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kerryvalkyriebaldockkelly - 150 posts

Kerry studied at the Universities of Kent, Greenwich and Open in the UK following courses in English, Psychology, Law, Science and Humanities. She travelled extensively with her five children. In 2008 Kerry was diagnosed with Bipolar and Epilepsy and started to write as a healing, emotional outlet.

The Poetry Marathon - 105 posts

MelNeet - 80 posts

I'm a playwright and writer based in Kansas City. I'm not suitable for all audiences. This is my third poetry marathon.

Cindy Albers

Cindy Albers - 78 posts

I live on Maui and am part of the Maui Live Poets Society. I grew up in Nebraska, lived in California for awhile. Manager is my job, but writing is my passion. I just recently married the love of my life, fellow poet David Wilson. I recently published two chapbooks, Porcelain and Fragments under the name Cinthia I Albers and edited Maui Muses 4 Equitude for the Maui Live Poets. This will be my third marathon. It has helped me grow as a writer and network in ways I never imagined possible.

ShyamiNazzaro - 75 posts

Anne McMaster

Anne McMaster - 75 posts

I live on an old farm in the rural north west of Northern Ireland - outside a tiny town which nestles at the foot of the Sperrin Mountains. Originally a farmer, I studied English Literature at university and fell head over heels in love with theatre. I've worked freelance in the US and NI, lectured in theatre for 20+ years and now work freelance as a poet, playwright and theatre director. I also design bespoke training courses. I'm jealously owned by several cats...

Hardika Sharma - 74 posts

Hello everyone ,I am from India and I am here to talk less and write more....

Angel Rosen - 71 posts

Queer, sad, poet soul, self-doubt. 22. Lady Lazarus.

Boheme Bia

Boheme Bia - 67 posts

I'm a Bohemian poet, freelance writer, modern henna artist, music & art promoter, avid locavore, occasional world traveler seeking unique adventures, and accidental gourmet chef. My writing and poetry is shaped and inspired by the push and pull of the elements surrounding me at any given moment.

Poetess Rock

Poetess Rock - 66 posts

Born to write, inspired by many, Published Author since 2014, Soaring High, a born Jamaican.

JoyceB - 61 posts

Born to write. Inspired by words. I've been writing poems, short stories, and non-fiction (mostly journaling) for years, but never shared. The Poetry Marathons have brought me out of my shell. The friendships and support found are amazing!

Roy Mark Azanza Corrales

Roy Mark Azanza Corrales - 58 posts

Roy Mark Azanza Corrales or fondly called by his peers or friends as simply Roy or Mark, he is always fond of reading books when he was studying his early basic education at Marist School Marikina as a First year High school student. The MARIST High School Library commended him as widely read books which owning 23 library cards filled amounting roughly 1000 books in ten months at given school year. In his mind, the curiosity about life intrigues him, he even questions about his existence and the purpose of one life and relating with himself and to others as well as the Universe. He likes to read books as manga and comic books. He is also an otaku for Japanese anime and Japanese manga. He was also engaged during his collegiate education as part of Editorial Board in the seminary college as Associate Editor Reconciliare at University of La Sallete Seminary Silang Cavite , and also was National Literary Editor at NFJPIA Newsletter. He had joined collegiate parliamentary debate and accounting quizzes when he was a collegiate student. At his spare time, he make it a point to write inspiration in poetry genre. He studied BSBA MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING at ABE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND ACCOUNITING CAINTA , RIZAL. He was a former seminarian in a Franciscan all male monastery which once he hold position of Secretary General or Secretary of the community and former catechist in a parish from Diocese of Antipolo. At times, the solace of solitude often invited him to discern and marvel about Human Existence , and Spirituality in making life more meaningful. After the awarding at PENTASI B HISTORICAL FORUM 2013, he undergone research and was able to contributor as a press release entitled “PHILIPPINE, Poetry hub of The World” and doing contribution for different anthology poetry like I am poetry ,Verses: Storm of Philippine Poets and other anthologies to follow. December 2013 (9-23), he was able to hold an one man poetry show at Library of World Art of Memories following year 2014 (March 25 –April 14)thereafter , he also held an one man poetry show at Library of World Art of Memories, and this 2015 (February 17-March 17) , within same year 2015 (November 20-December 20) also he also held an one man poetry show at Library of World Art of Memories and he made his first visual poem was posted at PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry named “humility” He has a facebook page for his own poetry as https://www.facebook.com/WALKERINLIFE or A Life Walker. This year he is in process of making his first visual poetry book. He is currently a corporate secretary in a family business which is engaged in exportation of dried seaweeds under Corporation name as “ALGACROPS INC” from 2009 till the present.

Paul Robert Sanford - 58 posts

born Dec 1947. New poetry writer. Theater, standup comedy, theology, psychology.

JWALKthe15th - 56 posts

SarahJ - 56 posts

On the second half of a personal century, still struggling with the precision of words to express nothing. Almost nothing. Three cats, two kids, one spouse, one house. A life wrapped in brambles. And a quart of dreams moldering, more relinquished to the starlings every year. And words, fewer still, flung from their murder back to me.


mariel-m - 54 posts

Grey haired novice. Poet since the age of 10. Like mysteries and old radio detective shows. Turtles are my totem.


luellen - 53 posts

In the past year since my first marathon, I have begun developing several stories, published as part of three wonderful anthologies, found my voice as a blogger for Some Poets, stretched my wings through submissions to several arenas, and grown in my faith that this is what I am meant to do.

CeeSie - 51 posts

A long-haired, pants-hating, shoe-eschewing child of nature. A lonely bibliophile in search of sanity.

Carolyn Robinson - 51 posts

Hi, I have been writing for a long time. I enjoy writing poetry. I love using imagery to try to describe emotion. That's the challenge of good poetry to me. Looking forward to sharing this marathon with all of you! I live in Baltimore, MD. I have published three poetry books to date -all love poems, thus the nickname "the Love Poet"! The first was Things I Learned While Loving You, then Love Poems Along the Way and my most recent was Elegy for a Lost Love. All are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and most major book stores. I also have a FB page -All That Drama! Productions that gives lots of information on mostly local events in the DMV area, but also contests, and spotlights different performance based projects and groups. The page also has a lot of inspirational stuff in case you are interested, feel free to check it out and like it while you are there. Good Luck to everyone participating in the marathon this year!

