8 thoughts on “Hour 4, Prompt 4

  1. Fathomless
    By Sandy Lender

    Fathomless pain
    And oppressive grief
    know I can’t bring you
    back out of the ground.
    I beg forgiveness daily
    for decisions forced upon me.
    I fear regret chasing me down
    cornering me on cloudy nights
    when the last chateau briond
    has drained my last emotion
    leaving my heart-scatters vulnerable
    to careless memories…
    What selfish act could have kept
    you nearer to me?
    I can’t stand your absence any longer.
    The fathomless abyss
    seeks to blend us again
    and tonight’s liquid inhibitor fails me.

  2. To Who I Think I Used to Be
    It’s been a while
    I may have used to be free
    But it’s been a while
    To who I wish I could have been
    Sit down with me today
    I could have been a show of strength
    But I faded back to grey
    To who I know I’ll someday be
    Slow down a touch to see
    I may be able to become
    A picture-perfect Me

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