“It’s just a stupid plant”

Nustled in moist dirt

Sitting in my hands

Reaching for the sunlight

Whispering oxygen into my nose

A sapling


She will outlive us

Her growth quiet and restrained

Tall she will be

Strong and fruitful

Two lovers sit beneath

Carving their love into her trunk


She will shed her leaves

Slinking them off like a silk robe

Twisting her branches in the wind


Throughout the seasons she will live

Though parts of her will die


Looking around her she will find no one like her

A single tree in a park

How sad is that?

Harsh weathers will tempt her

Slip into the darkness

She will persist


Kids no longer climb her in an attempt at flying

They disappear altogether

She is sad

But then something miraculous begins

More like her begin to appear

The world has ended but the Earth has not


She begins to grow even more vast

Her friends rushing to catch up

The sky turns a magical shade of violet

The clouds polka dot the sky

New birds appear

They sing happier tunes


The buzz from my electric toothbrush mocks me

Ten years without the dentist

Seeing the world through yellow-tinted teeth

Peering through the gap between my two front chompers

The chip I created when I was younger and chewing on a butter knife



The tongue scraper like sandpaper

Both fascinating and horrific

Tongue-tied mumbling disapproval

White speckled flesh folding together

The lid of my mouthwash looks like a traffic cone

Alerting me to my own self-destruction

“Remember all those cigarettes you smoked in high school?”

I try not to drown as I gargle

30 seconds

If the conditions permit I don’t mind them

But under the truest of light, I see fractures and fragments

Dreams of gummy smiles and corn hues

Wait five minutes before eating, drinking

Two back molars are dying

My smartest teeth tear at the fleshy insides of my cheeks

Icy induced stabbing, in and out, in and out

Climbing into my cavities

It’s dark in here




The buzz.

Into the Wild

Amongst her sea of long black hair

A tiny white gleam stares me down

With eyes of wild green, she stares with such intensity

For a few minutes, our hearts beat in sync

Then hers starts to growing smaller and smaller

The roof of the bus winks at us over the trees

We were near

“It’s okay, darling”

Her mouth trembles and the words fall from her wrinkled lips

“It’s okay”

I know what she is asking of me

But I won’t

Returning my attention back to the trail

Ignoring her requests

Our destination remains visible among the stunted trees

We’re almost there

Her pace diminishes quickly

Despite her telling me it’s okay

It does not feel so

I envelop her in my arms and push forward

Wild eyes blinking crystal clear tears

More white hairs pop out in surreal time

I tell her “It’s okay”

She fashions a peaceful, toothy grin

Her heartbeat falls out of sync with mine

And then it’s gone



A place where people are valued

No matter what


No hurt

Open communication

Easy breathing


Trees everywhere you look

Looming gardens

Vines wrapping around each other


The world is singing

Death is nothing to fear

The sight of sunshine does not make me frown



We are at ease with ourselves

Open and free


Defensive tendencies are a thing of the past

Orchestras sway as we dance the dance of understanding

Educate me is synonymous with I love you


We understand that our time here is short

We are not the only ones here

We must treat her well


Witches practice openly

Children learn that magic is real

We bake our own bread


Laughter fills the space that grief used to inhabit

Smiles adorn the faces of all we see

Kindness shines bright in their eyes


Art is encouraged

Learning is not a privilege

Differences are celebrated


We make space for the sadness

Tears to water our flowers

Turn them into something beautiful


Just like you will soon




Amazing how a song can feel like a hug

A manufactured memory that brings you sweet tears

Warm fuzzies and a cup of tea

Just the way you like it


Haunting how you can hear it in someone else’s voice

Singing you to sleep

But it can’t be

He left you, remember


These memories you’re supposed to have

The life you’re supposed to live

Exhausting nights when the Sandman doesn’t come

Or when he does he dumps a bucket of sand over your head


You wake

Gasping for air

Choking on the invisible particles

You quiet yourself


The softness in their voices

Something you were supposed to have

Its absence is creeping in

You can’t stop listening


Why is everything I enjoy plagued by my shortcomings

Everything I do brought down a level

Because you weren’t there?

Do I haunt you?


Take my eyes and with it my tears

They don’t look like yours anyways

A distant memory of me on your knee

Every birthday wish that you’ll come back


Insomniac mind in the Moonshadow

Racing with the if’s

Losing every time

The prize a night of rest





Cottage doors slam behind

A firefly lit treeline illuminates the cobblestones

My bottle of whiskey transported to my belly

Warm, a strange warm


Absent flames give off no heat

I can still taste the damp porridge she tried to feed me

Lethargy settles in me

Zooming through the trunks, trying to find my way


If only she hadn’t taken off her mask

Emoji Movie, But Poetry

Growls fill the air

Booming, a sign of doom

My blood runs cold

The ghost of simpler times haunts my bones

Waving me off, my final goodbye

Where is it coming from?


A family of trees all shapes and sizes

Protect me from the stars that wish me dead

Shields of armored leaves

Trunks so vast they’d make a giraffe bow before them

Their protection comes at a cost

Something I cannot repay


I have run too far

Too long

I fall to my knees and surrender myself to the earth

Skin falls in sheets

My insides turn to dust

I am returned to the earth


The trees debt is paid

Season of Healing

I don’t believe in God

I believe in the Keeper of the Stars

The thought of the conception of the universe

Terrifies me

The unknown


We are constantly being tested

Have come close to failing

But what does that entail?


Doomed to repeat history

Not sure how to create our own

Every little thing makes someone angry

It is not them who I worry about

It’s Him


We were given one task

Survive together

His message warps throughout the years


Everything we do in one day

Will one day come back to us

Unseen consequences

A butterfly flaps its wings

And the world ends


An unbelievable burden to bear

Studying for a class with no test prep

Not even sure when the test will end


I used to believe in good people

But we’re all a villain in someone’s story

A hero in others

Egos too large to leave any room for empathy

The right thing is a blurry abstraction


I am afraid of the unknown

But know that one day the test will end

And we will begin, The Season of Healing


The Perfect Day

Eyes drift open

Yawns fly from my lips with a buzz

My arms stretch the lengths of the earth

And it’s time to go


Car gulping down gas

My map tattooed into my skin

Icy water ready at a snap

Music swelling and falling


A cast of characters take the stage

My confidants, soldiers at war

The war is a good time

Amazing food in abundance


A woman named Joy stretches my face into a smile

Laughter so true my stomach is rock hard

Glittery rain falling

Warm in the arms of friends


Life becomes a spy movie

Chasing villains that aren’t there

But we feel important

We craft gadgets and gizmos


As the day closes we will not relinquish

There are more jokes

More hijinks

More happiness


We are kids once more.


Misty gold peers over the mountains

The grass cold and glimmering with morning dew

Small details so meaningful and fulfilling


Away from the city

Away from all the pain

Just me and my gold


Watching the sun float through the sky

Dawn break is it’s fastest run

And then it creeps


The days will soon race by me

I will forget the gold

I will forget the dew


When I die

I hope to feel how I feel now