SilverQuiver - 51 posts

Hoping to call myself a writer some day soon.


lauriemck - 51 posts

I am a supervisor of special education programs in Cadillac, Michigan. This is my second poetry marathon. Although I can't remember a time that I didn't write, the majority of my work has been solely for my benefit. I am married and have three grown children. Life is wonderful.


Michellia - 51 posts

I am a 50 year old female and live in McKenzie Tennessee. I live alone, disabled computer geek who has been writing poetry since age 12. I love reading and writing.


Virginia - 51 posts

I love to write, play and have fun :)

seema - 50 posts

Hi , My name is seema sahoo and I wont call myself a poet but write more from a spiritual perspective as a form of healing. Restarted writing after 22 years . I am from Scottsdale , Arizona and I am a Reiki teacher and an Occupational therapist as well.


hollydistefano - 50 posts


earth2joy - 50 posts

Hi, I'm Joy Miller. I'm an actress, singer, songwriter, computer geek who got into poetry more than 40 years ago as a performer. Poetry interpretation is at the core of my acting technique. Nothing like it! The condensed soup of all literature. I live in Escondido, California, and have two grown children - one in New York City, the other in Austin, TX. Looking forward to the marathon!


vincentl - 50 posts

I am a fine artist and poet, I draw and write every single day, I am from Belgium, french-speaking and I have been living in London since 2008... I am doing the Marathon for the second year, I wrote 50 poems last year, and I am very excited about it. you can see my art works and read my poems on http://vincentleleux.com


shaqila - 50 posts

garethroi - 50 posts

Is a member of the dandylion collective, a small writers' group based in Adelaide, South Australia. He is primarily a poet, who likes to drink wine (his predilection is Sauvignon Blanc, bubbles is second preference, & is also partial to pretty much anything else - except red bubbles, urrrgh!). In 2014, he co-edited the Friendly Street Poets Annual Anthology 38; & in 2012 had a solo collection ‘Gunyah’ Healing published as part of Friendly Street Poets New Poets 17 in 2012 (along with John Pfitzner & Rachael Mead). He has been most recently published in Eureka Street & InDaily Poet's Corner; as well as poems in The Infinite Dirt, Patterns of Living, Light and Glorie, Flying Kites, dB magazine, Iron Lace & others. Career highlights include: having his poem “Many-Worlds Quantum Mechanics Vs Earth-Based Grease Monkeys” published in The Best Australian Science Writing 2013; winning Second Place & $1000 for writing a poem on a pretty obscure topic after finding a competition which closed in 6 hours that same day; & having “i thought the moon was a cop car in my rear vision mirror as i drove home late last night …” short listed for 2012 Satura Prize.

anairina - 49 posts

Born 1983 in Bucharest, Romania. Studied English and French at the University of Bucharest. Awarded a PhD from the University of Bucharest in 2014, with the thesis "Virginia Woolf and Graham Swift: The Lyrical Novel". Started writing haiku in August 2014.

bluemuse - 49 posts

Jasper Peacock

Jasper Peacock - 49 posts

I am a hermit and I write.


S.Elizabeth - 49 posts

Rebel Martin

Rebel Martin - 48 posts

I'm the kid your parents warned you about

passionwhite - 47 posts

International award winning poet that just recently received a letter from Poetry Nation and I am getting an honor award for past accomplishments for my writing poetry. My overall, personality is artistic in which is writing, painting, and photography. I have just recently been a published author with one book called "My Healing Journey" by Dana Warnock which is my maiden name and I working on getting my name back. I am currently writing another book of poetry. I hope to finish this book within this marathon.


idaroque - 46 posts

A retired teacher in Special Education, loves reading,author of children's book ,poetry writing,sketching,photography,cooking,gardening,jewelry making and traveling.


everemillard - 45 posts

lckerns - 43 posts

Author/ Poet/ Photographer/ Crafter but in my spare time and to make a living- I work in politics.

Ingrid - 42 posts

I have been writing poetry on and off since I was about 12 years old ( many years!) My hobbies are writing, running, photography and reading. I recently completed a book combining some of my photographs with health tips. Another one of my aims is to do a book or chapbook incorporating more of my pictures as well as my poems. During this challenge., I will be picking out some of my photographs and using them as "triggers" for some of my poems. My poetry may also involve the subject of running as I am currently training for my second marathon!


mateolara - 42 posts

I am 22. I am from California. I enjoy writing, music, and trying to survive. I I think poetry has saved me. I love too much.


jabberwhacky - 40 posts

I used to sail, now I manage projects for the O&G industry. I did write too...somehow I remember that.

dextajean - 40 posts

Dexta Jean "Jeannie" was raised in Arkansas, but her maternal ancestral home is Puerto Rico. She is the mother of four boys and wife to a small town physician. She is a poet, a painter, and a pilgrim. She also takes her conceptual art pieces and travels the region delivering "art sermons." Finding common ground by pushing boundaries is the message she concentrates on. She considers both poetry and visual art as non-threatening conduits to open discussion in the Bible Belt about social topics not normally discussed. Ms. Stone is an adjunct professor of English at ATU and serves as an advisory board member to the Arkansas Arts Council.


Raven - 39 posts

I am a former music journalist, recent creative writing graduate, originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, but currently living in London, UK. At the moment I am mostly focused on sci-fi and found poetry, but in general my tastes in literature (and music, and all forms of art) are very eclectic.


Aayan - 38 posts

Copyeditor by profession, aspiring writer, poet at heart.


waldomaui - 38 posts

The day after the marathon ends (assuming I survive the experience) I will turn 63. I've been part of Maui Live Poets Society for around 20 years. I need a good kick in the pants to be a more productive poet, and this challenge fits the bill. It will be a memorable way to finish my 62nd year.

Caitlin Thomson - 36 posts

I am a poet & editor that lives in rural Washington. I came up with this idea while eating lunch three years ago. I thought it would be a fun way to creatively torture myself. To learn more about my writing you can visit my website here: http://www.caitlinthomson.com/


Kwills - 36 posts

Kell Willsen is an aspiring lyricist, trainee web developer, and story-teller, who believes that good art is a blend of form and content. One day, Kell hopes to make good art. Until then, you get this.


