and my family.
It would go there and think about them.
The building is gold.
And so, beautiful.

~April Sue Kraniak~

Hour 15

** Us **

Roses are red.
Violets aren’t blue.
Iloveyou he said.
Its just us two.
I love you so much.
I knew he was going to be there forever.
I could feel in just one touch.
We are going to always be together.

~April Sue Kraniak~

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