Hour 12

hate is such a powerful feeling
I can barely put it into words
to confess would be a crime
I realize that much
but the anger I feel towards you
is about to flood from the dam

give me a kiss
and I’ll give you one back
if I said I loved you
that would be a stretch

what is this that’s happening
you’re messing with the wrong girl
and I hate to say it
but I’m loving every minute
thank you for the time we spent
struggling to figure out what we were doing

Hour 11

I wish you would get better
I can’t bear to see you fall
I can sense it in the weather
in the wind I hear your call
I wish you could be with me

say hello to summer daydreams
say goodbye to hopeless fantasies
in the end you will be with me
and I will see you thrive

every day time passes slowly
and I’m still waiting to hear news
but my wishes are so lowly
compared to those who are about to lose
though I feel that I’m losing you

someday when you’re well
I will see life in a new way
I might just come out of my shell
and thank God for the day
and thank the day for God

Hour 10

Bear with me as I describe
the absurdities of time:
ever passing, ever increasing,
ever deconstructing, ever changing.
It cannot be stopped, cannot be prevented
in any way. If you wish to avoid it,
there is no hope.
For every second that passes,
things are given and taken away.
If the balance is upset,
the world will crumble,
as time is the foundation of life.

Hour 9

A vegetable is a wonderful thing.
While succulent and fresh,
it also comes in an array of fun colors,
all while helping your body
gain necessary nutrients.
They come up through the ground,
grow on trees and vines,
and are especially appreciated
by rabbits.

Hour 8

Once upon a day,
In a place so cold that the
Windows were always coated with frost,
I awoke to the sound of an angel crying.
I asked him what was wrong and he told me
there was nothing I could do because
the sky was going to fall.

Hour 7

On the eve before my demise
I pray that my love will never cease
As I am riding on the wings of time,
Measuring the countless experiences
That man is destined to have.
All of this has been for a purpose;
To show the ones to come
What is important and what is insignificant.
Cry for me about your fate,
But it was written in the stars
Before you were even born.
Good riddance to the errors,
Faults, and sufferings of our time.

Hour 6

Victory is just beyond our reach
close enough to be tasted
and the oceans of pain
have yet to wash over me.
It’s just as well because
I am ready to fight and to win
against these adversaries,
so firm in their beliefs.

Hour 5

It’s the last match of the season
And I feel like I’m going to cry
It’s the last match of the season
I don’t want to say goodbye
It’s the last match of the season
What will I do in my spare time
It’s the last match of the season
And I can’t think of a rhyme
It’s the last match of the season
No more of Schweinsteiger, Özil, or Löw
It’s the last match of the season
To all this I say, “NOOO!!!”

Hour 4

His skin was black and thick
like leather, his eyes red like fire,
and I stood before the Beast with all the knowledge
of a suitable Beauty. I braced myself
for the attack, but nothing could prepare me
for when he launched himself into the air
and flew at me with his claws and teeth

Hour 3

I sunk beneath the waves
and did regret the afternoon
that had seen me a victim of
submission. I wondered if the creature
that watched me would scoop me out
anytime soon and devour me
from between his claws.