DonnaWriter - 36 posts

I have been writing poetry since age 11. Free verse, quatrains, sonnets, haiku. I also write short stories and I paint, mostly in oils. I used to be a teacher and I act onstage as much as I can. Every word is a small section of my existence.

vskypoetress - 34 posts

Art, in its many forms, has been and remained my outlet in everyday life. I believe that art is the one true passage way for the soul to communicate with the rest of the world. Being an artist has introduced me to people, cultures, and experiences I would have never had otherwise. As you read any of my poetry, music, view my art or listen to any of my audio poems, I hope that you look and listen with an open spirit. If I'm able to paint a picture of any kind in your mind, that's what counts. June of 2013 I published my second poetry book entitled "One". In 2010, I wrote and recorded my first single, "Love is not for the weak" Back in 2008, I opened a small painting business "Custom Creations" Yes, I love the arts! As of right now, I am working on another book, a comedy actually! A real life look at the dating scene in your 30's. You definitely wont want to miss this one! I still run "Custom Creations" and I am a poetry junky and will never put the pen down!


Sara - 33 posts

A single mother and attempted poetess, I share the joies des vivres with my beautiful mother, assorted family and son, attempting to convey with paltry words the meaning I bring to this world. A medical student and a romantic, I seek to soothe hearts with words as well as one day with healing hands; only time may tell.

meka - 33 posts

My name Meka R Brown. I am a single mother of two daughters, Meca (20) and McKell (17). I am an employee at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO. I am an aspiring writer and an avid reader. Memoir and poetry are my genres but I am interested in learning other genres.

Darcy Force

Darcy Force - 32 posts

Mother of three. Gothic lyricist and vocalist. The film Dead Poets Society is what started my journey into writing at age fourteen. My influences are, Poe, Shakespeare, Martin L. Gore, Dave Gahan, Peter Murphy,Neil Finn, Bjork, and Tori Amos. I am exited to do this challenge. I am hoping this will help me to be able to "just write" as it is normally an almost birthing process for me..including labor pains, and Lamaze breathing. Thank you for the opportunity

Ant - 32 posts

Hi all! My name is Antoinette Le Roux (legally still Keyser, but I have divorced my abusive husband, and am in the process of becoming Le Roux again), and I live in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa. I have been writing poetry since forever, but have never really published anything except on Facebook, Wattpad and my WordPress blog… and more recently on one or two websites as gigs that I’ve done on Fiverr. My main reason for entering this Marathon is to get my butt in gear: I have known since my elementary school days that I am a writer deep down inside, but received nothing but ridicule from my school peers, teachers… and even my father who has tried to push me into becoming an architect. He used to ridicule me when I tried to express myself singing and he used to tell me that writing is for the “less intelligent”; he made me believe that a woman “cannot make it as a singer or as an author”. Both my husbands simply made me believe that I am “good for nothing”, the second one even going as far as to call me a “good for nothing mad ‘effing’ bitch”! Needless to say, when one gets told the same nonsense so perpetually one really actually believes all the verbal crap that gets flung at one… Now, with my dad, peers and abusive husbands long gone… and with the internet as an awesome resource telling me to my face that all those people were actually liars, I have now decided that it’s better late than never. I am getting into the world of authors, come what may… I know that I can do it, and this Marathon is a great opportunity to show myself that I can because what I really need is the motivation and self-confidence to step out and DO IT! And here I am then, at age 60, breaking into the world where I know that I belong! I’m coming home so to speak! Good luck to everyone who will participate, and may we all survive! © 2015 Antoinette LeRoux

martinagallegos - 29 posts

I was born and raised in Mexico and came to the U. S. at fourteen. I attended U. S. schools through graduate level after a major stroke. I started writing after the stroke in 2012 and publishing one month before my Masters. I published my first book, Grab the Bull by the Horns, Outskitrts Press, January 2016.

seth - 29 posts

Good day everyone! I'm Melissa Seth Albornoz, a native from Philippines, and presently working here in the middle east as a housemaid. I will be joining full time marathon. I love literature. I love reading and writing it on my own. I came here not just to compete to other participants, I came here to learn, enhance and develop my capability in writing, but, Its not only writing, but, my ability to arrange the letters on the air to form a word to touch one's life. I don't have a house, but, I have a home, and I found it here.. in this - "poetical world" Where A-Z unites and love each other as they form a word.

Harvey Schwartz - 29 posts

Harvey Schwartz Statement of Purpose Biography I grew up in a suburban Philadelphia area much like Archie Bunker’s. I was a Jewish kid in a predominantly Catholic neighborhood. I didn’t like Hebrew School, because it separated me from many of my friends. A priest told my friends not to play with me. This and other related events created a paradox. I felt compelled to defend the religion that I didn’t embrace. I tried to disprove the stereotypes that crashed upon me like waves at high tide. Jewish kids aren’t athletic or tough were the only ones I could address and it energized me every time I crashed the boards playing basketball. But it also taught me that the world didn’t owe me success. My love of sports was also a saving grace from the boring life that seemed preordained. I had to study science, which I hated, in order to get into a pre-dental program in college. By then I might have come to my senses sans the carrot of a Vietnam War draft exemption. I bit hard. Going to Woodstock changed me. And a year later my draft lottery number was high enough to free me. But being a slow learner, I thought I’d give dental school a try, since I’d already been accepted. I didn’t last a quarter. I spontaneously quit. Then I joined a hippy commune, which segued into a nine thousand mile hitch hiking adventure that crossed Canada and included Alaska, Oregon and California. I never returned to live in the east. And many hitching adventures followed. In 1973 I returned to college for teacher training and became a tutor/councilor for Lummi Indian kids in Bellingham, WA. Then I taught in a school run by an internationally known (but under the radar locally) psychic, on Orcas Island, WA. This was followed by a one year stint teaching fifth grade in a tiny town on the Yakama Indian Reservation, where I learned more than I taught. Next was a vision quest of sorts back to Orcas Island. I pitched a tipi with the intention of staying there until I knew my next step. I happened upon a chiropractic office and the subsequent chain of events led to a twenty five year career as a chiropractor. My life and practice were featured in a cover story of Chiropractic Economics in 2003. My wife Colleen was doing a vision quest of her own on neighboring San Juan Island during mine on Orcas. We were married on Leap Year Day in 1976. Colleen and our children Jerome and Devan are all accomplished writers. I retired in 2004 and the next years were focused on travel, my garden, and being part of an Improv group. In 2010 I went to hear a lecture at Western Washington University on the wrong day. I somehow came home enrolled in two creative writing classes. I was quickly hooked. I appreciate the exceptional opportunity writing affords me to reflect and write about what I’ve experienced and learned. It’s a lot like Improv, but without the speed factor. Coaching from professors helps me tell a better story and classmate feedback is invaluable. I still enjoy the luxury of frequent and widespread travel while the garden that I’m trying to simplify seems to keep getting bigger. Randomness, dilemmas, paradoxes, and peripheral vision are a big part of my writing palette. My goal is to paint a picture that is insightful, enjoyable, and artistic.


