11 – Splash

Mellow yellow

Rhythm and rhyme

A cloud in the sky and

the tickings of time

The smell of sourdough 

wafts through the air

A beat in my head as

a smile does spread

across my sun kissed face

10 – Cliche Holidays

“Christmas is my favorite holiday,” I say

As everyone rolls their eyes

And I understand it’s so cliche

But try as I might I just can’t deny

I love the magic, color playing with light

Childlike wonder all around

And the crisp in the air brings me such joy

The pure delight of giving (and receiving’s good too)

But mostly being together with those I hold dear

As the end of another chapter draws near

And I understand the holidays are hard

Get moreso every year

For there are empty seats at the table

Those we have lost, ones who’ve moved on

But not from our hearts

And so we do ache and long for

Their company at this time

That doesn’t stop me from enjoying

The jingles that make the air bright

And the ho ho ho and the mistletoe

Swept up in the merriment, a toast to the yule

The last celebration before we start a year new

09 – This Too Shall Pass








Rid myself of feeling


Feel absolutely anything but


Forget anything exists but




Swept up in this sensation

That presses my senses

Pulls down the defenses

And this

Is only



07 – Normal

“What is normal?” I’ve been asking for years

And perhaps it’s because I’ve never felt it

What others consider run-of-the-mill or benign

Seems completely alien to me

And the opposite is true, what comes naturally

Appears to feel foreign in your skin

And then the pandemic upended

All that we’ve ever known

And so we just find a new homeostasis

Maybe all will be called to their true homes

06 – Stroll Down Memory Lane

Hold my hand as we cross the street

And never take for granted that your feet

Carry you from place to place

And always do without a trace

Of complaint


Remember this moment as we stroll

Along the sidewalk feeling whole

Hand in hand and two by two

And know this mem’ry will be true

To hold


But fleeting as it always is

And easy to forget amidst the bliss

Of evry day events like this

Like all those time your ma did kiss

Your brow


So baby girl, come along

And yes keep skipping to that song

That plays it’s tune inside your head

As there will come a day that you’ll be led



That’s not too say away is bad

It’s natural you’ll meet a lad

Or lady or thing that will bring you near

To them and then my only fear?



So take it in and spend your time

Etching the rote, the dozen a dime

Remember the things that you found sweet

A cuddle, a comfort, a little treat 

The spring


And take them with you when you go

In your body, your mind, your soul you’ll stow

The goodness of your childhood dreams

You’ll find you always have a way to beam

You home


05 – Time Capsule

Aladdin brand lunchbox

Popples grace the outside

Thermos full of Lite Brite bulbs

A headless Barbie

A Ken to match

Cassettes of farm stories that are worn

From hours of play and play and play

A sticker book full of Stickybears all in a row

And echoes of Bill Cosby standup

Perhaps a ghillie, a soft shoe we say

A poodle sock, tip stained with blood

And crumbles of cookies long since devoured

By cherished six-year-old me

04 – Untitled

It has always belonged to you

Birthright, privilege, call it what you will

We are born into this world with something to claim

It echoes in the dark when one calls out your name

So often we are tamed, trained to ignore the draw

Distracted by static, the manic crackle of all

Of the outside world so loud it drowns out

The voice inside that says

That your magic is yours in whatever way it manifests and

It has always belonged to you.

03 – Feels Within Do

Heavy weight

Heavy feels

Feels channeled

Feels the bar

Bar cold and knurling digs

Bar clutched, safe in hands

Hands now calloused and worn

Hands steady, energy calm

Calm the storm raging inside

Calm the darkness that I hide

Hide with a smile and a wink and shrug

Hide all the times I wish to see blood

Blood on hands while children weep

Blood of the holy as they slaughter the sheep

Sheep in the pen, trusting and new

Sheep in my head bleating their fear

Fear here is tested

Fear here is real

Real as in terror of limits unknown

Real as in terror of what is below
Below the surface waters churn

Below the conscious a fire burns

Burns the embers, soul alight

Burns the demons that haunt the night

Night vast, dark and deep

Night breaks through what I need

Need explosive power now

Need calls forth the demon here

Here is the time and

Here is the place 30

Place the burden of years on my back

Place my feet steady, ready to attack

Attack the doubts and the dread and the like

Attack with speed and conscious mind

Mind your body

Mind your soul

Soul is rough and trodden and fights

Soul cries out as beauty unfolds

Unfolds with understanding anew

Unfolds to reveal the powerful you 40

You who have beaten the odds to be here

You who never knew when to quit

Quit to save yourself the pain

Quit because you’re afraid of making a name

Name they’ll remember and

Name they’ll use to hold you to what they want you to do

Do what feels good and do what feels right

Do what brings your body to light