2020 Poetry Marathon, Hour 4

Hour 4 prompt: an epistolary poem.

You had expectations
I’ve spent much of my life confounding them

You were waiting for me
I’ve always been more wait-and-see

You liked the divas and beautiful ballads
I’ve favored the misfits and outliers

You made plans and extended invitations
I’ve showed up on the spur of the moment

You went travelling around the world
I’ve stayed close to home

We are the ends of the earth
Maybe all we need to do
is turn around

2 thoughts on “2020 Poetry Marathon, Hour 4

  1. I enjoyed this very much, Kevin. Seems a great pairing with my Recipe Poem as well – holding the both/and of paradox. I like that balance of yin/yang. Especially like the final two lines – turn to face one another, extend understanding, see how each aspect is really the mirror of the other …. Thank you.

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