Prompt 9:Coffee

Good Morning! Nothing like a cup of coffee with cigarettes  to start the day The elegant taste of full flavor lingers from my mouth then a swallow of hot Frothy French vanilla. A sense of delightfuliness as the pain goes away.  

2020 – 6

No buzzing. No vibration, no noise, no melody. A pleasant stillness. A little ball of fur, Curled up by my side, Soft and peaceful. The smell of rain, perhaps. Mingling with the smell Of deep dark coffee. A chill in the air. The smoothness of…

After breakfast

The coffee at the canteen’s no damn good, you know I think the supplier slipped the kitchen super a bag of cement mixed with topsoil— you’d think they’d have figured it out when the shelf collapsed under the weight of the sack But no, they…

Hour Two: Georgia

Nostalgia can be such a beautiful waste of time when you think back on the small, unimportant things Past glories fade into nothingness Past defeats still sting though perhaps not as much The ritual of buying a can of coffee from the vending machine on…


My precious. Though I have many (and I love them all) in different places I call home. My precious is mostly black, with red insides, and its curves fit my hand perfectly. My precious is with me every morning, bringing a dose of my addiction….

#2 – Time Travel

A thought. A memory. A good morning, as if there was such a thing. A cup of coffee. A necessity. Be honest, darling, we are addicts. Increasing speed of life, and time, it has a mind of its own. It stands so still in daylight,…


Dark and bitter poison, It burns the whole way down, Like tar stretched on an ocean, You cannot swim so much as drown.