23. The Messenger XXIII

Nature is my home,

My temple and my Soul

I am born here,

Sent from far Space

Searching for Love

Everywhere in the Cosmos

Only to find it when

I stop, stay still and

Almost sleep

Then I can clearly feel it

Beating in all my cells

And being in Joy exploding

22. The Messenger XXII

The spectacle is in the eye of the beholder

No matter how you look

If you can’t see,

Your eyes will be of little help

It’s not about how you look,

It’s about how you see

Changing your eyes won’t make you see

It’s you who can see, not your eyes

If you can’t see this,

You’ll take for true

What your eyes see

21. The Messenger XXI

“Not in that river, Billy”

Nobody could ever swim safely in there

Don’t even try, you’re not Superman

Same for the cliff you want to climb

Nobody has ever dared trying

You arrive and do it

Like effortlessly and so smoothly

What’s your secret?

The river taught me that secret

Be water, be the Flow

You’ll get unconditional support

From all the elements, and Angels alike

20. The Messenger XX

Newly exposed, new exhibitions

Big installations, drawings, poems, photos, sceneries

Mt poetry is fully naked expressed

And shown all over the world

The funny story they tell is

That I am even a celebrity on Mars

It’s me who started that funny myth joke

Aliens all come to my openings

Are collecting my installations

They love to have in their living room, just above their sofa

How does it look?, an Alien’s living room

It looks like one of my installations

David Bowie is an Angel

Whispering in Alien’s ears

What to do to celebrate

My poetry next Christmas

19. The Messenger XIX

A host of Angels are surrounding me

They are so many I can’t see

The end of this Angels tide

So many they are around me, so tight

They are singing a wonderful song

Singing they are here to support me


I just have to ask what I need

Or want, and they will give it to me

Sometimes so quickly

I am not able to see

What they are giving me

It’s a huge responsibility

No more excuses

Angels are doing

The most difficult for me

Making my life so much easier

I can only believe in my own inner power

To create and transform anything

Into whatever I want

No justification, no explanation needed

I can change my mind as many times

And as often as I want

Almost instantly, it is accomplished

What takes more time is

Me seeing it, even though

It’s just  in front of

My nose

18. The Messenger XVIII

These giant skyscrapers

Are so impressive

I would never jump from their tops

Like everybody is doing nowadays

Just for the fun, is the tagline

I am too scared to have fun

But the night always come

So we can see the brightness

Of the stars and the planets

That are making such a wonderful

Milky way

Just for your Soul

When I dance or have really good fun

It’s with my two bare feet

In the mud, healing through my soles

And my skins

17. The Messenger XVII

I travel, travel, travel again

This year is a big travel

Around the World

And beyond, way beyond

The bird always go back to the nest

They say, but I am not even sure

Only thing I know is

I come from another planet

I am here on Earth to discover

What is love and how

To get it back to my planet

I am on a very long mission

That Quest has only

Got started

I travel a big travel again

What language do you dance?

16. The Messenger XVI

Do you see that guy with the blue jacket?

Yes, why?


What do you carry in your truck?

It’s a huge one you got these days

Can you shut the F… up?

For a minute

You only puke BS and craps

You don’t take the usual one

And you go around the blue tunnel

It’s longer but safer

Much safer

Mr Jordan, I hope

You’re not too tall

For our Space Suit

In your blue jeans

You’re walking

You do not hurt a fly

And yet we blame you

All the time, to be as

free and the tongue well hanged

Isn’t it, Btch?

What? Shocked, she falls into syncope

15. The Messenger XV

You walk in front of me

In the street baba

I don’t see you

All is lost

When I go to get you

Far far

Beyond the mountains

Beyond the big fields

Beyond what we don’t even know

As it is

So it is

Far far

You walk in front of me

You dance and you sing

You are beautiful as the most wonderful

Wild madness

The game is not over

It even looks like it

Just got started

The part, not fine at all

Who makes you run everywhere

Like a fool at full speed

What’s pressing you?

So much, you, who is going

In search of you don’t know what

Lost again

To better reinvent yourself always New

Once again

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