Dancing (Half-marathon #2)

I feel the Vibration Of bass and tamber echo Through my bones As I breathe in breaths of Pink moscato. With curtains open, Open wide like blue Caffeinated eyes, The world can see us Dancing Bare-legged and laughing. There are passing eyes Moving with the…

Caught up

Caught up And in all of it I forgot to tell you To look for the tiny feather Caught in the web by the door.

Poetry half marathon: Poem # 1

The sound of coffee Brewing; Music raining down From a darkened stormy Cloud. I watch the clouds grow And then edge their way Over To the Ceramic perimeter. They fade away and Expose The rich, black New moon. A new moon For a new day….

What to Write

Hello, poets and poet-wanna-be’s! I believe I fit better in the latter category, but in my opinion, we all do in a way. When I think of poets, I think of flowery words and famous writers from past eras. Of Emily Dickinson. Edgar Allen Poe….


I’m Alyssa, a current English writing and literature major and art minor at the University of New Haven in West Haven, CT. I’ll be participating in the poetry half-marathon tomorrow. I’ll be drinking coffee and writing all day 🙂

Half Marathon Poetess

Hello marathon goers.. The name’s Khalifah, I’m a Puerto Rican woman. 37 yrs old, mother of 3 really cute kids! I’ve been writing since grade school but never pursued. I go back and forth with it. I’ll write for months and then turn to painting…

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