mtorrez81 - 29 posts


sweetjeni - 28 posts

badger - 28 posts

cchurchill - 28 posts

Hello everyone this is my first poetry marathon and I am super excited about it... I haven't been writing all that long but hope you enjoy my entries. I am from MI between Detroit and Flint. If you want to see more of my work you can check me out on Instagram @cc_writes.

marthak - 28 posts

pgerber - 28 posts

A college English Instructor, blogger, writer, poet and yogini, I enjoy the sun and sand in Surf City (Huntington Beach), California, with my husband of 35 years, my two daughters, my parents, dog and cats.

narinder - 28 posts

Sandy McLellan - 27 posts

nancyk - 27 posts

I am a mom of 5, just left teaching middle school after 15 years, and tend to write more nonfiction than anything else. I just received a new puppy 2 days ago, so I have lost the ability to get much done.

A. J. Edwards - 27 posts

I'm the weirdest person I know. I can be accurately described as anxious, thoughtful, self-absorbed, talkative, and devout.

jennifervera - 27 posts

I'm a poet from NYC and have my MFA in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College. I work as a freelance editor/writing coach for other writers.

acockyone - 27 posts

Twenty-six-year-old college student in pursuit of something greater than the monotonous hegemony and socially enforced mediocrity that has been nearly systemic in its stitching of citizens into a quilted pattern of ignorance, intolerance, and greed. I am hoping that by the time I obtain my Degree, that my hunger for literature and my thirst for writing will have matured and developed into less of a beginner's hobby and more of a profitable, marketable commodity, instead. At this stage in my life, I realize that success is not defined by how talented you may see yourself as being, or even how talented you may actually be. For what good is talent if you never do anything with it? What difference does it make if, say, you are the best vocalist that has ever walked the Earth, if you've never let anyone else hear you sing? This then, is not just another preamble on just another social networking site, but something like the first few measures to my life's opus, so to speak. Here ends The Prologue.


mariamlutfullah - 27 posts

23 year-old aspiring writer and poetry lover.

thekurlman - 27 posts


janiceraquelamendonca - 27 posts

Awkward and weird in epic proportions and a bit of a freak. I write what I am afraid to tell you. :)


torrimbrown - 27 posts

Hi My name is Torri. This is my 2nd marathon and I'm pretty hype about it. I'm so hyped, I decided to do the 24 hour marathon this year instead of the 12 hour one. I recently moved from Saint Louis, Missouri to Tacoma, Washington and could use a bit of write-spiration. My sister Meka is also doing the poetry marathon again this year and I'm looking forward to reading her stuff along with yours! Our life has changed quite a bit this past month with the loss of our very special cousin and we could use a little motivation to get out of our sadness. I'm so happy that such a thing like the poetry marathon exists! I plan to stay pumped by drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of Washington's fresh fruit during the marathon. I hope it works! I look forward to reading some of everyones beautiful poetry soon! ❤

sharonedge - 27 posts

I have been a poet since I was in elementary school. I've been a published poet since the 90s. My first book of poetry was a haiku chapbook, No Sanctuary, published by Amelia Press. My second book of poetry, Not a Prodigal, is forthcoming from Village Books Press.

shanfordjeff - 26 posts

young and yearning for a pen that creates the magic my mind makes.

cbskala - 26 posts

I am 20 years old, and I'm an author, a student, a poet, and a martial artist :)

Nicole - 26 posts

Just me. Clinging to this spinning ball. Loving life and my family. Even when im not. I live on the Eastern shore of Maryland, its beautiful and completely another world from anywhere else on earth. I am a crafter, an artist, a writer and an all around creative soul. Too many interests and not enough focus most of the time.


oatman - 26 posts

34 year old carpenter, writer, activist, anarchist and aspiring iconoclast living in a little off-grid cabin on a Buddhist sanctuary in Maui, Hawaii.


ramonaelke - 26 posts


77poetess - 26 posts


MaritzaMMejia - 26 posts

A bilingual substitute teacher born in Colombia and live in Florida with my husband and our two teenagers. I published my memoir "Hazel Eyes" (2010, two FIVE Stars Bilingual Children Books: "Vanilla and Chocolate" (2012) and "Grandma's Treasure" (2014), and "Poems, Thoughts and More" (2015) by WRB Publishing. I write to inspire others to be a better person. I will prepare for half-marathon by setting up my workplace, preparing my favorite food (Italian) and getting familiar with Wordpress. Happy Marathon!

Rachel Marco-Havens - 26 posts

Rachel is a gifted Multi-Platform Solutionary Artivist working primarily with Energy Transformation. With a strong focus on Women’s Leadership, Youth Empowerment and bridging intergenerational connections, Rachel seeks to close the gaps in social, environmental and spiritual justice movements; in a constant search for the intersectionality in every opportunity to make positive change. Art, Music, Design, Performance and Humor (+a little Mountain Girl Magic) drive the methods to which she has amassed a wealth of “First Aid” tips for the Mind Body & Spirit. Although she has immersed herself in many traditions and bodies of work, Rachel chooses not limit herself to any one school, modality, religion or training. “A lot happens when we change our mind, and even more happens when we bring creative flow to the movement. We all have gifts to bring to the work, and only together will we weave the strongest threads of our safety net!” Some of Rachel’s Current Projects: Earth Guardians Global: (Youth Engagement Director) Earth Guardians New York: (Co-Founder & Director) Hudson River Sloop Clearwater: (Board Of Directors) Kingston Citizens: (Events Committee Chair) Pathway To Paris: (Collaborative Artist) Rachel’s drive to be effective in the world on a grander scale, is fueled by connecting, engaging, supporting and promoting those working for a just and sustainable planet for regenerations to come. For fun: The Same Boat Radio: Rachel hosts a weekly 2 hour radio show on WIOF LP Woodstock 104 A Community Powered, Pacifica affiliated, radio station in Woodstock.

EbonySB - 26 posts

Author, Poet, Yogi and Blogtalk Radio Host. Writing is how I release, talking is how I heal, yoga is how I balance. From VA, looking forward to the 24hr marathon.

