Prompt 18 ~ Post # 18 ~ Christmas Blessing

Twas the night before Christmas and all through St. Joes. The patients were sleeping with hall lights aglow.   Medication were given and rounds were all done. All patients were counted each and every one.   Patients were all snuggled with clean sheets on their…

Removing the Host – Hour 12 Prompt

If I ask you a question What’s your reply going to be Would you think it through with purpose To answer honestly Or would my very asking Be only for my gain As you make up an answer Without a truthful grain If I’m asking…


I’m on an adventure Diving into my heart Where I will find the treasure But first I must find The map, my inspiration Perhaps I could look to my love For it brings me elation Teaching me the new trends There is also my family…

Hour twenty four

Outside my window   A clothes line on which I’ve hung hurriedly my towel and my t-shirt— wrinkled   A few flower pots with seasonal flowers— all colours   A white wall with fine cracks— revealing its grey body

Hour twenty two

Black velvet on your ivory skin   Hair pinned bare neck   A sideway glance from you, Senorita, lights my sullen room

Hour Twenty

A flower pot resides next to my work station   Sometimes a flower blooms with a red glistening texture its subtle fragrance all over   Sometimes a thorn pricks my conscience its consequence all over   The crimson pot— my muse stays forever.

Hour Nineteen

Space   I’ve always been scared of the space I’ve seen myself lost in its eternity   It was the thing you wanted from me Blank and austere.   I was unable to survive in the cold purlieus of your space   On the ebb…

Hour Eighteen

How to make chai (tea)?   Take a pot fill it with water   half full show your optimism   Put the pot on the stove on the medium flame of agony   Add tea leaves— all black equal to the number of lovers Charlie has…

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