Hour Eighteen: Mirror

the mirror is black and the monster is amused.     Source: A blackout poem culled out from P.85 from the novel ‘A million little pieces’ by James Frey. 

Hour Sixteen: Humanity

humanity whispers something and hell is starting to sink.     Source: A blackout poem culled out from P. 121 from the novel ‘ A million little pieces by James Frey.


sudden blackness dousing his good spirits He had tried to speak and he would let it and used this savage power that was coming back where he had for years trying to recapture something lost? I skipped the emoji poem. I was at the end…

Hour Ten: Critical decision

A found/blackout poem of sorts—I went through a book about film posters and underlined certain phrases, then added my own bit at the end. Critical decision It is often said that this is the former summarizing the latter In the former situation, I tend to…