Alice - 26 posts

Jade - 26 posts

marty57 - 26 posts

Shaunton Taylor

Shaunton Taylor - 26 posts

I LOVE writing poetry. It is my first and last thought of each day. I love cakes, pies, and chocolate. I think roller coasters are an awesome way to relieve tension and aggression. My favorite place to be is near watersides enjoying the sounds and beauty of nature. I value challenges, BUT I never want to be US president.

jsweeder - 26 posts


ellawagemakers - 26 posts

Tracy Plath - 25 posts

Hello, fellow marathoners! I'm a poet and short story writer fortunate to live in the stunning juxtaposition of desert, river, and mountains that is the west side of El Paso, Texas, with my sprawling family, golden retriever Ginger, aka The Love Sponge, and our Celtic kitty, Seamus. While pursuing degrees in English literature and Anthropology at Indiana University as an adult returning student, I discovered the intense joy and therapeutic healing of poetry and essay writing. I had the great good fortune to marry the love of my life in 2012, and as a poet am simultaneously both nerdishly proud and daunted by the fact that my husband is a distant relative of Sylvia Plath. My participation in the 2015 Poetry Marathon reaped the many layered benefits of intense writing time spent with my daughter, poet Sara Anderson, the deep and sustaining friendships begun on that fateful day such as that with my dear friend, Alicia Sophia Martin and the other members of the writing group, Some Poets, the publication of my first chapbook, Thicker Than Water: Poems From a Life Uncharted, and writing poems for, co-editing and producing three books for Some Poets, 19,751 words. an anthology. by Some Poets., Wicked Words. a chapbook. by Some Poets., and Love. Letters. a chapbook. by Some Poets. We are in the process of creating a multicultural book of translation poems that touch on the family background and language of each participating poet, and I'm personally writing my own memoir with poem/photo chapter introductions. I've been looking forward to this year's marathon since about a minute after 2015's marathon ended, and can't wait to see what we all create!


reuben - 25 posts

I live in Sydney, Australia and populate my time with inspirations and fascinations. I'm currently studying literature and working as a cook but I spend most of my time reading, writing, playing chess or country music and asking myself if it's too late for coffee or too early for wine. The poetry marathon seems like a wonderful way to further distract myself from everyday affairs.

lexie - 25 posts

Robert Nalagan - 25 posts

I'm 35, starting my long and painful but rewarding career as a culinary arts professional. I'm doing the whole marathon. I'm going to attempt to post every hour but alas I work the swing shift at a restaurant.

gemlin - 25 posts

Prolific poetess looking forward to the challenge getting to know some of my fellow writers out there.

vijaya - 25 posts

megawriter - 25 posts

I'm a 20 year old young man from California who loves to write, act, play games, and so on. While I'm not currently a published author or poet, I have been a competitive writer on both a local and a global scale. This will be his first year as a participant in the poetry marathon and he is looking forward to the creativity and challenge.

Nix - 25 posts

Writer and reader :) and I am participating in the poetry marathon, trying to the 24 hours 😊


ZephieJade - 25 posts


emitch - 25 posts

Jersey Girl. Tough. Sweet. Smart. Unique.


teriharroun - 25 posts

This is my first poetry marathon. I have a partner, 3 children of my own, and my partner's two children. I enjoy goats, chickens, yarn, reading, and of course poetry. I am a minister and many of my poems are spiritual. My life saying is that "kindness matters".

Denise - 25 posts

My name is Denise and I have been writing poetry for over 40 years now. I started writing as a child; it was a way of saying what I could not speak.


tammyg - 25 posts

evangelinec-cube - 25 posts

I am a proud Grandmom of 3 kiddos. I am still working as Executive Assistant to the President of a small, private family corporation. My great wish to be known as a verser or a poetess transcends all past aspirations. I am on my way to fulfill this great wish with the help of The Poetry Marathon, I hope. I'm from the Philippines.

kosh - 25 posts

I enjoy writing poems and short stories and have begun writing a novel. I love science fiction/fantasy the most but enjoy every genre. I like to explore the depths of the human psyche and jiggle around whatever I find. While much of my work is traditionally dark, I enjoy the lighter side of humanity and try to fill my works with hope. I also hate talking about myself because I never know what to say...so there! Lol

m-flintsuter - 25 posts

Larisa Fernandes

Larisa Fernandes - 25 posts

Hi! I'm Larisa Fernandes, a high-schooler who's simply in love with literature. I plan on completing this year's marathon as diligently as I can.

elenaleejohnson - 25 posts

sarayb - 25 posts

I'm a terrible windbag, but I can't ever think of anything interesting to say about myself, so I'm not going to try. I am 40 years old, have been writing and making things up for most of my life. I have been published once, about 15 years ago, and would like it to happen again sometime before I die. Mostly I just like to write things, and this is a fun challenge, and motivates me to write a year's worth of poems in a day. I'm going to do the half-marathon this time.

unexpectedpoet23 - 25 posts

I go to a highschool in Tennessee. I am a sophomore now. I started writing at the beginning of my freshman year when I was at a hard time in life I was and still use it as a coping mechanism. But, I'm doing better. I am here because my mom found this website and I'm so glad she did I'm here to test my skills on different topics and the way I'm going to do that is to do it all. When I get something in my head I'm stubborn toward myself because I know I can do it. And doing this contest is going to make me have more and more self discipline toward myself. I have 70+ pages of poetry just from a year ago. I had more but I ended up losing them. But, I'm not to happy about that in myself that I did it. But, its okay I plan on writing so much more. And just this alone gives me 24 more poems. I am also willing to read poems but I'm not to great giving advice on them but the fact that I like them, they're amazing, or beautifully written. But, seriously I'm always willing to read anything. Anyway, I write what I feel, what others feel, what needs to be said, etc. Anyway, you're all beautiful and hope you have a great time reading my poetry.


thefirestarter - 25 posts

Originally hailing from Chitown or as commonly known Chicago, I now reside in Ocala, Florida. I come from a strong Puerto Rican background laced with Creole/black descendance. Growing up in a big city afforded me the privilege of being exposed to many breathtaking journeys, heartaches, tragedies and experiences. All of these circumstances created in me an eclectic array of characteristics that can only be attributed to me. I love who I am. I can only thank God for every single occurrence in my life that brought me to this point. And so I write.

thepoeticunderground - 25 posts

I'm Erin, 19 years old from (usually) sunny Queensland, Australia. I run the blog thepoeticunderground.com and I don't even know what I'm getting myself into.

