Nothing Left

People think I’m a junkie
That I’ve wasted my life
I’ve heard them say,
“He had it all,
but he threw it away”
That hurts me
If I had it all
I wouldn’t abuse
If I had it all
I’d have nothing
to lose
I had nothing left
to give
My girl died
My mother lied
I sat alone with
no one
To escape my fear
To escape my
I abused
I didn’t have a friend
Except for one
She was loyal
Didn’t judge me
I injected her love
through my veins
She took away my pain
My love for her never faded
My constant love
My liquid love
She was my friend
She was my lover
She turned deceitful
She broke me down
I lie wasted in my
Empty void
Searching for help
I wanted help
I wanted to defeat the
evil Fiend
It became to late
I couldn’t escape my fate
I had nothing left.




Forgotten Romantic

I am a writer, a student, and a wife. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I am a bit chaotic, a bit hectic, and a bit weird. I am addicted to coffee, especially espresso. I love Alice in Chains, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Layne Staley, Jim Morrison, and my husband.

I am currently pursuing my BA in English with a focus in the Romantic and Victorian Eras.

I am excited to see where life takes me next.

“[S]He lived. [S]He died. [S]He sang in solitude.” ~Percy Bysshee Shelley