Mark Lucker

Mark Lucker - 25 posts

A mid-life career switch from corporate life to teaching brought me from the rural Midwest to the inner city of New Orleans, where I am entering my ninth year as an English teacher. A life-long poet, my style and vibe tends to riccochet unexpectedly at times - reflecting my cultural background of growing up in Minneapolis and Denver, summers on a northern Minnesota lake, and a vagabond adulthood. Last year's marathon was my first, and aside from reducing a large writer's block to pebbles, it also resulted in a whole new circle of online friends - fellow poets with who I helped form the online group 'Some Poets' - so far we have produced three anthologies and built some wonderful relationships. The marathon and its aftermath also lit a fire under me to finally get my act together and publish. Three of my books are currently for sale (not including 2 of 3 (to date!) 'Some Poets' anthologies) and I have two more books in the pipeline. Marathon 2016? Let's get it on!

imee12 - 25 posts

Hi! I'm trying to get back into writing after having a baby six months ago! When I'm not hanging out with my little girl, I'm a software engineer. I'm excited to be a part of this poetry marathon.


kevinbrennan - 25 posts

Hi My name is Kevin Brennan and this is my first time doing the poetry marathon. I am from Dublin Ireland. I am currently working on my second novel, a science fiction story that starts in the present and goes fifty years into a utopian future where the human race saves itself and the planet thanks to a worldwide shift in attitude. My nickname comes from the title of my first book Gurriers. I perform poetry in The International Bar in Dublin every Wednesday at a fantastic event called Dublin's Underground Beat. This is a music and poetry open mike night where all artists are welcome. We get lots of overseas talent. Last night we had a poet from Chicago, a blues guitarist from Salt Lake City and a harmonica player from Germany. Any poets who come to Ireland should come and join us for a session.

George Saba

George Saba - 25 posts

18 years old cat lady who's fascinated with felines and words.

Hannah - 25 posts

So what does one do once they graduate with a creative writing degree with a minor in art? Yup, they become underemployed with little time to write at home. I'm doing the poetry marathon to force myself to work around my work schedule and finally get back to doing what I love. I chose my degree because it was my passion, and now I want to get back to realizing my dream.

Thariyah Shah - 25 posts

sfalk09 - 25 posts

JessicaCruz - 25 posts


Jacob - 25 posts

I'm not the creator of the Poetry Marathon, my wife Caitlin is, but I help manage the event and the website. I'm participating as well. I like to write sonnets.

Veronica Robbins - 25 posts

I'm a professional writer by trade, which means I write for food, but rarely for me. Married mother of two. San Francisco Giants fan. Dog lover, Lover of the written word.

Adryn - 25 posts

I like new creative challenges and sharing with creative, ambitious people. Hoping for more of that here. :)


cindykarnitz - 25 posts

I am writer and editor. I blog about food, family and philosophical notions when the climate dictates. I am published in fiction, non-fiction, poetry and as an editor. I work a day job in Aerospace. I have five kids, two grandkids and an extremely loving and supportive husband. I believe coffee should be its own FDA approved food group. http:\\www.cindykarnitz.com

Leo Bianco - 25 posts

I started writing to get me through a hard time with my son's surgeries at the request of friends who said to try writing you can't keep it all bottled up inside and turns out I enjoy making people feel my words so I dabble every now and then, am i an author or poet? no i don't think so, have i been published? no other than my blog? am i a writer no I just write. why am i here? to see what real writers poets and authors think of my writing to see if maybe I am wrong and possibly I do fall into one of the categories that I have been thinking I'm not good enough to be in


tawnya - 25 posts

mhickok - 25 posts

I'm biographically innocent, innocently impossible, impossibly personable, personably social, socially acceptable, acceptably weird. 19, 20ish, an adult by America's standards but not by my own. I live to write and write to read, I read to live.


Britton - 25 posts

I grew up a third-culture kid. Issues of culture, social justice, and translation ground my work. In addition, a love of other languages and their music fascinates me.

willjxn - 25 posts

I grew up in Southern Colorado's San Luis Valley, positioned between the beautiful San Juan Mountains to the west and the breath-taking Sangre De Christo Mountains to the east. I am currently living in Utah. I am a father of four amazing children. My wife and I have two children remaining at home with us. I enjoy late evening swims, reading books, gardening and taking hikes in the Utah and Colorado mountains and foothills. I also enjoy writing poetry and sharing it with my friends and family. I have had my personal jehads in life and poetry has helped me come out victorious over them.

Christina DiEdoardo

Christina DiEdoardo - 25 posts

I'm a criminal defense attorney and organized-crime historian who's looking forward to spreading her wings and doing more poetry. Can't wait for the marathon! :)

Jennifer Meneray - 25 posts

sonic1102 - 25 posts

Cameron Gilkes

Cameron Gilkes - 25 posts

I am freelance writer and photography by nights and weekends. By day I work in the standard 9:00 to 5:00 world of corporate America. I have been writing poetry since I was able to put words on paper. My life and my hobbies all revolve around this love for words. Everyday I challenge myself on how I can do a little more with my passion for writing.

Haley - 25 posts

I'm a college student with a passion for writing dating back to 5th grade, my yearbook dream being "to have my poems published all around the world"

Aisha Nazir

Aisha Nazir - 25 posts

I'm a 20 year-old and I have always had a passion for poetry. I love to write just anything though. I think, mostly, I write because I want to be heard.

shawker - 25 posts

Secondary English teacher in Worcestershire, England. Amateur novelist and follower of the old ways. Blessed Be! ;)

danielzorn - 25 posts

Crystal Davis

Crystal Davis - 25 posts

A modern troubadour trading 365 global experiences for words through Project Curious. Lover of honey tea and fan of odd socks, about to start a writing residency in Italy for July! I am taking on the full marathon, and look forward to the glories of sleep deprivation and intense creative immersion! You can find me at www.crystaldavis.com.au or on fb as CrystalDavisAuthor xx

chowilawu - 25 posts

Expatriate living, working, and writing in Canada. Have been experiencing the lighter, brighter, and beautiful parts of life along with a few of its darker sides for a long time. I am more the semblance of a storyteller than a poet, but I love the genre in order to say certain things succinctly and with craftsmanship.


dusty.grein - 25 posts

Dusty Grein is an author, award-winning poet and graphics designer from Federal Way, Washington. He currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, where his 15 year old daughter is trying to raise him tight (with limited success). A contributing member of the Society of Classical Poets, he focuses on keeping the classic forms of meter and rhyme fresh and alive. When he is not busy writing, he donates a great deal of his time and graphics talent. In honor of his grandson Eddy, lost to SIDS at 13 weeks old, he creates free memorial images for bereaved families, with a special focus on infant and pregnancy loss. His blog, From Grandpa's Heart... is followed by fans around the world.

Alora - 25 posts

Returning marathoner, excited to be back. I'm a data geek and a novel writer. Let's do this!


sole95 - 25 posts

Translator, Interpreter, Editor, Writer, World Traveler, Lover of fine art, Poetry, Music, Cuisine, Architecture, Interior Design and Interesting People.

Eva El Beze

Eva El Beze - 25 posts

Eva El Beze grew up in San Francisco, CA in an anarchist theatre collective. Weekends were spent rehearsing, attending performances and poetry readings. Close family friends such as Ira Cohen and Don Cherry greatly influenced her in pursuing her artistic dreams in the fields of writing, music, dance and theatre.. Eva has won many awards for stage play and movie scripts which she has written, as well as she has been published in various poetry magazines. You can follow her on Facebook at Eva El Beze Tribal Warning Theatre for updates on her upcoming projects as well as poetry performances.

judyk - 25 posts

Amrutha B Nair

Amrutha B Nair - 25 posts

My name is Amrutha.I'm an Indian girl of 18.There's nothing much to tell about me.I like reading and writing. I'm a bibliophile.my ultimate aim is to be a writer. I write both prose and poetry though I'm more concentrated on poetry.Nothing else.

ladybird - 25 posts

I've been writing since I was a young girl. I'm looking forward to the poetry marathon to engage in a challenge of producing a large body of work in a short period of time. In recent times I have developed the confidence to share my writing with friends and with their encouragement I'm venturing further a field to the public arena.

gloriajean - 25 posts

Writer, Mother, Runner, Poet, Dreamer, Eternal Optimist, Relentless Thinker, Music Lover and #1 Fan of @_thederbygirls


catscrazi1 - 24 posts

I am blessed four times over with four wonderful children. All my life I have loved to read and I write poetry. I live in California but I would love to retire in Tennessee on a farm with a porch to have coffee every morning with God, family and friends. God is so good that when my daughter was 2 months old she had died and He brought her back to life. She is now 10 and is here for a purpose for such a time as this in my life. I look forward to the new challenge and hopefully a new career.

factorjosh - 24 posts

LolaB - 24 posts

I'm a Children's author and Teacher. I empower children to see themselves the way God sees them. I love to watch movies, read and eat ice cream sandwiches.


Chloe - 24 posts

Chloe Forsting is 21 and lives in Louisville, Kentucky. She pursues poetry mostly as a solitary act and steals frequently from other poets to offset her perceived or actual shortcomings. She was inducted into poetry by her high school English teacher when he made the class read The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Things have more or less gone from there. She still likes T.S. Eliot in spite of his own shortcomings.


angelatheresaegicwrites - 24 posts

A Renaissance Woman: As a child I won and/or placed high in poetry contests. In my teens I was in Advanced Placement Englsh. Published Writer, Produced Playwright.

teakay - 24 posts

36, been writing since I was 13. Shy, until I get to know you.

LiamStrong - 24 posts

I'm Liam, I mostly write poetry, but I've also won an award for a play I've written, and I want to further myself in the local writing scene in my town. I'm taking part in the full marathon, as a challenge, to get new material for a chapbook I may release soon, and read some great poetry!


Betsy.Blackbird - 24 posts

meriyenmarquez31 - 24 posts

My life it's a deathless adventure with the everyday challenges.✨I'm bless with the gift of motherhood, My girls are my everything, I see my life in the reflection of their eyes.✨ As a single mom i had many challenges, but I would take them all, allover again for my girls. I'm pursuing a level of education the leads me to a better job and a better income, going back to school at whatever ages, is better than sitting around waiting for a miracle. ✨ ✒️Writing it's one of my passion and i'm finally on the road with this project. I like to dream, and work hard on the path to my SUCESS. I can't sit here and wait for it, I must go seeking for my SUCESS. I prefer the true any time, lies would trap you. You can't build on lies, it will disintegrate. The true would always set you free. ✨ Be advise always be yourself, everyone else it's taken. This is why I'm myself, I'm UNIQUE and most important I'm always evolving.This is me✨

William Connors - 24 posts

Hey there. Welcome to wherever you find yourself. I hope you enjoy these words for whatever you find them to be. Snapshots of still motion and emotion and light, sometimes.

DanielleM - 24 posts

A former Journalist and Copy Writer from the Caribbean. Danielle is finally taking the plunge and sharing her secret passion with others. She is working on her first poetry book and hoping that she'll continue flying towards her dreams.

avill013 - 24 posts


ksds9899 - 24 posts

I am using this 2015 Poetry Marathon to honor the memory of my grandmother Barbara, who transformed into Light in January of this year. She gave me words to love. It is my best hope to use them now to reflect the beauty of her life.

Ardelle Ray - 24 posts

My name is Ardelle, although I'm also known as Ms. Tiger to You, or Ms. Tiger, or Tiger. I'm retired and live in Las Vegas. I began writing poetry and prose when I was 6, stopped when I was 18, then resumed when I was 54. I now write short stories themed to stage magic and illusion, and poetry. Perhaps I'll get courageous and try a screenplay or novel, who knows...

franniez - 24 posts

liamstrong2-0 - 24 posts

Hi, I'm Liam, I'm a published poet, and this is my second poetry marathon. I'll be doing the full marathon again this year.

JaneDoe123456789 - 24 posts

WRITING AND ME- My name is Rhyana and I love putting beautiful words together to create something beautiful. For me that is the definition of writing but poetry specifically. FUN FACTS- I can crack my ears and I really like narwhals. I am doing the half-marathon .

jill1980 - 24 posts

I am a freelance writer from Texas City TX with 5 published books and works published by Chicken Soup for the Soul and Hallmark.

mikehauser - 24 posts


tobett - 24 posts

Writing from the woods or in my old farmhouse, I am blessed to have time for this. A grandmother with faraway grandchildren, married to a good hearted blue-eyed man, looking at 70 knowing that everyday above ground is a good day.

aisha154 - 24 posts

bjsteinshouer - 24 posts

Writing from the Chautauqua circuit in Nebraska, I'm hoping to be inspired by meadowlark and sandhill crane, Mari Sandoz and Willa Cather.

tazlover74330 - 24 posts

Angel Pulliam

Angel Pulliam - 24 posts

I am currently a high school English teacher in Oklahoma. I have been writing as long as I can remember, and think this marathon will be a great way to push my writing.

gsurgeon - 24 posts

Gina has had a lifelong interest in reading and writing. As early as elementary age she has received requests to recite her poetry in school, church, and to pen pieces for special occasions. She is currently working in the publication process of several books and works of poetry. The best of which is a children's book series created with her 7 year old granddaughter. Professionally, Gina serves as Executive Director of Positive FACE, a nonprofit organization that she founded to encourage life excel in at-risk students.


mernel - 23 posts

I'm a Foreign English Teacher from Thailand. I'd been writing poetry and short story for quite a while. I love poetry because of its magical effect in telling a story. This is my first poetry challenge. I am so excited and a little anxious because I was not able to pursue this passion for a long time.

unpredictableeasty - 23 posts

holden lyric - 23 posts

Editor-in-chief of Paper Plane Pilot Publishing www.thepaperplanepilots.com


Jessica - 23 posts

I'm drawn to the insides of things, like gizzards and puppet joints. Originally from Albuquerque, NM, I now live in Los Angeles with my cat, Joni Mitchell, and I love it here.

callanwh - 22 posts

creative writing student at ljmu / gold v support on league of legends / likes plants and poetry

Andrea Fernandes - 22 posts

SpokenBlack - 22 posts

Dena Stephanie Cook - 21 posts

An aspiring poet and writer motivated by love,pain,passion and my over active imagination. Working on a book of poetry dedicated to the joys and pains of falling in and out of love.

Shloka Shankar

Shloka Shankar - 21 posts

Shloka Shankar (b. 1989) is a freelance writer and poet from Bangalore, India. She loves experimenting with all forms of the written word and has happily found her niche in Japanese short-forms such as haiku, senryu, and haibun, as well as found/remixed pieces alike. She enjoys singing and creating abstract art in her free time. Her found poem was nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology in 2015, and her poems and visual art have appeared in over 175 online and print venues of repute. Shloka is also the founding editor of the literary & arts journal, Sonic Boom. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shloks89/

S.A.M. - 21 posts

JC the poet - 20 posts


victoriajane - 20 posts

I recently broke a 20+ year writer's block! I have been freelance writing so I constantly focus on someone else's work instead of my own. I have returned to writing fiction, but have not yet made it back into the form of expression I have always been best at: POETRY! Twenty-four poems is a mere drop in the proverbial bucket compared to the poetry that is waiting anxiously in my subconscious to become manifest. This marathon is the perfect way to add necessity and deadlines to my inspiration. Even if I write the worst 24 poems imaginable, maybe my creative constipation will have passed. I'm looking so forward to this experience. Sharing it with so many other poets is fascinating and should be a great way to meet others who share my passion.

grapeicies - 19 posts

Just a little woman livin' in a big city.

JenniferOlski - 19 posts

I've been a professional writer and editor for more than 25 years. Now I'm focusing on my own visions with painting, teaching creativity courses, and poetry.


cpatton - 18 posts

I'm working on a visual poem called SCRO. It's going to be a scroll. (Also an installation I think). More about it here https://artofcompost.wordpress.com/2016/07/30/scro-part-i/ and here https://artofcompost.wordpress.com/2016/07/31/scro-ii/ if you're curious. Also I teach at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA, USA. Looking forward to the marathon. Laying in Sharpies, X-acto blades, a toner cartridge, caffeine, nuts and berries, energy bars.

Jenny Campbell

Jenny Campbell - 18 posts


literarysoprano - 18 posts


dohamonde - 18 posts

A writer/artist living in the Pacific Northwest. I'm inspired by the textures – visual and sonic -- of words on the page, and off; and all sorts of visual art. This is my first time participating in the Poetry Marathon. I anticipate writing writing writing, staring at the blank screen, staring out the window, writing writing writing, and drinking lots of coffee. And celebrating that others around the world are joining in this grand creative adventure. Thanks Caitlin, and Jacob, for making this possible!


joyfulhope - 18 posts

In love with life, I am wife to my best friend and grateful mother to 7 children. A former licensed insurance agent, these days I love to ponder the classics and to write down thoughts which happen to come my way. Hopefully these reflections will lift up the beautiful, the true, and the good. I also enjoy experimenting with paleo/gluten free baking and the AIP diet. In my "past life", I lived and traveled overseas. I liked that, but these days I am passionate about pilgrimages: spiritual journeys but also this pilgrimage called life! My favorite thing, though, (besides learning as much as I can about my Catholic faith) is to just sit back with my husband and watch our children grow and bloom, like colorful flowers in a verdant field.

debbiehainey - 17 posts

I live in the Southwest. I dearly love writing poetry and haven't published anything yet but never give up. I'm working towards that goad now more than before. I love taking pics of my flowers and gardens and posting them along with my pics. I'm not complicated just simply enjoying life. Very excited for the challenge of this opportunity with the Half Day Marathon. Thank you

Justin Broderway

Justin Broderway - 17 posts

Southern. Creative. Husband. Brother. Drinker. Fixer. Impulsive. Lazy.


tw3stars - 16 posts

currently pursuing an mfa-creative writing at my alma mater, mississippi university for women.

ranoblett - 16 posts

I am a veteran of the US Army and I currently work as a supervisor for a private security company. My passions are writing, music, (and sorry not sorry) Jesus.

Bhasha Dwivedi - 16 posts

Hello everyone.... I am Bhasha Dwivedi from Lucknow, India and I am 19 years old. I love stories, complex characters, philosophy and ofcourse, poetry. I am participating in the half marathon and this is my first time. Really looking forward to it.


sneha - 16 posts


onewithebony - 16 posts


mollymurray - 16 posts

I'm the author of Today, She Is (Wipf & Stock, 2014), editor of The Atelier Project (CreateSpace, 2015), and editor of the blog Paper Mill. My poetry and stories have appeared in places including Ink, Sweat & Tears, Quailbellmagazine.com and The Wayfarer (forthcoming). I have an MLitt in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow; I love northwest coasts and the magic of creativity.

storts - 15 posts

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